Authors: HardcoreEvilRegal & magicmumu

Fandom: Once Upon A Time mixed with dashes of Pirates of the Caribbean ideas.

Pairing: Eventual Swan Queen

Rating: Ranging from G to M. This chapter could b suppose.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, nor do I own anything from the show. I just have crazy ideas. So shoot me if I wanna write them down!

Author's Note: This fic was inspired by the Regina, Queen of the Sea picture that was floating around tumblr. So magicmumu and I decided to collaborate and bring this fic to you. I do hope you enjoy it. Also, magicmumu is posting this as well.

Restless waters, the smell of salt, rum and days upon days of being out to sea. That had always been home to Emma Swan. Or at least a small semblance of one. The sea was her home, free to roam whenever and wherever she pleased. She had never known any different, having been abandoned by her parents twenty-eight years ago. It was a story Emma was never comfortable telling and very few knew the exact details. She had never been one to exploit personal details of her life. But by the grace of whoever, or whatever, was watching over her, Emma had been found by a unique band of pirates the day she had been abandoned. Unique in the way that the entire crew were all women. No high levels of testosterone anywhere. Unless you counted Emma, unruly and ignorant of the ways of being a proper woman. And to be honest, Emma wouldn't have it any other way.

These women took care of her when she was younger, made her laugh and taught her everything from how to steer their ship in a strong gale to the basics of reading and writing. They had several names, depending on whose turf they were on. Mary Margaret, who went by Snow in the north, fancied herself the ship's captain, even though there never really had been any set roles. Everyone did what they could together in order to keep the ship afloat day after day, fight after fight, shore after shore.

Emma almost couldn't remember when her life wasn't about the traveling, the defense against another all male crew who thought they could overtake them or sway them with their penises. Even nearing her thirties, she had no real thought for the future, for who knew when the waters would turn so rough against you and suck you in its depths? She knew that she didn't want to be anywhere else, with anyone else but those women. Until one day their ship entered into the eastern waters, and her entire family had been caught by a woman named Regina, queen of the Sirens.

The woman had been beautiful, long dark locks swaying in the breeze and piercing brown eyes watching their every move. It was easy to see how anyone could be captivated by her. It was that split second of being off her guard that ruined Emma's life as she knew it. Regina had struck a few hard blows to their ship, catching them by surprise and leaving them sinking quickly. It was then that Regina's band of sirens had swooped in, taking anyone they could get their hands on, including Emma. She struggled the best she could, calling out to Mary Margaret and anyone else her eyes could land on. But her yelling was in vein, it seemed. No one would escape the sirens as they were dragged to Regina's ship faster than they could think. Emma was sure this was the end of her life, the ways of the sea life claiming her life for its own.

Emma was surprised when, who knew how long later, Emma found herself awake and warm. She heard the soft singing of her shipmates, but she didn't know where they were coming from. "They're mine now," a commanding sort of voice said, even as the volume of such a voice was soft. Emma winced anyway, knowing the voice was that of Regina's. Emma knew little about the woman who now held her captive, just market place rumors and tall tales of once rivals who fell at her shore. What surprised Emma the most was that she was there with her, in what appeared to be the woman's personal chamber. Emma's eyes searched the room, immediately landing on the window that displayed the sea just outside the chambers. She noted the rocking of the boat as the waves crashed against it, the feeling normally settling her nerves, but for now it only served to rattle her shaky nerves further. Emma was not on her own boat, but someone else's.

"Let us go," Emma said to the woman. The blonde tried to back up, but found that there was a wall directly behind her.

A deliciously evil, malevolent laugh echoed around the room. Clearly Regina had been amused by Emma's words, even as the blonde's frown deepened. "I don't think so, dear."

That demanding, yet soft voice floated its way back to Emma's ears, making Emma have to fight hard against her muscles to keep from following it. She couldn't see Regina and had no idea where she was. She was somewhere hidden in the shadows of course, but it unraveled her nerves to not see the woman she could feel staring intently at her. A shiver ran down Emma's spine, whether from the fear, the sound of Regina's voice or the chill of the cabin, she wasn't sure.

