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Two years later.

Katniss walked up to the school-house with her husband at her side. Their children would be getting out very soon.

He kissed his wife when they stood to wait for their children.

"I love you." He said into her ear.

"I love you." She said back before looking at the newly built school-house. Katniss looked around the area and spotted two old friends chatting. "Delly Madge." She called before walking toward them.

"Katniss, hi." Madge stood up to hug her.

"Finally back in town?" Katniss asked.

"Yeah it's been hectic at work but I took the next three weeks off."

"That'll be great. I'll be able to see you after the wedding." Katniss said before moving on to Delly, "How's our room mom doing?"

"Very well." Delly assured her. She'd been doing the single mom thing well, she was less like a mom and more like a super hero. "Hi Peeta." She greeted him.

"So are you all leaving tonight?" Madge asked.

"Yeah, Prim wanted us there this morning but the kids had school, and Bram, James, and Lacey need to wait for their citizenship to come in so we had to stop at the post office. It was just a bit too much."

"I'm sure she understands." Madge said just as the school bell rung. The younger kids came out first.

Little Scarlet with her hair in two braids bounced out of the school-house.

"Daddy!" Scarlet jumped into his arms.

"Hiya Princess" He lifted her up and kissed her cheeks, "What do you have there?"

Scarlet adjusted the art in her hands, "We did painting today." She then held up a water-color page to the adults.

"It's beautiful sweetheart." Delly said fondly.

"It's for Lacey" Scarlet stated.

"She'll love it baby." Katniss assured her.

Next Leif came running out with Ricky running by his side.

"I win!" Leif said when he touched his mom's leg. Ricky ran up to his mother and hugged her leg in shame.

"Where's your sister?" Madge crouched down to her son.

"She's with Amber." He sighed, "Girls take forever mommy."

"It doesn't change, trust me." Peeta smiled at him. Little Raylee and Amber ran outside.

"Mommy Ricky didn't wait for me" Raylee sighed.

"I did too! You're just slow." He said.

"No I'm not!" Katniss laughed at their argument since she knew as well as they all did, the twins were close friends and always had been.

"Alright you two settle down." Madge sighed, "come on take mommy's hand so we can go." She looked up, "See you guys later."

"Bye Madge" Katniss waved.

Jacob walked out of the school-house to find his mother quickly, before the school pours out older kids.

Peony walked up with Exie and Jacob by her side.

Delly said her goodbyes before leaving the Mellark family to wait.

Then Bram, James, and Lacey make their way out of the building. James and Lacey's hands were locked together. Thirteen and dating seems odd and awkward even, but no one questioned it.

"Alright everyone's packed right?" Katniss asked as they made their way back home.

"Yes. I helped Scarlet AND Leif" Peony said proudly.

"That's my girl." Katniss smiled at her ten-year old.

"Katniss, did our citizenship come in?" James asked.

"Yes we left your papers in each of your rooms." The three children now lived and worked in the bakery after school hours. Three little apprentices that Peeta adored training.

The family of eight got on the train to District Two. When they arrived they were greeted by a few old friends.

"Hey Gale, Jo." Katniss walked over to her friends.

"Hunter!" Leif ran over to his best friend. Though night was growing closer everyone was bursting with energy.

"Who invited you?" Katniss asked playfully to Finnick.

"Do I need an invitation?" He asked, "I'm. Finnick."

"Excuses, excuses" Prim walked over to her sister.

"How are you Prim?"

Prim sighed into her sister's shoulder, "Stressed."

"Good" Katniss pulled away.

After their quick little reunion the whole family wandered over to Prim and Ashton's home where everyone gathered for dinner.

Peony and Fin rallied the other children into an organized game while Bram was made game leader.

James and Lacey sat away from the children, but still added a comment or two in the game.

Katniss and the other adults sat together and talked quickly about events in the districts and the rest of the world.

Katniss had kept up with the child ambassadors she'd met years ago. She was the elected official in the Capitol for the foreign welfare. Haymitch was still working in the propaganda business but in his old age he remained closer to home.

Everyone was comfortable now. Even though war struck the Republic as they rebelled. The fighting stayed where it started and was no immediate threat to the other countries.

