Tori`s P.O.V

At school by Tori`s locker.

"Well guys this is it, I am leaving Hollywood Arts. (Well not leaving but I got kicked out by the new principal because I have no talent.) "Sorry Tori, I wish I could do something, Cat said sadly. "All of us do, Beck said. "I know but Helen is really tough and I don't want you guys to get kicked out, I said. I turned the shining sign on my locker off. "This is goodbye guys I will never forget all the fun times we had here, I said sadly. I started to cry. "Don't cry Tori, Cat said. I wiped my eyes. "I'm going to go get some coffee anyone wants to come, Jade said meanly. "Sure! The whole gang left and went to get some coffee. Well I will miss you guys too. I walked out the door depressed.

At Tori`s house

I was sitting at home on the couch eating some yogurt while watching Law and Order Special Victims Unit. Trina walked down the stairs in her pajamas. "Hey Tori, don't be sad it's just a school, she said. ''Trina you can say that because you didn't get kicked out, I said. "That is so true, she said. Trina went in the kitchen to get a snack then walked back upstairs. "My life is jank, I said. Suddenly, I got a phone call. '' Blocked I.D., I answered anyway. ''Hello''. ''Hi, your Tori Vega right, well if you are come on to your patio a.s.a.p., anonymous said. ''Who is this, I asked. "Just come''! I walked to my patio.

On Tori`s patio

"Um anonymous where are you? I screamed. ''Over here cheekbones and stop yelling, anonymous said. Tori went to the bushes. There stood a girl with blonde long hair wearing regular Northridge clothes. "Are you from Northridge, I asked. "Yeah, why? She asked. "No reason, I said. "I'm Stacey, and I heard you got kicked out of Hollywood Arts, she said. "How you know, I asked. "I hear things. "Well what are you doing here? I asked. ''How would you like to go to Northridge? , Stacey asked. ''Why? "Our principal is looking for fresh talent and you got talent, she said. "No I don't and what about Hollywood Arts and my friends, I said. ''Hollywood Arts is trash and plus if they really were your friends they would do whatever it takes for you to stay, Stacy said evilly. "Yeah you're right but if they were getting kicked out I would help them, I said madly. "So about coming to Northridge you in, Stacy said. ''I'm in, I said. But in order to come to Northridge you have to have the look and the attitude, Stacy said. ''O.k., I said. Stacy left and I went back inside.