Chapter 8: The Defeat

Batman slightly awoke at the echo of Dick's voice through the chemical plant. The Dark Knight could not move his arms or legs and had figured he was tied up. Not sleeping for days had really taken a toll on him. He tried his hardest to wake up, but his eyes would not open. However, he could hear everything being said.

"What are we going to do with him?" he heard his son say. A voice sounding like mad hatter's had arose.

"Hmm," the voice had said, "Why don't we give him a dosage of my mind controlling serum?"

"No way," another voice had come about. Batman knew this was Deadshot. "You already owe me extra for doing over-time."

"Relax my dear assassin. You will have your money. Once you inject the Bat with my serum, we will have all the money in the world. He will be doing anything I tell him to, and NO ONE will be able to stop him!" The Hatter cackled. Batman's eyes were finally able to open. He squirmed as he tried to get loose of the chains. The tinkling of the chains had caused attention towards him.

"Ah! Batman, you are awake!" The Hatter called. He was carrying Batman's utility belt so he knew the detective would not try to escape. "And just in time too. I suppose it's time for you to get a shot from the doctor. You wouldn't want to go MAD, would you?"

"Why, Hatter?" Batman spat through his teeth.

"Because, now you know how it feels to lose someone you love. Mine was Alice, and you took her away from me!" The obsessed man retorted. "I only returned the favor by taking each of your little birds." He smiled at the scowling detective.

"But I'll always be able to get them back." The Bat said trying not to show emotion to the fact that he had Nightwing. The Hatter's grin disappeared. He looked at Deadshot and gestured him to shoot Batman with the toxin. Deadshot rose his 9mm on his arm.

"It's only temporary, you know." The Crusader said before Deadshot pulled the trigger. Mad Hatter raised his arm to hold the fire.

"And, how would YOU know that?" the hatter said while walking slowly towards the chained man.

"I can see it in each of their eyes. When Nightwing is looking for me…when Robin was going to shoot…and when Red Hood had stolen from a store." Hatter looked at Nightwing.

"What are you talking about? His face is blank." The Hatter pointed out.

"That's what YOU see, but I know them…They're only pretending…until the right moment." The Batman told him. The Hatter looked back at Batman. He backed up to where he was before. He looked at Deadshot who was watching for any gesture that meant 'KILL THEM'.

"Off with their heads." The Hatter said simply. Deadshot rose his 9mm and began to pull the trigger towards the Bat. Batman pushed to his feet and dodged the bullet. Deadshot, still not used to missing his target, was startled. With the time Deadshot was using to think things through, batman broke the lock to the chain sending metal pieces flying everywhere. Pieces of the iron clasp had gone into Deadshot and Hatter's eyes leaving them to rub them trying to get the small particles out. Nightwing was still standing there waiting to be told to do something by Hatter. Batman ran up to the Hatter and grabbed his belt. He vanished into the darkest part of the building.

"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!" he yelled at Nightwing. "GET HIM!"

Nightwing ran to the dark part of the building taking out a gun that was given to him. Batman was out of his oldest Robin's sight. The heavily-trained former sidekick watched every little movement around him. His trainer came down to behind him. Nightwing pointed the gun and started shooting. He heard both the bullets go through the window.

"SHIT!" Nightwing called at his miss as he then started to put in more bullets.

Batman quickly wrapped his arm firmly around Nightwing's neck and shoved the needle of the medicine into his son's arm.

"AGH!" Nightwing responded to the pinch. Batman let his son go and put the needle away. Nightwing stumbled on a few of his steps. His fast breathing started to slow.

"Batman?" Nightwing said calmly. "W-Where are we?"

"You were taken by Mad Hatter." Batman started quietly, knowing Mad Hatter and Deadshot would be the next ones to wander into the darkness.

"That's all I need to know." Nightwing answered back. He began walking out of the darkness to get his hands on Mad Hatter. Batman quickly grabbed his arm and took him back into the darkness. He put his finger to his lip gesturing him to stay quiet.

"What's your plan of action, boss?" Nightwing whispered.

"You get Hatter…leave Deadshot to me." Batman said coldly. Nightwing nodded as they waited for their victims to wander into their grasp. Both Batman and Nightwing grappled up to the beams hanging under the ceiling. They followed their victims as they split up. Nightwing looked at Batman for a signal to drop down. Batman nodded at his son. The heavily-trained man dropped down and knocked the Hatter out in two punches: one to the stomach and the other to the head, knocking his hat off. The Hatter went out cold while Nightwing picked up the hat and crushed it with his hands.

"Good boy." Batman whispered to himself as he was still in the rafters. Nightwing gave Batman a thumb up and ran away. The boy was then able to be heard in Batman's cowl.

"Batman, when you're done, meet me on the roof top." Batman nodded to himself knowing if he made another noise, Deadshot would surely find him.

Deadshot was now using his red beam to help him find the Vigilante. The beam of light was circling around trying to find its next victim. Just as he had with Nightwing, Batman dropped down. Deadshot turned around pointing the red beam of light right between the Crusader's eyes. Before he could shoot, Batman grabbed the gunned arm and twisted it behind the assassin's back. Deadshot let out a blood curdling yell as he heard the bones being crushed by the grip.

Still holding the arm, the Dark Knight shoved his knee into the assassin's abdomen, stopping him from screaming. He then picked up the victim and threw him into the side of the chemical vat. Deadshot was knocked out just as the GCPD arrived. All that was left to do was to string him and Hatter up, and leave them as a gift to the Gotham Police.

Batman grappled up to the roof where he was said to meet his son. There Nightwing was, sitting on the edge of the building watching as the cop cars pulled up. Batman came up from behind his son.

"Beautiful, isn't it: Justice?" Batman asked.

"Yeah." Nightwing responded, amazed by the flashing lights of the police cars. Nightwing was remembering the good times he had with the Bat as Robin. He remembered the wrestling matches he had, the thugs he used to take out, and most of all, the times he spent with his foster father. Now, he was all alone; just watching more cops cars in Bludhaven get involved into a great police chase over another murderer or thief.

Batman could hear the smile in the voice of his son, even though he was not facing him. Nightwing then stood up and walked over to Batman. He looked at him with loving eyes, and then Nightwing pulled his father into his arms and hugged him. Batman had no idea what to do, but Bruce Wayne had. The man behind the mask was let out as he hugged his son back.

"Thank you... Dad." Was all Dick had said. Bruce then let go of Dick still with his smile on his face and a single tear drop forming in his eye.

"You're welcome, son." He said back. They began to walk back to the Bat mobile together.

So," Dick began, "What happened while I was gone?" Batman looked at him. He knew he probably shouldn't tell Dick of how much he had missed him, for what has happened in the past, Dick would probably tease him for it.

"Just…too much." Bruce said still smiling. They both had then hopped into the bat mobile, just like old times and rode off back to the mansion.

Author's Note: well guys…that's the end! I'm so glad that you guys liked this story! Just as Ace up the Sleeve came to mind, I had thought up this story. Let me know who you guys want involved in the next story. Again, Thanks for reading and I hope to see you guys again soon!