Katniss had kept up with her old regiment, Harris had married and was expecting his first child. Angel, Ariel, and Ben would be joining an exchange program to spend a year in the Districts.

Everything seemed alright, except for two things. One, there was a need for massive reconstruction of District Four causing Finnick and Annie to move out of their home District.

The change had been hard and long but in a few months they'd be allowed back home.

The second, was Jo and her issues with having a baby.

Though it was difficult, they were still trying. Jo was discouraged a year ago, but leave it to Gale to not give up.

Eva joined the children in their playing but was incredibly shy about the whole ordeal.

The next morning was spent with a very frantic Prim.

She was trying her best to not rip someone's head off. She almost burst into tears when her zipper got caught.

Katniss finally got a moment alone with her baby sister.

"I'm going to throw up." Prim sighed as the other girls left to pack the car.

"Please don't." Katniss sat next to her baby sister. "You've planned everything, now you've just got to let it happen."

Prim shifted to hold her sister. "I wish mom were here."

"I know."

"I just want it over with."

"No you don't," Katniss smiled, "You will savor every last-minute of this."

"I'm so scared."

"Hey, when I got married I thought I was going to die come the morning."

"So?" Prim asked.

"Do you love him?"

"More than anything."

"... Then, love will have to be enough." Katniss said.

"Thanks Kat... Oh crap!"


"I forgot something"

"Prim we're still at home what do you need."

"Look" Prim stood up and showed her sister the dress.

It was knee-length, a halter top and fluffed out. Prim had thought it was perfectly matched with her short veil well. Prim had taken Annie with her to buy it and Annie hadn't shut up about how beautiful Prim looked. All her words were not misplaced.

Katniss thought she was beautiful, what could be wrong, "Something Old." She pointed to her hair piece which had been our mothers, "Something new." She pointed to her shoes, "Something blue." She held out her wrist to show the blue pearl bracelet.


"I need something borrowed." Prim said frantically.

Katniss smiled at her sister, "Give me one second." She stood up and went to her own jewelry holder, she'd packed for the trip. She opened it and touched the Mockingjay pin lightly.

She walked in and pinned it to her sister's dress. "Are-... Are you sure Kat?"

"Positive" She said and held her sister tightly. Prim laughed slightly.

"Thank you."

"Now you're a blushing bride little duck." Katniss said fondly.

Prim looked down "I'm getting married. We'll be late!"

"Calm down. The ceremony doesn't start for another two hours." Katniss assured her.

"Right." Prim breathed, "I can do this."

Katniss led her little sister to the car and they drove to the area picked for the wedding. The friends talked as they drove on, "Did you hear about the revolution in the Republic?" Annie asked, she was always informed as Finnick was still heavily involved with the Military, "I heard we might be going to war again."

"Damn it Katniss! Did you get knocked up again!?" Jo asked.

"I hope not, I already have six kids to keep in line." Katniss laugh rubbing her stomach to laugh at herself.

"Well the war over there is like really bad, supposedly they've been taking babies and killing the girls right off the bat." Annie said.

"It's my wedding day let's not think about that." Prim said.

"Agreed." Katniss said.

"It was the cutest thing, yesterday Hunter said he wanted a sister just like Scarlet." Jo said, "Then my lovely husband told him he'd have a sibling very soon. Because you know my husband is impatient as fuck."

"Well you can turn something around quickly." Annie sighed.

"What do you want? I'm only human." Jo claimed.

The whole car erupted with laughter, as they pulled up to the venue. "Right on time." Annie said. "Are you ready miss bride?"

Prim sighed, "This is happening." Katniss nodded and took her sister's hand.

"You ready?" Prim nodded.

The wedding was everything Effie had hoped Katniss and Peeta's wedding would have been, minus the district touches, and the short dress... And the smashing cake into the others face.

Prim announced the family the next week her and Ashton were going to be adopting another little girl for their family. Though it was soon everyone was very happy for them.

Katniss invited Johanna to District Twelve so she could have a week away from the stress of trying to get pregnant.

However the trip was canceled when her doctor announced she was having a baby. Everything seemed to be perfect, even though they did intervene in the Republic revolution.

And for a while nothing much was worth reporting until of course ten years later.

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