Emma fought against her own body once more, as if she really had been shackled to miles of chains. She was caught in the thrall of the Sirens' queen, but how? Sirens were only to entice men to the rock according to legend, but Emma was lost, and she hadn't even seen the woman. "It won't do to fight it," the voice said again.

"Please," Emma called, though what she was pleading for quickly became lost in her own mind. Had she tried once again to request their freedom, or was she now voicing the increasing desire to see the woman, to be near her in a way that she knew she shouldn't be?

It was at this moment, just as Emma was about to beg again, that Regina seemingly floated out of the shadows. Her walk was graceful, regal, with her chin held high and posture as straight as possible. The moonlight glowing through the large window overlooking the ship, coupled with the glow of the candle that was lit, cast an almost ethereal glow against the woman now standing in the middle of the room. Emma couldn't drag her eyes away; the two sides of her brain fighting within her on exactly what to do.

On one hand, Emma wanted to try her hardest to slay the siren smirking at her. On another hand, she wanted to remove herself from the spot she was sitting and be as near to this beautiful creature as was humanly possible. Regina seemed to sense this, probably knew it if Emma could go by the look in her eyes. The smug smile on her lips did not waver as she took a few more steps forward, eyes locking with Emma's. "Begging will get you nowhere with me, Emma Swan." If possible, the smirk grew even wider as Regina said her name. There was a shift in her eyes though, Emma noticed. There was something Regina was battling herself and was trying her hardest to keep any traces of it from Emma.

Emma wondered if she should even ask how the woman knew her name, but she said nothing. She shifted, but her body took this as permission to move slowly towards the queen. Regina took steps of her own to Emma, the smirk never wavering. The Siren Queen's attire was nothing like what Emma would have expected for the high seas. In fact, what she wore was so different from anything she had ever seen before. She wore a black gown that covered all of her body, with high collar that nearly covered the neck and almost touched the large pins that held her elaborate hair in place, where it had been down and waving like a flag in the breeze before Emma's capture. Regina had what Emma assumed to be a black shawl made from raven feathers. Emma brought her hand out in front of her as if to touch, but her mind forced her to stop. 'She is dangerous!' Something within reminded her. 'She has your crew, and soon she will have you too!'

Regina stepped forward, allowing the blonde's outstretched hand to touch as she had desired. Emma nearly crumpled to the floor. There was something that surged between them- no doubt the queen's magic- and Emma felt herself being enveloped by it. Despite the fact that she could hear her shipmates' songs, she felt a deeper lament in her soul, one sung by the dark woman before here even though her mouth was closed. Emma swallowed. "What is this?" she found herself asking, her voice so soft and hoarse that it was uncertain if she was even speaking to the queen, or to her own heart.

A look of amusement etched itself onto Regina's face, her head tilting back as she gave a thrilled laugh to match the facial expression. When her head moved forward again she looked Emma in the eyes and there was a glimmer to those chocolate brown orbs. Emma could stare at them all day, for the rest of her life even. The blonde shook her head, shocked by the fact that such a thought was floating around in her mind. 'She has her spell on you. Do not fall for this false pretense. She does not want you and you do not want her.' That little voice inside kept screaming, telling her to make a run for it. But something was stopping her, steeling her to the floor. As for what it truly was, Emma was unsure.

Regina had to hold back the shiver that threatened to rip its way down her spine. The cause: Emma Swan's touch. She'd never felt something more powerful than the surge of energy and magic that burst between them as soon as Emma's palm had touched her. Regina had also nearly fallen to the floor, overwhelmed by the feelings washing through and over them, blanketing not only her, but the beautiful blonde standing in front of her. Something sparked in her chest at that moment, a feeling she hadn't known for ages and had nearly forgotten. However, Regina kept her calm demeanor, not letting it show that she was as affected by this as Emma was. So, she continued to playfully smirk at her and use her artfully skilled seductions.

"This…" And Regina gestured between them, stepping just another inch closer. "Is magic, Emma." The brunette breathed Emma's name, making it sound almost like an alluring cadence. Emma could not help but lean towards Regina, their faces inching ever closer. Regina cracked a breathtaking smile, rendering Emma speechless of any questions she may have asked before. "That feeling washing over you…" There was a beat of pause before Regina continued. "That is me. I am flowing through you, with you." At that moment, Regina's hand palmed Emma's cheek, her head leaning forward to brush her lips softly against her ear. "Feel me, Emma." The three words were just a whisper, a breath, and Emma felt herself become weak at the knees.

