Present day

"I just love that story." Tara, Peony and Bram's oldest daughter sighed. Though only thirteen Tara, the oldest of four already developed a passion for romance and storytelling.

"I do too." Katniss said hugging her oldest grandchild.

"That was a long story Grandma." Jessalyn, the youngest of Peony and Bram's children said. At the young age of six the fourth child of the family hardly had patience much like her grandmother.

"Well each year one of you kids wants more and more of the story, and so I started from the very beginning." Katniss smiled.

"Grandma what about my mommy and daddy?" Wade, Leif and Ariel's youngest asked. Wade, was ever curious.

"Wade you know that one Grandma told us last night." Talia, Leif and Ariel's oldest, told her brother. The older of the two siblings tried to keep Wade in line but he fervently fought her just for the fun of it all.

"I wanna hear about Aunt Scarlet and Uncle Hunter more." Desmond, Peony and Bram's second oldest. Desmond was a soft-spoken observant boy, but no one dared mess with him.

"What about them sweetie?" Katniss asked.

"How she beat him in all the sports." Lucian the third child of Peony and Bram's spoke up. Lucian was the clown of the family and as Katniss's husband said frequently, 'Every family needs one.'

"Daddy doesn't like to talk about that part." Lilac giggled.

"Yeah but Mommy always brings it up." Emery laughed with her twin. The two girls may have been identical but everyone had learned from the moment they had been born, no one was to confuse them.

"Your mother is my child alright." Katniss laughed.

"Cephas, Ember what's your favorite story?" Tara asked dreamily.

"I liked the war parts with all the guns and explosions!" Cephas was the fourteen year old son of Angel and Ben, where he inherited his love for adventure no one had a clue.

"I liked it when Grandma Colonel saved Mom and Dad." Ember the twelve-year-old of Angel and Ben, said to Tara. The two girls were the best of friends, as Ember enjoyed living out the stories told by Tara.

"Grandma Colonel was awesome!" Jace, the youngest of Angel and Ben's children, jumped up and nearly trampled Jessalyn. Jace was ever energetic.

"Careful" Katniss laughed at the nine-year old as Jessalyn recovered.

"Grandma was good at getting captured wasn't she Auntie Katniss." Felix asked. Felix was the only child of Luna and Ricky, and unlike the others called Katniss his aunt instead of his grandmother. Felix had his antics, one of them was to be a black sheep, though his wool was white as snow in his family.

"Don't let her hear you say that, she just might get angry." Katniss laughed.

"Grandma never gets mad at us Grandma Katniss, she thinks it's funny." Brylee said. Brylee was the only child of Astric and Jamie. Felix and Brylee both having Johanna as a grandmother made them a bit of loose cannons but Jo enjoyed the little ones.

Gunner and Shara's two little girls Raven, the older, and Dove watched their cousins banter with their Grandma Katniss. Raven spoke up "But Grandma Jo is..."

"Grandma Jo likes to make fun of everything." Dove spoke up for her sister. The two sisters might as well have been twins, for they could finish a sentence before the other even knew the topic.

Just then Novellee, Celestia, and Magdalene, otherwise know as the troublesome trio, got up on the couch with their Grandma.

"What about our parents, Grandma Katniss?" Celestia, the most boisterous of the trio and middle child asked.

"Yeah Grandma why does Daddy call Mommy Ecstasy?" Magdalene, the youngest and most timid child chuckled.

"I'll tell you when you're older dear." Katniss said quickly.

"Grandma Katniss already told me." Novellee, the oldest and most confident, smirked, "You remember Grandma, last summer at the cabin?"

"I do dear." Katniss laughed with the other children. Finn had his hands full with three little princesses to father, but he and Exie made it through just fine in the end.

Lily and Sebastian's two children, Sapphire and Lionel tugged on Katniss's pants

"Not done." Lionel, the five-year old, said. Lionel played his cards better than Katniss ever could. A little actor he was.

"Yeah Grandma Katniss you didn't finish it." Sapphire, the said.

"Yes I did." Katniss said to the two.

"Not yet" Warren, Brooklyn and Parker's eight year old son spoke up. Warren was the sports child of the family, and word around the playground was he could get any of the girls in the second grade if he tried.

"Yeah Grandma Katniss you always end it differently." Acacia Brooklyn and Parker's second child sighed. Acacia must have been the worlds tiniest book-worm having read more books at the age of five than she knew how to count up to.

"How?" Katniss smiled as she loved hearing the children's endings.

"Well everyone fell in love, and thennnnnnnnnn." Georgiana, Sicily and Rainer's oldest started off. Georgiana was your typical seven-year old and never quite finished her sentences for reasons unknown.

"Someone fell through a wormhole and and they were from the future!" Forney, Jacob and Alexien's only son spoke up. Forney wasn't necessarily spoiled but being an only child made family gatherings much more exciting for him.

"And it turned out that they were a prince from a far away land!" Bianca, Sicily and Rainer's second and last child sprung up. Bianca tried to be like the quote on quote older kids, but all the same was still four years old and had much more time to grow up.

"And he had laser guns and had to save Auntie Scarlet from trouble." Jeremy and Raylee's second oldest, Noah added in. Noah was not much in to storytelling, but when he got a chance to say anything he took it.

"And he had to save the world from turmoil!" Jeremy and Raylee's oldest son Martin joined his brother. Martin would follow his siblings everywhere to keep them from trouble, even into little things like conversations and stories.

"But Uncle Hunter saved her first." Clea Jeremy and Raylee's only daughter said. Clea was always the levelheaded one.

"And there was a huge battle between the aliens!" Zachary, Eva and Quinton's six-year-old spoke swiftly and excitedly.

"But the Prince and all our Aunt's and Uncles saved the day!" Xandar copied his older brother, Zachary in motion.

