Chapter 1: Unlike the Red Hood

Yet again, the Detective and his sidekick are listening to the police scanners while roaming the streets of Gotham in their Bat mobile.

We have a robbery in the jewelers in Gotham square. Suspect is wearing a motorcycle jacket, and a red mask. The suspect is armed with military weapons. -Said the voice on the scanner.

"The Red Hood?" Robin asked. Batman said nothing but sped to the jewelry store in Gotham square. As they arrived, he sees his former sidekick Grapnel up to the roof top and started running.

"Come on!" batman ordered the boy wonder. He took out his grapnel hook and started to shoot it towards the roof top. Robin was right behind his boss following his every order. As the Dynamic Duo headed to the top, It seems as if The Red Hood was waiting to be caught. As soon as Batman took his first step, the red masked vigilante started to take off.

Back on the chase, the Dark Knight and the boy wonder travelled. They hopped the roof tops chasing one of Batman's old sidekicks. The Red Hood took out one of his hand held guns and started firing at the dynamic duo. Batman quickly threw one of his tracking devices onto the former Robin's jacket. Even though Batman has done it to all of his sidekicks before, they still never knew it was there. The gun which held the tracking devices never made a sound and was so tiny, most people never noticed it as he pulls it out and shoots the device on his target. The two dodged the bullets by hiding behind the chimneys.

"You'll never catch me, Old man!" The Red Hood taunted. Batman and Robin quickly glanced to find that the former Robin had vanished.

Batman and Robin looked at each other in wonder.

"I don't get it," Robin pondered, "Why would Jason steal? Isn't he working towards stopping the crimes?"

"He must have forgotten what side he was on…" Batman assumed.

"Should we call Nightwing?" The boy wonder had asked. Batman hesitated for a moment, then gave a single nod and headed back towards the manor with Robin close behind. They took out their grapnel hook in unison and swung from building to building knowing that the night was coming to an end.

Back at the bat cave, Tim, Dick and Bruce starred at the computer not knowing what to do next. The trained their eyes at the red dot as it travelled through the city's premises.

"I still have no clue why Jason would start stealing…it's so unlike him…" said Dick.

"How would you know? You were never around when he was." Bruce criticized unemotionally.

"You used to talk about him a lot before…ya know…the incident with Joker…" Dick replied. Bruce stopped the conversation. The awkward silence was broken by the footsteps of Alfred coming back down into the cave with a tray with three mugs filled with tea, and sugar, honey, and cream.

"Any luck on finding out what is going on with Master Jason, Sir?" Alfred asked properly as he carried the tray to the computer.

"Not yet, Alfred. With the tracking device I put on him, he seems to be…unpredictable…" The billionaire answered.

"Well, why don't you let me and Dick go find out what's going on?" Tim asked. Bruce looked at him reluctantly. After how he lost Jason, he didn't want to lose Tim, OR Dick…

"I don't know…" Bruce said as he pondered.

"Well, he probably would have a much better time talking with us, considering he kind of still holds a grudge against you." Dick said agreeing with his little brother. The Billionaire looked at them both, emotionless as he chose whether or not he should let them go. Finally, he came to a conclusion.

"Okay, but if you find anything, contact me right away." Bruce lectured.

"Yes, mom" Dick joked around.

He smiled at Bruce who was still stone-faced. The smiling faded as he and young Tim had hopped on the motorcycle. They both put on their helmets and rode off out of the Bat cave. Bruce turned back around to the computer and dropped his head into his arms as he heavily exhaled.

"They'll be alright, Master Bruce. They were trained by you." The faithful butler had comforted.

"I hope so, Alfred. I hope so…" Bruce responded while taking the tea that was on the tray Alfred was holding. He took a sip, and watched the tracker he placed on Nightwing's motorcycle speed to the tracker placed on their other brother's leather jacket. Alfred looked up at the screen.

"You still do not trust their abilities, sir?" the butler asked.

"It's for their own safety." Bruce answered quickly and straight forward. With that, His faithful butler left the cave with the other two mugs on his tray.

"Dick was right…he does treat them like children…" Alfred mumbled to himself as he walked back to the kitchen and finished the rest of his duties.