McKenzie anxiously paced her small cell. It had been a couple of hours since she had been kidnapped. Kenzie had been fighting ghosts alongside her friends before Vlad's hired guns, The Master Blasters interfered. They targeted the attacking ghosts as well as Danny, Danielle, and Kenzie's boyfriend Eddie Cipriani also a halfa known as Shady. The three managed to hold off Download and Thrash, but Vid grabbed Kenzie unnoticed to the halfas and Sam and Tucker.

"We have specific orders from our boss to bring you in" Vid whispered, before knocking Kenzie out with a taser before she could cry for help.

By the time, the gang noticd she had disappeared, it was too late. And here she was now. Being held by some fruit loop who held a grudge against her boyfriend. This was going to be hell.

Suddenly the door to the cell opened, the bright light briefly blinding Kenzie. Standing before her was Vlad Masters, mayor of Amity Park and secretly supervillain Vlad Plasmius. Kenzie should've been wondering how Vlad escaped the pocket dimension he was imprisoned in, but she knew better. Plasmius always managed to someone come back. Kenzie noticed the cruel, evil, and sadistic look in his eye.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up" McKenzie said with a smirk, refusing to let this man intimidate her. "So could we hurry this up so my friends could show up and rescue me?"

"Don't be so sure" Vlad laughed. "We're miles from Amity Park in a place your friends would never think to look"

"So what are you going to do, torture me?" Kenzie asked, curious.

Little did she know she would soon get her answer.

"That and more" Vlad declared before pulling out a green elemental gem. "You should be familiar with this"

"That's an elemental gem; where did you get that?" Kenzie asked, now a little bit worried.

"This little gem right here is what allowed me to escape the pocket dimension" Vlad revealed. "When I brought you here and ran tests on you, I discovered you had the halfa gene"

"The Halfa Gene?" McKenzie asked, confused.

"Yes, it is a rare genetic mutation that allows a person to become a half human/ half ghost hybrid or a "halfa" as you and your friends refer to them" Vlad said. "That's where this gem comes in"

"So you're going to use the gem to…" Kenzie said before putting two and two together. "Turn me into a halfa?"

"You're pretty smart" Vlad said. "Now you can cooperate and this'll be easy or we can do this the hard way"

Kenzie punched Vlad in the face, knocking him back.

"Hard way it is then" Vlad snarled angrily before lunging at Kenzie, who moved out of the way and retaliated with a martial arts kick to the back of the head.

Vlad decided to quit playing nice and shot Kenzie with an ectoball. McKenzie crashed into the wall, hitting her head against the stone. Severely dazed, she had no way of fighting back as Vlad grabbed her and dragged her to another room. Soon afterward, she lost consciousness.

When McKenzie woke up, she was strapped down to an examining table. Restrained like she was a wild rabid animal. There were two straps on each arm, one on her torso, and a few on her legs. She struggled a bit, but quickly discovered she was tied down too tight to move.

"You might as well quit struggling child" Vlad snickered. "Your attempts to escape are futile"

Vlad grabbed Kenzie by her chin and looked straight into her eyes, allowing Kenzie to headbutt him. Kenzie smirked as Vlad grabbed his nose.

"I have one question" Kenzie said. "The elemental gems are incredibly powerful on their own and each individual gem has small reality warping powers. Why would you give me so much power?"

"Because the precedure has the slight risk of slowly and painfully ripping a person apart from the inside out" Vlad revealed.

"What?!" Kenzie replied, starting to struggle again.

"Don't worry, if that happens it'll be nothing compared to the pain I inflict on you" Vlad said, pulling out a scapel.

Vlad began making several incisions on McKenzie. Kenzie held back a bloodcurdling scream as Vlad continued cutting.

"I suggest you not scream, I haven't even gotten started yet" Vlad snarled.

"Give me everything you've got" Kenzie challenged.

"Oh, I intend to" Vlad said as he continued cutting.

Vlad brought the blade just under Kenzie's right eye and made a quick clean slice down the side of her face. The crimson liquid flowed freely from the wound. Kenzie clenched her teeth from the pain and tried not to show any signs of weakness.