"And our grandparents helped too." Isle, Amber and Trig's oldest daughter commented. Isle was the mother, in every game of house and in real life. She was always fair.

"Yeah them too," Mace said. As Sage and Casper's oldest of two he yanked his little sister, Jubilee, to stand with him. Mace never went into anything if Jubilee wasn't invited she was always right behind him.

"And they helped the prince to get back home." Jubilee said calmly, used to her brother's enthusiasm even though she was only five.

Casper was Harris's youngest of two sons, Christoph was his older brother. And though the two brothers got along fine they were never friends, until they had children.

"But first the Prince left something behind!" Unity, Zachary and Xandar's younger sister stood up. Unity was just a tad bit slower than some of the others her age, but no one could deny that she was simply adorable.

"He left behind a hidden sword!" Neo, the middle child of James and Lacey, told Unity. Neo was a character surely to be an actor in a few years time.

"And he said, whoever has found true love will see it." Opal, Isle's little sister sighed. Only six and a hopeless romantic already.

"And everyone, our Grandparents, our Mommies and Daddies, our Aunts and Uncles. Could see it." Saffron, Neo's older sister smiled at her grandmother. Saffron held the youngest of the bunch, her new little brother Carden who was already developing Lacey's personality, "And they all lived happily ever after."

"Maybe I should finish it." Katniss laughed.

"No." Peeta smirked standing at the door. "You all will finish it as you get older."

"Grandpa!" All of the kids crowded around him.

"Go on to your parents kids we're just about ready to go." He said giving each of them hugs and kisses before they ran by. "You ready darling?" He asked as she stood up to kiss him.

"Yep." She said as he led her from the warm confines of the living room.

"I can't believe he's been gone for a year." Peeta said.

"I'm sure he's up there with Beetee and Boggs and Chaff and they're all drinking because I'm sure you can't get hung over in heaven." Katniss chuckled.

"What if he went to hell like you said he would?" Peeta laughed.

"Well then he caught fire and died again. I'm sure that even death couldn't clean his liver in hell." She laughed.

"You're perky around death." Her husband laughed kissing her head.

"I've had a lot of practice." She told him as they entered the main hall where their children bundled up the little ones for the cold.

"Mom." Scarlet said walking over to her mother, "Can you please tell Hunter to calm down?" She asked rubbing her large pregnant stomach, "He thinks that my water will break if I walk too far. I've told him that I only went into preterm labor because of the twins but he won't believe me."

"Oh honey I couldn't even convince your father to let me walk when I was pregnant with you."

"You tried to fight a war mom this is just for Uncle Haymitch. Little Mica won't come just yet right Mica?" Scarlet's stomach rippled with the baby's kick.

"That's my grandbaby." Katniss said placing her hand over her daughter's. The little feet of a small child were dimly visible through the thick sweater its mother wore.

"Hunter said your water broke." Jo said walking over with Gale trailing close behind.

"Did he? The little-"

"Scarlet remember what I told you." Peeta warned playfully placing his own hand where the baby was kicking. "Little Mica will hear you."

"I thought you didn't know the gender." Jo laughed.

"Mica is a unisex name." Scarlet said as Johanna also felt the baby. Gale also pet his grandchild fondly, "Guys I love you, and I know you love Mica, but I am not a petting zoo, so stop touching me yeah?" She said to her family bluntly.

"I know honey, but this may be my last grandbaby." Peeta laughed kissing his daughter's head, "And you're still adorable when you're angry."

Scarlet only rolled her eyes to make the others laugh, "You are so lucky I'm not a crier like Peony was with Lucian."

"Thanks dad." She said sarcastically. The twins ran up to their mother.

"Mommy are we going?" Emery asked.

"Yeah Mommy we got ready all by ourselves." Lilac said.

"Let's go then girls." She said taking the girls to the door. The entire family made their way through the snow blankets of District Twelve. One year had passed since the oldest Victor's death.

One year since their mentor and friend had left the world. The large group of family and friends made their way to the lake, where his ashes had been spread a year ago.

The children laced up their ice skates and began to chase each other around the frozen solid lake. While the elder of them gathered in one corner of the lake.

Each of them whispering to their lost friend, though not all of them believed he could hear them, the words were for the living.

Peeta took hold of his wife's hand once everyone had parted ways to watch or join the children. Finnick chased his grandchildren down, as Annie and Jo helped Scarlet sit down in a snow bank.

Bram and Peony had snuck away to the cabin not far from the area. James and Lacey helped little Carden play with the snow. Gale and Johanna raced one another around the lake.

"It's beautiful darling." Peeta whispered into Katniss's ear.

"It's beyond any idea I could have ever had. It's perfect. All of them, our family is perfect."

"Isn't wonderful how things can become from the worst of situations?" She turned around and kissed.

"And to think it all started from an old fairy tale." Katniss laughed, "We were so young."

"Age doesn't matter, the journey does."

"I love you." She kissed him again so he would smile down at her.

"Happy New Year my love. May the next year bring many joys."

"And come what may." She said.

"We'll have another beautiful grandchild by then." He said excitedly.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves." Katniss laughed. "I'm sure if it's a boy he'll be just like our old mentor... I mean our friend."

"Yes, just so long as he doesn't ever get into alcohol." Katniss laughed at her husband.

"I'm sure he won't with my daughter and Gale's son raising him." It was Peeta's turn to laugh.

"You know what ever happens we have our ending right here. Our princesses have their own princesses now. So all that's left is one thing."

"You're right." Katniss said, "And they may not have always been happy, but they did have a very good ending."

"I love you." He said to her.

"As do I."

And though I presume you know what the next words to be said are, I shall say them nonetheless. As all people deserve this as their ending.

They all lived happily ever after.

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