Finding Our Path To Be Together


Sequel to My Ventus Prince. Shun was devastated when Alice died. Since his the Ventus Prince he might able to get back her soul to life. But they have to find their way back or else Shun has to lose his throne

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Chapter 1

No one's POV

There he is. The prince who lost his true love. All depress with no emotion. It has been a week since Alice got hit by that car. It was unexpected. He always asks himself what she ever did to deserved such a sacrifice?. He never speaks all he does is eat, sleep and think. His friends were so worried about him. Everytime they try talking to him he just kept quiet. Most of the times tears just flow down his face. Missing the girl he loved. He lost part of him. He lost the girl he loved. Who still held his heart.

He then heard the door open. The door of his room. There standing his family and friends. But yet he has no emotion still.

" Hi buddy " Dan said in a sad tone.

Shun just stared at his best friend then looked back at the empty space. Shiori then turned on the lights of the dark room.

" Honey please explain to us your sadness " Shiori said as she hugged her son.

" You don't understand " He finally spoke but in a sad tone.

" She's gone " He countinued

" Maybe not " Runo said

" Maybe there's still a chance " Julie said

Shiori then held out a small card that will transport him.

" Why don't you find out " Shiori said with a small smile.

He stared at her for a few seconds. Then nodded slowly as he took the card.

" Thanks " He said as he gained back a small part of his happiness.

After a blink he was gone. He was doing the right choice other than taking a guess of what happened to her.

~~~ Shun's POV ~~~

I arrived at the exact same spot when I left Alice. The same spot she dissapered. I took a heavy sigh before taking a step. I went to her house. When I arrive outside it was empty. Things weren't cleaned. It could be accuse as a haunted house. I tried opening the door and luckily it wasn't locked. I walked in finding everything in the exact same spot. I saw a picture of the girl I lost. Her beautiful eyes with her long curly orange hair. I went inside every room checking for Alice to be there but no luck. I walked back outside.

I went to every place where Alice could be but she's not there. I went walking around the streets. While I took every step I never looked up only stare at the ground.

" IT'S HIM! " A familliar voice yelled out.

I looked at where the voice came from and I spotted Cody and her two friends. She held their hands and approach me.

" Where were you?! " She asked

" Did you move out? " Trisha asked

" Or did you and Alice broke up? " Jenny asked

" Oh uhm well... I... uhh.. move out.. " I said

" Did you hear? " Cody asked me

" Hear what? " I asked

" Alice is in the hospital because she got hit by a car.. She's in a coma now " She said

" Can I visit her? " I asked

" Yeah she's just in that hospital " Jenny said as she pointed to the hospital.

" Thanks " I said

I quickly ran to the hospital. I asked a nurse about Alice. The nurse said she was in room 209. I rushed using the stairs and I finally found the room. I opened the door slowly finding a girl. Breathing slowly, Pale and with no emotion. I held her hand while saying apologies.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I couldn't stand it. I feel like I don't deserve to be here seeing her die slowly. I took out the card since no one was here and transported bact to my planet. I landed and my friends were still there.

They looked at me worriedly. Then I notice a few tears falling from my eyes. I wiped them off then head to my room. I jumped on the bed then something from my shelf has fallen off. I looked up to see what it was. It was a book about the powers of all Ventus royalty. I got off my bed. I went to the book. It was open and a page was wide open. I was gonna close it until I found a word saying ' Taking a mortal soul back to life '. Those words caught my attention. I picked the book up and read the rest of the words.

~ The Legend Of Taking A Mortal Soul Back To Life ~

Long time ago a queen and king named Martha and Jerome had a son named Mark. They were an overprotective parents. On Mark's 15th birthday he went wondering in the lab. He found a transporter and the next thing he knew he was in a mortal planet called earth. He went wondering around then he met a girl named Lynn. Every single day he would go back to earth and visit her.

Then one day the girl was murdered. The prince was depress. After that he wondered back to lab. He found a green crystal necklace. There was a note attached to it. The note was ' Meeting a dead mortal spell is " Missing, Missing, Missing mortal must see the soul before the goodbye " '. He wore the necklace and said the words. He appeared in a grassy medow and he spotted the girl he loved. Beside the grassy medow was a dark forest. Then something in that forest called the boy. The prince saw a man in a cloak holding a flower. The cloak figure said.

" If you want her to come back to life then take my deal all you have to do is hold this flower then say a few words you then you have to find a the right way to go if you arrive at a place where a stone shaped this flower insert it then both of you will be together if you lose the flower or don't get back for a week you'll lose your throne and you won't be the prince anymore someone else will be " The man explained

Prince Mark agreed to the man's deal. He and Lynn had went to diffrent and hard destinations but they manage to be together.

The green crystal is hidden inside a book that is green and black with no title

~~ End Of The Story ~~

I finished reading the book. I looked up for more clues on what the path will be like but there was none. Then I took the book with me to the palace library. I searched for the book for 10-20 minutes. When I found it I took it out. I opened the huge book. Then in between was a box inside a cut off pages. I took it out and opened it. As I touch the necklace it glowed. I closed the box and went back inside my room. I then have a feeling that I was being followed. But when I looked back no one was there. Maybe it was just a feeling. I packed up then wore the necklace.

" Missing, Missing, Missing mortal must see the soul before the- " I said but got cut off

" What do you think your doing? " A voice behind me asked

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