Patrice's. Pov
I looked around for Lucy but i couldn't find her. I went to my Homeroom. I Saw Lucy Kendra sitting at desks. Brett was walking towards them and Lucy was laughing. Then I spotted a
Boy on crouches lying on the floor. "Hi I'm Patrice are you alright" I asked him. "Yeah I'm Archie". I was about to help him up when Lucy came up to me "why are you helping the Cripple" she said. I sighed. I wanted to be a good person but I guess if I want my best friend I can't help him.
Archie's Pov
I was walking towards Homeroom. When I got to the doorway I froze. I saw the prettiest girl. She had blond hair. She sat with a girl with brown hair. Then Brett walked by and pushed me down. "Out of my way cripple". The girl's friend laughed. It was going to be a long year.

Patrice's Pov

We sat in class as our teacher explained how 6th grade would go. "there are also a bunch of clubs and sports you can join! The Football team" Brett, Eddie, Malcolm, Richie, and Simon all looked at each other and nodded. "the Cheerleading squad" Charlotte, Molly, and Cassie squealed Lucy and Kendra did too. "The comic book club" That got Archie excited. I didn't really pay attention the rest of class.

At lunch time I walked in looking for Kendra and Lucy. I spotted them sitting at table 3 with everyone else. "Patrice!" Archie called but I ignored him. Honestly he seemed like a nice guy but Lucy had been my best friend for years she'd come around. I took a seat next to Charlotte. Everyone stared at me. I gave them a smile. "anyways I'm so excited to try out for cheerleading!" Molly said. "I know it will be like camp all over again" Kendra said. "wait all of you went to cheer camp together?" I asked. They nodded. At the beginning of the summer I was supposed to go with them. I never really liked cheerleading but I thought I would be fun to do with my friends. When I first asked my parents they thought It would be a good idea but then they found out how much it cost. So instead I spent my summer reading books. "are you gonna try out Patrice?" Kendra asked. Hmm? "I think I will".

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