Emma found the courage to move her hand upward from the Siren Queen's stomach, past the side swell of her breast and over the raven feathers on her shoulders. The palm of her hand touched Regina's cheek, and a pale thumb ran lightly over Regina's deep red lips. "Dear Poseidon, I feel you," Emma gasped out, almost a prayer against her own volition. She leaned in to kiss the dark woman, who met her in the middle.

When their lips met, Regina could swear she felt a phantom wind around her, a wind she had only felt in the breaking of curses. Regina hadn't placed any curse, however. If anything, she was falling into one: love. This alone should have been enough to scare her away from the blonde, but all she could feel was the warm hand on her cheek, the connection of chests as they crashed together, and the tongue that begged for her to open herself to Emma. She did, allowing the younger woman to deepen the kiss, and to draw her entire body closer. She could feel the magic that surrounded Emma come full circle into herself. She was being drawn in as well, as if this Emma Swan had power of the Siren's call in her also.

Regina forced herself to lean back, which broke the kiss. A small noise ripped from somewhere, and the queen was unsure if it came from Emma or herself. Neither of them, it seemed, wanted the moment between them to end. She knew that if what she was feeling was anything to go on, it wouldn't be long before a strange sort of obsession would overtake them both and destroy everything. Regina placed a hand on Emma's chest and pushed her slightly, feeling as if she was ripping in two at the lack of warmth that came from the action. She tried her best to place a mask over herself, but with Emma's hooded eyes looking up at her in a haze of magic and lust, it was nearly impossible to keep herself from latching onto the other woman and continuing their kiss.

"Now now, my pet," Regina said. She didn't recognize her own voice. "I have many... many plans for you yet, if you're patient."

Emma swallowed back the lump in her throat, suddenly feeling very anxious, but despite herself she nodded. She knew what Regina was thinking, knew exactly where this was leading. And damn it did she want it to lead exactly where Regina intended. There was another part of her though, the logical side, that told her she needed a plan to escape and quickly. Regina was already eying her like she was a brand new case of rum.

Grabbing Emma by the buckle, holding her tight black pants firmly in place, Regina grinned wickedly over at Emma, gazing at her from beneath her lashes. "Come. Lie with me." Her tone dropped an octave, implying that there would be more than lying down happening in her chambers very soon.

Emma licked her lips, her brain ticking as a plan already began to fall into place. She did her best to keep an interested and playful smile dancing around her lips. What was nearly unfortunate was the fact that her smile was almost completely genuine. She still felt the tug to Regina pulling at her, doing her level best to ignore and almost failing. The way Regina was tugging at her belt and making her follow her like a lost puppy was overwhelming, but Emma managed to place her hand on top of Regina's, making the beauty stop mid stride to her bed.

"I…I want to lay with you. More than words can express, but…" Emma paused, looking down at the floor. It hurt her chest not to be staring at Regina's beautiful face for even a moment. The feeling was an electric shock to Emma's senses.

Regina raised an eyebrow, letting go of Emma's belt and placing both palms on either side of Emma's neck. "Tell me." She demanded, voice stern, but soft in unison.

Emma nodded and willed herself to continue. She was fighting against the warring voices raging inside of her. "I have been out at sea for more than a fortnight. I would…like to freshen up for you." The blonde paused, tempting a glance up at Regina. "I would like to be at my best for you." With those words, Emma feigned a shy side smile, green eyes averting back to the floor.

Regina's eyes became somewhat hard, suspicious at the sudden turn. Surely she had something planned, but even the queen couldn't deny that the effects of Emma- or any sailor's lifestyle left a not so pleasant odor. Besides, Emma's gaze was subservient, and so she took this chance. "Of course, dear," the Siren Queen said. She waved her hand, and a purple haze of magic formed. Right away, a man with sunken eyes, a long dark beard and an Eastern hat appeared in the haze. "Find him. Tell him his mistress calls upon his service."

