"Ro…" Nick slowly placed his jacket over her sleeping frame and brushed the backside of his hand across her cold cheek. Right now, she needed sleep. He'd have to watch over her. Green eyes stared intently at the woman's sleeping frame. She hadn't stirred once and began to worry the conman. He had never been so close to a woman before just out of worry. It always came with a price—for him anyways. Eyelids slid over his bright orbs and he hung his head, his hand trailing along the wound in her torso and fingering the haphazard stitches. The witch had managed to catch her by surprise and knock her to the ground once before Nick shot her in the head and recovered the woman's body. The damage had been done and her precious life's blood had spilled unceremoniously in a pool under her. Her body had gone cold and lips turned a pale blue color. He tried to stop the blood from falling but only managed it to escape through his fingers and stain his suit. Grasping her firmly in his arms and pressed close to his chest, he ran his cursed run to the nearest safe house. Hands shaking from his sprint but desperate to keep her in the world of the living, he grabbed the operating equipment and sterilized them. The flames licked the cold steel and warmed it up, killing bacteria and germs and allowed the conman to become a surgeon. Removing his jacket and rolling up his sleeves, he began the suturing process. What remained now was for Ro to sleep and then wake up.

At his gentle touch, Rochelle stirred slightly. Dark eyes wavered open, her gaze slowly focusing on the man standing over her. A weak smile tugged at her lips, and she struggled to speak, her voice faint;

"Hey, sharp dresser…"

A gentle touch to her cheek again and a smile danced on his mouth. "Hey yourself, sweetheart. You scared me. I thought I almost lost you."

She smiled meekly again, shaking her head.

"M'hard to get rid of…you're stuck with me…"

She reached up to prod at him gently, but stopped, wincing at the sudden, sharp pain in her side. His hand quickly caught hers and he held it close to him, his smile faltering and was quickly replaced by a worried glare. "Don't…don't move, okay? Sleep for a bit."

She watched him for a moment, her delicate hand cupped between his strong hands. This seemed to comfort her, and her head lolled to the side as she drifted off into an uneasy slumber.

"Don't worry. I've got you." He smiled and kissed the back of her hand gingerly before resting it back on her chest, unsnapping his gun from his holster and placing his back to the wall next to her, brows pulled deeply over his eyes as he stared ahead at the door.

AN: RP snippet, oh gloriously cute snippet. I could not resist. All done over phone. OVER PHONE.