Chapter 1

"You can't be our little brother."

Luffyko pouted, she wanted to be their brother, she couldn't understand why Ace was so against it. It didn't seem as though his opinion on the matter would budge either, it baffled her, she thought after protect his and Sabo's secret she would have definitely have been accepted.

"But why?" Ace looked away from her not offering an answer at all.

Sabo looked between his two friends, "Maybe it's because you're a girl. You can be our little sister instead."

Luffyko's face immediately lit up and she was about to hug Ace when he spoke.

"I don't want you to be my brother or sister," Ace said stubbornly, he played with a rock in his hand, not looking at either Sabo or Luffyko.

Luffyko began to turn red, her eyes watered and she tightened her small hands into fists. "ACE IS A JERK BASTARD!"

With that, she turned swiftly and ran back towards the bandit's hideout. She didn't even spare a look back to the two boys.


"Just drop it Sabo," Ace threw the rock into a near by tree and started to walk in the same direction Luffyko had run towards a few seconds earlier. He kicked up dirt the whole way back, neither him or Sabo spoke.

Ever since they saved Luffyko, they'd become inseparable. All three of them spent time together happily, Sabo just couldn't understand why Ace became cold all of a sudden. The idea of being brothers, even if they weren't blood related, was something that him and Ace had accepted long ago. Luffyko was part of their group, she should be their sister.

They reached the hideout quite awhile after Luffyko, she had sprinted there after all. Dadan was inside with the other bandits.

"Where the hell have you two been?" She looked up from what she was doing, cigarette in her mouth. There were a couple of other bandits hanging around, some were moderately interested in what was happening.

"Forest," Ace answered stiffly, still in a foul mood from earlier.

"Luffyko got here much earlier than you two," She paused and looked at the two boys.

"She came running in here saying that Ace hates her again."

"I don't hate her… I just don't want to be her brother."

"I don't see what the damn problem is, she's like a sister to you isn't she?"

Ace furrowed his brows, "No, she isn't. I don't want people to even think she is."

Sabo looked at his friend, Ace really cared about Luffyko. He'd told Sabo that he did, and if Ace did hate Luffyko, it would definitely show through his actions. Why would Ace not even want people thinking Luffyko was his little sister, usually he wouldn't even care about that.

It was then that something clicked.

"I get it," Sabo had a wide smile on his face. He looked to Ace, who looked a little confused and then to Dadan, she had an interested look upon her face. "Ace doesn't want Luffyko to be his sister because he wants her to be his wife."

"Sabo!" The freckled boy's face had turned a deep red, he spluttered something before turning and running through the door.

Dadan let out a laugh, it seemed as though Sabo hit the nail on the head.

"His wife?" A small voice came from around the corner, Luffyko peeked around, her eyes were red from crying. She wiped the snot from her nose, "he wants to marry me?"

She ran past Sabo and Dadan, both were laughing lightly.



He turned to Luffyko, he hadn't even noticed her come up behind him. What Sabo had said back at the hideout, no matter how he tried to deny it, he'd liked it. But boys his age shouldn't be thinking of things like that. They should still be disgusted by girls. Besides, Luffyko wasn't to bright, even if he did like her, she'd never catch on.

"Ace, yes."

He looked confused at her determined face. What the hell was she saying yes too?

"I said yes, didn't you hear me?" She questioned him and took a few steps forward. She took a deep breath, "I'll be your wife."

A blank look took over Ace's face. She leaned over and pressed her lips to his.

"Now we're married."

"That- thats not how it works!"