"Yes, Your Majesty." With that the mist dissipated, and a moment later, another man came into the room. Neither woman had moved in that time, Emma and Regina's mind both concentrated on keeping apart from the other. Both women had the same images in their heads, images that Emma knew wouldn't become a reality. Especially when this new man came into the room looking them over. He was rugged, and Emma wondered how such a man would have made it out here at sea, especially since he looked suited more for the forest than the icy waters of the ocean.

"Take this woman to the baths. Watch over her, and when she is done, bring her back to me." Regina ordered. The man bowed slightly and went to Emma. "Wait," she commanded. The man stilled. Regina walked to Emma and moved some blonde strands that had escaped from the tie away from her face. "I will have Nova bring you new clothes, though you won't need them for long. Before you go, there is one thing that you must remember, Emma Swan. You belong to me. Should you run away, you will find your way back to me, and the hunger will never cease." Regina placed a kiss on the younger woman's lips, and a small mist of purple rose between them slightly, sealing Regina's words.

Emma gulped when the kiss ended, and there seemed to be a new rhythm within her, a heartbeat that wasn't her own, but Regina's as well. "I only want to be here, with you," she said, which was nothing short of the truth, however, she knew she had to get out of there and save her shipmates, her family.

"Good. Go, and return to me soon," Regina said, turning away towards the window of the room, looking out to the incoming ship that would soon crash into the rocks.

There was a part of Emma that did want to return to Regina. A part of her that felt like if she didn't, she would crumble to the floor and cease to exist without her. But Emma knew better. She was a strong pirate who had been taking care of herself for a long time now, not even letting those woman who had found her help. So why was it so hard to convince herself that she could not live without Regina? 'It's her magic. Ignore the feelings. They are not real.' Her inner voice scolded her again as she turned to make her leave from the cabin.

The man Regina had summoned to take her to the baths held her by her arm. She eyed him for a moment, wondering how he had gotten himself into this position. She was quiet for a moment as he led the way, but her mind was trying to kick start her into gear. "What's your name?" Emma questioned, glancing a look at the man with his rough beard, but soft eyes.

"Graham." The man answered quickly, keeping his eyes away from Emma. It was almost as if he was afraid to look at her, like he was going to get in trouble for even looking at her face. Little did Emma know that that was exactly what would happen to him. Regina was a possessive woman and she had quickly gathered possessive feelings for Emma.

The blonde nodded, keeping a good pace as she readied herself to escape. "Name's Emma." She supplied, giving a faint, fake smile. Graham only nodded, continuing to steer her towards the baths. Emma gave a chuckle, trying her best to distract this man. "You don't talk much do you?" She questioned, raising an eyebrow and trying to catch his eyes.

Graham stopped, turning towards Emma, but still refusing to look her straight in the eye. "Not when the other person is the Queen's pet, no." His voice was hard and to the point. With that, he turned and continued walking.

Emma steadied her legs and stood still, refusing to move. Graham stopped short when Emma didn't move, turning to glare at her. He was just about to yell at her when he saw Emma began to sway. He stopped short and tried to steady her, holding her by both shoulders. "Are you okay?" Graham asked, a look of concern passing over his features. If anything happened to this girl, Regina would skin him alive.

Emma waved her hands, bending over and acting as if she felt woozy. She placed her hands against her thighs and look up at Graham. "I'm fine, I just…" She paused, giving her acting a dramatic effect, sucking in deep breaths. "I haven't eaten in…in a while. And I'm just feeling a little sick is all. I'm fine…I'm fine." She bent her head again, her eyes watching Graham's boots as he slowly moved forward.

The blonde swayed once more, acting as if she was about to tumble over. Her green eyes watched Graham's boots as he moved towards her once more. When he bent to straighten her up and steady her, Emma swung up, her right hand aiming straight for Graham's jaw. There was a cracking sound as knuckles met jaw, and then her foot swung out in front of her, connecting straight to Graham's stomach. Graham flew onto his back, landing with a grunt escaping him.