"How very strong of you" Vlad complimented condescendingly. "Most people would start sobbing by the first cut. Then more would start to scream by the second. I'm surprised your more disciplined than that."

"Please, I'm from Vice City," Kenzie replied. "I've fought kittens tougher than you"

Vlad brought the scapel down to her arm and with a quick movement of the wrist, made a clean slice through the skin. Kenzie winced, but again didn't scream or show any other signs of pain.

"You really are quite resilent" Vlad said. "No matter, I still have plenty of time to break your spirit"

"Better make it quick before my friends show up" Kenzie replied.

"Keep telling yourself that" Vlad retorted.

After what seemed like hours, Vlad finally stopped cutting. McKenzie seemed a little pale as she had lost a bit of blood.

"Well, I believe that concludes our session for today" Vlad said as he turned to leave. "But don't worry, we'll have plenty of fun tomorrow"

Day 2

McKenzie was covered in scars from the previous day. She sat in her cell, wondering what Vlad had planned for her today. She was about to get her answer.

"Rise and shine" Vlad mocked her. Kenzie ignored him. "Oh, what's wrong; upset because your friends still haven't managed to find you?"

"I'm not too worried, they'll find me eventually. And even if they don't eventually your ego will cause you to make a fatal mistake... Fruit loop" Kenzie replied.

Vlad snapped and punched Kenzie in the face, knocking her to the ground. As a dazed Kenzie tried to regain her senses, Vlad stripped her of her clothing. He pulled out a cat o nine tails. Each whip was specially crafted out of barbed wire. This wasn't going to end well. Vlad pulled his arm back and lashed Kenzie with the whip.

McKenzie let out a small involuntary yelp from the sharp sudden pain as the cat o nine tails snapped at her skin. The barbs dug into her skin, tearing away at the flesh when they retracted, leaving bloody welts. She held back tears as Vlad took sadistic delight in her suffering. Kenzie curled up, trying to protect herself from the whip, but it didn't matter. Vlad would always move from one place to the other.

"Had enough?" Asked Vlad sarcastically as he paused for a brief moment.

"Oh please" Kenzie scoffed. "I thought you said you were going to torture me. This is just child's play"

"Still rebellious and defiant I see" Vlad mused. "I'm going to enjoy crushing you. Most of my other victims started screaming, crying, and begging for their lives on the first round. So sad that they're mettle is beaten by that of a teenage girl's."

Vlad resumed whipping her. Again and again, four, five, sixx, seven times until Kenzie lost track. Even though pain overwhelmed his senses, Kenzie didn't let out a single cry or shed a single tear. No area of her body received mercy, not her face, her chest, her legs, nothing. It was excrutiating, like having thousands of needles jabbed into your body and then forcefully ripped out. After what seemed to be hours, Vlad finally stopped whipping the girl.

By then, Kenzie was covered in blood with more blood pooling underneath her. She breathed heavily, having held her breath to avoid screaming. She quickly began putting her clothes back on.

"Were you going easy on me?" Asked McKenzie mockingly.

"As a matter of fact, I was" Vlad replied. "If I had given it my all, I would have split you in half on the first whip."

"I advise you to get some sleep" Vlad continued. "Because the fun has only just begun"

Day 3

Once again, Kenzie found herself restrained like a wild animal. This time, her, in addition to the straps, her hands were clamped down. Vlad walked over to her, holding a long switch blade.

"Did you know: a knife under the fingernail is a very painful thing?" Vlad asked. "The Iraqis did it to captured soldiers during Desert Storm"

Vlad slid the long switch blade under the nail of Kenzie's pointer finger, causing her to scream in agony. Vlad then moved the knife to Kenzie's pinkie finger. Kenzie screamed as she feels the knife press underneath her fingers.

Day 4:

Vlad had decided to follow up yesterday's "manicure" with a special "pedicure". Kenzie found herself tied up with her feet in stocks. Despite the pain she was in, she was still as defiant as ever. Vlad walked in with a sly smirk on his face.

"So, what do you have planned for me today?" Kenzie taunted, still not wanting to give up just yet.

"Today, I am utilizing an ancient torture technique known as bastinado" Vlad replied, removing Kenzie's flip flops. "A type of torture in which the soles of a person's bare feet are repetitively beaten with an implement that is thought to have originated in China in 960."

