Danny Phantom: The Video Game


Danny Fenton/ Phantom: Protagonist. Goal is to stop Plasmius from collecting all 25 gems and harnessing them energy to alter reality and recreate it in his own image. Is the leader of the gang and tends to be resilient. Quick attack- punch, standard attack- ectoblast, strong attack- Phantom Freeze, special attack- Ghostly Wail

Eddie Cipriani/ Shady: The silent dueteragonist. Keeps calm at all time, Never speaks and only utters a quiet "Oh!" when injured or killed and only communicates via sign language and written notes. Shady is a psychopath and the most violent of the group and will not hesitate to kill. Quick attack- Crash Spin, standard attack- ectoblast, strong attack- pyrokenesis, Special attack- Lightning bolt attack

Danielle "Dani" Fenton/ Phantom: The Tritagonist. Is the quickest and most agile of the halfa trio. Danielle Fenton/ Dani Phantom: Quick attack- roundhouse kick, standard attack- ectoblast, strong attack- explosive ecto energy ball, special attack- cryokinesis

Jazz Fenton: Danny's sister. She is slightly bossy and slightly narcissistic. At time shows sign of ghost envy, but is incredibly witty. Quick attack- roundhouse kick, standard attack- ecto laser wristwatch, strong attack- Fenton Thermos, special attack- Ghost Gauntlets

Sam Manson: Danny's girlfriend. Is aggressive and slightly similar to Eddie, isn't afraid to use violence. Quick attack- drop kick, weapon attack- ecto laser wristwatch, strong attack- Fenton Thermos, special attack- plant vine attack

McKenzie Scott: Eddie's girlfriend, she is feisty and has a little bit of the rebellious attitude of Eddie. Quick attack- leg sweep, standard attack- ecto laser wristwatch, strong attack- Fenton Thermos, special attack- knife throw

Tucker Foley: The cowardly techno geek of Team Phantom. Can be used to hack into technological security systems to open doors. Quick attack- punch, standard attack- ecto laser wristwatch, strong attack-Fenton Thermos, special attack- PDA Stun Gun

Vlad Masters/ Vlad Plasmius: The main antagonist of the game. Is angry about the events of the former story. Plots to collect all 25 gemstones and harness their energy so he can rebuild reality in his own image. As revenge on Team Phantom, he puts them in a gauntlet against several powerful ghosts as a diversion.

*Opening cutscene*

Camera zooms in on Plasmius' new underground lab. Plasmius is pacing his lab, still seething with anger from his previous defeat at the hands of Danny Phantom and his new sidekick Eddie Cipriani/ Shady. The fruit loop was muttering to himself angrily.

Vlad: They foil my plans for world domination, destroy my satellite, abandon me in space, scar me, destroy my mansion, and leave me for dead in the flaming explosion. Team Phantom shall pay for this! I'm going to put them through a gauntlet of the most powerful ghosts ever seen. Prepare Daniel and friends to face my wrath! *maniacal laughter*

*Cat meows*

Vlad: Coming Maddie

2 weeks later

Ever since rescuing Sam and McKenzie from Plasmius, Danny and Shady were increasingly paranoid. They followed them around almost everywhere. The two were rightfully paranoid. Sam and McKenzie both still had scars and burns from Vlad's torture. Shady had wanted to finish off the fruit loop, but was dissuaded by Danny.

Sam: Danny Eddie, look. We know you're worried about us, but we're just fine. We can take care of ourselves.

Danny: That's what you said and look what happened.

McKenzie: There's no chance of that ever happening again so you guys can relax.

Eddie (sign language): We don't know that. Vlad's body was never recovered from the rubble. But we wouldn't have to worry about that if somebody had light the fruity fruit loop on fire and send his ass to hell.

Danny: For the last time, violence wouldn't have solved anything.

Eddie: I'm from Vice City; I've learned anything can be solved by violence. If you had a problem with someone, you capped them.