Emma took off, her legs carrying her as quick as she could move. She spared no glance back at Graham, only concerned with getting her shipmates and herself off of this godforsaken ship. After a few minutes of running, she heard Graham barreling after her, footfalls heavy against the wooden boards. Emma sped up, searching frantically for Mary Margaret and the rest. She tried to listen to their singing, but it was hard to hear them against the sounds of her feet and Graham's slamming against the floor beneath them.

Emma's heart raced, and it broke, both from the running away and running away from Regina. If the act of stepping away from her a step or two had hurt as much as it had, then the sheer agony of being away from Regina now was worse, and she had to find a way out. She could still hear the sounds of men shouting, and another female voice shouting over them to stay within the ship. She was close! If she saw the other ship, she would see her sister crewmates. She turned a corner, dodging a brunette little servant girl who glanced at her and then down, much in the way that Graham had. She was coming down the platform from the rocks of the land Regina's grand ship was docked upon. In her hand was a change of clothes, what looked to be a dark blue gown so far from anything Emma herself would think to wear. In the distance, Emma saw what appeared to be a castle carved into the side of the large rock. On the flatter surfaces leading towards the castle, another servant girl left the castle and brought a pale of something towards the rocky cliff. Just behind her, Emma thought she saw the dark long hair of Ruby Lucas, her best friend, but she couldn't quite be sure.

"Nova! Stop her!" Graham called. This brought the young woman to action, and Emma turned and ran up the platform onto the cliffs, leading her towards the water where she could hear the shouts up close. Then, she saw them, her sisters. They looked so different from when she saw them hours ago, even as their dress was all the same. Their eyes were white, and their lips and skin now a pale silvery color. Their mouths hung open as they reached their arms out to the men who fell one by one into the water.

The only reason why the ship itself hadn't crashed into the rocks was because Emma could see the shape of a long haired crewman manning the ship alone, calling out to men. Her voice fell on deaf ears, and the ship was beginning to turn around slowly in the harsh wind the magic of the Sirens had conjured. Emma ran along the dock, looking for a way to get onto that ship. If she had any hope of surviving, she had to make it onto that ship. She felt that were she to stay, she would remain safe, at least until the Siren Queen had gotten bored with her, but she didn't want to spend the rest of her days - however many that may have been - as a slave of a queen.

"HOY THERE! LET ME ON YOUR SHIP!" Emma screamed into the winds around her. There was a pause in the figure's movements, which gave the blonde hope that she had heard her. "LET ME ABOARD YOUR SHIP! PLEASE!"


Emma didn't have the time to convince the figure, for she felt that Regina herself was drawing nearer. She knew that soon she would find her, and one touch would make her the willing slave she didn't want to be. Emma winced at what she would have to do. If this didn't work, she would die. If it did, she could try to convince the lone crewman that she wasn't a siren in the time they would then have. Either way, she would be free. Emma looked behind her at the girl known as Nova and the man Graham, who advanced upon her. She took a deep breath and she jumped into the water.

The first thing she realized, once her mind cleared from the shock the cold of the water had brought to her entire body, was that she wasn't dead. That was a good thing. Then she realized that the boat was coming towards her. A rope was thrown over, and Emma swam towards it. "You're a fool, but I know now that you are not a Siren," the crewman- woman, Emma saw as soon as she fell over the side of the boat onto the deck - said to her.

"I need to get away from here," Emma said. "The Siren Queen has me under some sort of spell, and if I don't leave, I will be a slave to her forever."

"Why have you been able to escape?" the woman asked her as she looked Emma over. The blonde did the same. Her rescuer was of the Eastern Oriental region. From her clothing, Emma would have guessed China. Had she not had the physical look of a warrior, Emma would have wondered if perhaps this woman was brought on board as a concubine.

"I honestly don't know," Emma admitted after a moment of silence, in which she heard two heart beats race at two very different strong rhythms. She brought a hand to her head, and winced.

"I don't know how long I can man this ship alone. If you're enslaved to the queen of the Sirens, then you are of no use to me, especially if she wants you badly enough. You would then only risk my own life."

"Turn the ship Southwest towards the lands of the Enchanted Forest, then tie me here to this crow's nest and keep me there until morning. By then we will be far enough away that maybe her hold on me won't be as strong and I can be of use to you. Once we reach those shore in about 3 days, we will part ways. Please. You are my only hope, and I will do whatever I can to repay you."