"Gee, thanks for the history lesson, Professor Froot Loop" Kenzie stated sarcastically.

Vlad snapped, pulled out a cane and hit Kenzie's bare sole with it. Kenzie yelped in pain and tried to pull her feet out of the stocks.

"Get used to that feeling" Vlad taunted. "You see, the pain sensitivity of the soles does not recede under the impact of continuous beatings, the soles do not go numb and there is no inurement unlike other skin areas of the body."

With that Vlad began striking Kenzie's feet repeatedly. Kenzie screamed as the whipping became more and more painful. Vlad continued until the soles of Kenzie's feet were bright red. Eventually Kenzie passed out from the pain. Vlad undid the restraints and tossed her onto the floor, kicking her a few times.

Day 5:

Five days in captivity and Kenzie was starting to lose hope. Maybe Vlad was right, maybe her friends wouldn't find her. Despite this, Kenzie refused to give up. McKenzie noticed a huge wooden cross laying on the floor in the middle of the room from inside her cell. She gulped because she knew exactly where this was going. She still had enough fight in her to fight back against Vlad.

"Just when I thought you couldn't sink any lower!" Kenzie yelled at him through the bars.

"Who? Me? I'm just paying tribute to our lord and savior Jesus Christ" Vlad replied. "Only problem is I need someone to play Jesus"

When Vlad opened the door to Kenzie's cell, he was met with a roundhouse kick to the face. Kenzie wasn't able to put everything she had behind that kick because she still weak from everything she had been put through so far. Still, it was enough to make Vlad stagger. Kenzie tried to run past him, only to be grabbed by the throat.

"How many times do I have to tell you: fighting is futile" Vlad hissed, slapping Kenzie across the face before injecting her with some strange chemical.

Instantly, McKenzie felt her limbs growing heavier and heavier. Pretty soon, she couldn't move at all. She was completely paralyzed from the neck down.

"What did you do to me?" Kenzie asked.

"Oh, I just injected you with an experimental highly effective sedative" Vlad explained nonchalantly as he picked up Kenzie's limp body and carried her over to the cross.

Vlad placed her arm over the cross before producing a hammer and nail. He placed the nail in Kenzie's palm and grabbed the hammer.

Tack, Tack, Tack!

McKenzie's agonizing screams filled the room. Vlad grabbed another nail and drove it through Kenzie's other hand. Vlad then stomped on Kenzie's legs, breaking them before driving a nail through her feet.

Then for the coup de grâce, Vlad grabbed a crown made out of razor wire and placed it on Kenzie's head. The razor wire instantly lacerated the tender flesh on Kenzie's forehead causing blood to flow. Some blood got in Kenzie's eyes and it stung and burned like hell.

Vlad punched Kenzie as hard as he could in the torso. Kenzie heard a loud crack and immediately spat up blood. Slowly, she started losing consciousness before things finally went black.

Day 6:

The good news was that today was the day that Vlad was going to turn her into a halfa. The bad news, it was going to be just as painful if not more so than the torture.

McKenzie had been heavily sedated. When she wasn't unconscious, she was unaware of what was going on or where she was. Vlad took several notes, as if she was nothing more than a guinea pig. Having taken enough notes, he grabbed a syringe and filled it with ectoplasm. He then grabbed McKenzie's arm and injected the ectoplasm into her bloodstream. The ectoplasm would either fuse with her DNA or it would kill her. Plasmius conducted many experiments on McKenzie. He had forced her into an unactivated ghost portal and turned it on with her inside. McKenzie shrieked in pain and agony. One would think this would be enough revenge for one person, but now Vlad planned to throw the final blow. He would use the elemental gem he'd used to escape. The energy would either transform her into one of the most powerful beings of all time or it would be too much for her body to handle and kill her slowly and painfully. Either one would be excrutiating for the girl. Vlad placed the gem in the machine and pulled the lever.

Day 7

Despite now having much more power due to being a halfa, Kenzie felt like crap. She could barely move. Pain wracked her entire body. Still, she refused to give in. No matter what Plasmius dished out, Kenzie refused to give up even though right now she wished he would allow her to enjoy the luxary of death. Vlad kneeled down in front of her and smirked.