*Dani, Jazz, and Tucker are sitting back watching the four of them arguing*

Dani: How long do you think this'll last?

Jazz: 20 minutes

Tucker: 1 and a half hour

*A sudden portal opens and Plasmius emerges, laughing evilly*

Danny: Plasmius! What the (bleep) are you doing here?

*Danny and Eddie transform into their alter egos and pushed Sam and McKenzie out of the way.*

Plasmius: Eh world domination, revenge, date your mom, the usual.

Danny: First, ew; second, what crazy(bleep)ed up scheme have you come up with this time?

*Plasmius pulls out a green gemstone*

Plasmius: Shortly after my previous defeat, I took refuge in the Ghost Zone. A couple of black market dealers revealed to me a unique gem. It is one of 25 elemental gems. Although already incredibly powerful individually, when all 25 gems are used they unleash such a massive amount of power that the user can alter reality. The only problem is the gems are scattered throughout time and alternate realities.

Danny: And you told us this why? You know we're going to try and stop you.

Plasmius: Don't worry, I came prepared. I put a $50,000 bounty on you for anyone, human or ghost that can eliminate you.

*Shady rolls his eyes*

Plasmius: Why are you rolling your eyes? Do you not take my threat into consideration? Do you not fear for your life?

Shady (sign language): You're a billionaire and you only put $50,000 hit on us, fucking amateur.

Danny: Shady, shut the (bleep) up.

Shady: I'm not even speaking

Plasmius: Fine, I'll make a call and make it $100,000

Shady (sign language): $100,000? What a cheapskate!

Plasmius: Fine, $500,000. *Makes a phone call and bumps the hit up

Danny: It doesn't matter how much money you put on our head, they can't stop us.

Plasmius: I know, but they'll slow you down long enough! I look forward to seeing you try to stop me! *Disappears into portal.*

Shady turns to Danny

Shady (sign language): See what happens when you don't kill the fruit loop? I wanted to send him on a one way trip to Hell, but you said no. That's what I get for taking orders from a halfa who wears a jumpsuit.

Danny: Well your attitude just got a half million dollar hit on our heads.

Jazz: Will you two quit arguing?! Why don't we start figuring out a way to stop Vlad again.

Dani: Yeah, besides what's the best the fruit loop could hire?

*Box Ghost appears*

Box Ghost: Beware, I am the Box Ghost!

Danny: Really? Vlad picked you?

Box Ghost: Silence puny one!

*Danny tries to leave, but Box Ghost blocks his path.*

Box Ghost: You shall not pass!

Dani: What's gonna stop us?

Box Ghost *pulls out TNT Box*: I Have THE POWER!

Eddie *using sign language*: Who is this clown?

Danny: I'll explain later, right now let's take care of this guy.

(Boss Fight #1, Box Ghost)

Box Ghost has 3 hit points. His first wave of attack will be consistently launching wooden boxes at you. It is recommended you use Dani as she can easily dodge attacks. When Box Ghost stops to catch his breath, simply use a quick attack. His second wave of attack will consist of his first wave of attack followed by making flaming boxes fall from the sky. Again, wait for him to catch his breath and use a quick attack. In Box Ghost's third attack, he will combine his first two attacks in addition to throwing TNT Boxes at the player with a 3 second countdown. Do not run into these as they cause instant death. Hit him for the final time and use either Sam, Tucker, or Mckenzie to suck him into the Fenton Thermos.

Post-Battle cutscene:

Danny: If these are the clowns Plasmius hired, this should be a piece of cake.

Eddie (Wile E. Coyote sign: If that's the case then I'm going to waste Plasmius for wasting my time)

Danny: Haha, same here Eddie

Dani: Yeah, but now we have to stop Plasmius from collecting all 25 gems.

Danny: And I know just who can help us, come on let's go.

Tucker: Who?

Danny: Clockwork, he must know where the gems are located.

End of Level