The woman seemed to think on this, even as she walked towards the mentioned crow's nest and the rope that was coiled nearby. "Alright. I can dock there and regroup. If the men are there on the rocks, chances are, they are already lost to the Sirens. I will need a new crew and more supplies. If you are not alright by morning, you will be left to the sharks."

Emma looked over to the shore, and saw to her horror that Regina was on the cliff. Graham and Nova were fishing some of the men out of the sea, but none of them were killed. They climbed towards Regina, but Graham kept them at bay. This was a good thing, as Emma was ready to jump back out and claim Regina as hers. 'No,' she told herself. Noticing this, Mulan roughly grabbed Emma's arm and pushed the blonde against the mast. "Thank you," Emma said softly as soon as she was tied tightly and Mulan had brought a skin of water to her lips.

"There you are." Mulan's voice was surprisingly soft, as if she took some pity on Emma. She went back to steer the ship Southwest where Emma had told her to go. The only reason why she had yet to argue this was because they were in danger, and because Emma was right about the land of the Enchanted Forest being the closest to them. This proved to Mulan that Emma indeed knew her way at least around these waters and could help her the next day, should her curse be dropped after a distance from the Siren Queen.

Almost immediately, once they got out from under the darkest clouds of the area, Emma began screaming. At first in agony, as if the distance literally ripped her apart, and then an incoherent sort of pleading to go back, as well as pleas for the Siren Queen. Mulan winced a couple of times at the angry sounds directed at her at some points, but she had to keep them going.

On the rocky shore of the Sirens, Regina's jaw tightened the further away she saw her almost lover get from her. Her body was hot, and inside she felt she was ripping apart, but she had to remain in a regal sort of stance as Graham stood beside her waiting her next order. Nova cowered at the looks the more savage of the ship's crew were giving her, and hid behind the man, who comforted her the best he could. Regina tried her best not to cry. Was being with her really worse than death? she wondered. "No, whatever has happened, she will be back. What I feel is so much worse for her," Regina said to herself. She set her jaw again as the pain within her grew. She brought a hand to her stomach and whispered a spell that lessoned the pain, but she knew a dull ache would always remain for as long as Emma Swan was apart from her. She thought about what Emma was feeling, and knowing how her own pain had been, knew she couldn't allow for Emma to live like that.

She conjured a small silver necklace that had a swan shaped charm on it, wearing a crown. "Emma Swan, you will return to me," she said softly, "but until then, be safe my darling." With that, she brought the necklace to her lips, kissed it tenderly, and then blew on it. The necklace disappeared, and Regina stood, watching the boat until it sailed completely from view. Then she looked to Graham and Nova, who shivered in the cold winds. "Graham, take Nova away from these beasts, and then take these men to my new dearies. I need to lie down and I want no interruptions until morning."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

On the ship, Emma stopped ranting and screaming at Mulan. The smaller woman looked up and saw a small purple glow on Emma's neck as the blonde stopped speaking all together. It took another second to realize she had fallen asleep. Worried, Mulan tied a rope to the helm and made sure it continued on its course straight ahead, and then she went to let down another sail in hopes of getting them further along faster. Despite it normally taking three days to reach the shore, it would probably be even longer, even with a fully functioning Emma to help her. Mulan carefully approached the woman and saw that her sleep was peaceful, that she hadn't fallen unconscious, but merely asleep.

Mulan noticed a necklace upon Emma's neck just as the purple glow died down. She saw the image of a swan upon it with a small jewel in the crown the swan wore. Mulan recognized it as a smaller medallion. It was different in size and shape, but she hoped it did what it was supposed to, which was to keep this blonde woman safe. "A gift from the Siren Queen, I assume" Mulan said softly, reaching up to tuck blonde hair from Emma's face. "It is obvious she wants you, but why hadn't she just come after you?" she asked, more to herself than to the sleeping woman before her.

The ship continued to sail away from the rocky shores, Mulan never once looking back as the sharp rocks disappeared from view. It would take a few days to reach their destination and she hoped that during that time Emma would lose her hunger for the Siren Queen.