"I'll admit, you're a lot tougher than you look" said Vlad. "But sooner or later, your resilency has to run out."

McKenzie looked up at Vlad and spat in his face. She smiled weakly, indicating she was ready for the next round of torture. Vlad didn't appreciate that. Not one bit. Rather than project a vision of this, Vlad was going to videotape it. He grabbed a knife and stabbed it into McKenzie's arm.

Kenzie screamed. Vlad dragged the knife down and began peeling away the flesh. It suddenly dawned on Kenzie what he planned on doing. He was going to skin her alive. The flaying continued as Vlad cut away with sadastic glee. Blood dripped from the knife from the brutal torture. Soon the only skin left on McKenzie was her face. Vlad proceded to cut that off as well. The worst part, Vlad had injected Kenzie with a powerful stimulant to keep her from blacking out, meaning she felt every excrutiating cut.

"So, what do you think?" Vlad mocked, holding a mirror in front of McKenzie. Kenzie screamed upon seeing her new grotesque appearance. "Don't worry, with your new regenerative healing factor, your skin'll grow back in no time"

Day 8

Fortunately, Plasmius was telling the truth. Within 24 hours, the flesh had regrown on her body. Unfortunately, that meant she was still susceptible to more torture and due to the torture Kenzie had already been put through, she was incredibly weak.

And today, Vlad was feeling more sadistic than usual. He advanced quickly on the girl, who was already weak and unable to defend herself due to the injuries she sustained from the torture he inflicted on her.*

Vlad ripped open her shirt and undid the three clasps behind her back, releasing her breasts. Vlad then pulled off her skirt, shoes, stockings, and underwear, leaving her defenselessly naked. Kenzie quickly deduced what he was planning to do and made a desperate and futile attempt to cover herself up.

"Wh-What are you doing?" She asked, even though she already knew the answer.

"Shut up!" He replied, slapping her hard across the face.

Kenzie felt blood trickle out of the side of her mouth from the blow.

"You're a virgin, aren't you? Must be nice and tight down here. And I've got a big cock so that's going to make it really tight" he said.

"Please! I beg of you not to do this to me! Please!"

"Why should I listen to you?"

Vlad parted her legs and inserted himself inside her with a painful thrust as Kenzie screamed and moaned horribly, tears streaking her face. Blood trickled down her thighs as she squirmed, trying to get him off of her.

"Please, no more, please" Kenzie continued to plead, her pleas falling on deaf ears.

"You fight ghosts, criminals, and nutjubs everyday alongside Danny and his friends; and you have to deal with a violent borderline sociopath on a regular basis. Surely you can take it" Vlad mocked her cries.

"No, please, I-I can't take anymore" Kenzie pleaded.

But Vlad wouldn't stop. He had finally managed to break her spirit. Now he just wanted to see how much he could break her.

She arched back and moaned softly. Fingernails dug into her flesh. Every inch of her body ached. She yelled "please stop" but Vlad only penetrated her more fiercely.

"You don't call the shots here, got it?" The monster snarled. He thrust himself in harder, causing her to yelp in pain.

The pain, humiliation, and degradation went on for what seemed like hours, and was merciless. Finally Vlad finished his horrific deed and groaned, leaving Kenzie brokenly sobbing on the floor. Vlad dragged Kenzie's weakened body over to a table and strapped her down, face down.

Vlad grabbed a knife, lit a fire, and held the blade over the flames. He waited until the blade was red hot before pulling it out of the flames. Vlad walked over to Kenzie, who feared what the fruit loop was going to do.

"Don't worry, it'll be over before you know it" Vlad said before he took the searing blade and began carving into Kenzie's back.

Blood dripped everywhere on Kenzie's back as the smell of burning flesh filled the room, and the pain was hellish. Kenzie let out several agonized bloodcurdling screams. Every time the knife cooled off, Vlad would stick the blade back into the fire, allow it to get red hot again and resume. Finally, after what felt like days, Vlad finished. Using a mirror, Vlad showed McKenzie exactly what he had carved into her back. Burned/ carved into her back were the words "I AM A DIRTY, FILTHY SLUT"

"I'd suggest you quit screaming" Vlad said. "Now that you're a half ghost, I can torture you forever and ever and there's nothing you can do about it"

"No" Kenzie whispered as the horrible truth set in. Her whisper held none of the strength, none of the conviction she used to have.

Day 12:

Four additional days of torture along with sexual assault. McKenzie knew today would be no different. She had to escape, otherwise she could be stuck with this fate forever. She had been practicing with her powers ever since she got them and she now had a basic understanding of how to use them.

Kenzie tested to see if the walls were ghostproof and found that they were. The ground on the other hand had no such contigency. Focusing, she went intangible and sank through the ground. When she came up, Kenzie was relieved to see she was outside.

Knowing it wouldn't be long before Vlad discovered she had escaped as well as he could easily recapture her since she was so weak at the moment, she took to the sky. It was hard to remain airborn due to the agony she was in. Soon, she could see the sky line of Amity Park.

The pain was starting to become overwhelming and McKenzie started feeling lightheaded. She kept flying though, fighting through the pain. She began slowly falling out of the sky. She collapsed in a field as the pain became too much and she passed out.

"Is she going to be okay?" A voice asked.

Kenzie recognized it as Sam's as she started to awake. Something was wrong. Rather than lying on a cold hard concrete floor, she was lying on something soft and comfortable. Her torso and head were wrapped up.

"We don't know, she's in pretty bad shape" a doctor said. "It's amazing that she's still alive. Whoever did this to her is a sick twisted being"

"More like a monster" said another voice, Danny.

It had been two days since the gang had found Kenzie and she still showed no signs of improvement. Plasmius had really done a number on her. The doctors as well as her friends were amazed she was still alive.

The doctor then left the room, closing the door behind her. Kenzie slowly began to regain consciousness.

"Hey, she's waking up" Danielle noted.

Kenzie immediately tried to sit up, but pain and soreness suddenly overtook her.

"Whoa, calm down" Eddie signed. "The doctors you shouldn't be moving around too much with your injuries"

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine" Kenzie tried to assure them, putting on a weak smile in an attempt to hide the pain.

"Are you sure?" Tucker asked.

"Absolutely positive" Kenzie said. "How did you guys find me?"

"Vlad wanted to gloat so he sent a video tape showing us everything" Danny said. "We split up to look for you and found you passed out in a field covered in blood."

Suddenly the pain became too much and Kenzie let out a small scream as her eyes turned a piercing dark red. Two dark rings travelled up and down her body as she changed into a tight black leather jumpsuit with purple streaks down her arms.

"Kenzie, did you just turn ghost?" Dani asked.

"Yes" Kenzie nodded. "Vlad turned me into a halfa so he could torture me more"

"Do you know how to use your powers?" Danny asked.

"I do, I used my basic powers to escape; but I don't remember anything after that" Kenzie told them.

"Are you going to be alright?" Sam asked.

"I'll be alright, I always am" Kenzie said.

Suddenly the doctor came back in.

"I'm sorry, but visiting hours are over " she informed them. "You'll have to come back tomorrow"

"Can't we stay a little bit longer?" Eddie signed.

"I'm sorry, but hospital policy says you have to go" The doctor said.

Reluctantly, Kenzie's friends said their goodbyes and left. Kenzie laid back and closed her eyes, relieved this nightmare was over.

Suddenly she had an image of Vlad laughing and his barbed wire whip flying through the air at her. She jumped and winced, scared that the image came so suddenly out of nowhere. She tried to calm herself down, taking deep breaths.

"Calm down, it's just your imagination playing tricks on you" Kenzie said to herself.

She laid back down for a few minutes before she had another vision; of Vlad's twisted face as he cut off her skin. McKenzie's stomach lurched and she found herself shaking.

"No, please stop" she pleaded.

Memories started filling her mind, of all the awful things the fruit loop had done to her. There were so many. She covered his face with his hands and tried to make the horrors go away. She felt tears trickle down her face uncontrollably. When it stopped, she found she was sobbing.

Then she realized something. She had escaped, yes, but Plasmius had won. Not only did Vlad take away her dignity and her innocence, he took away something equally valuable. Her peace of mind.