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Chapter 1. A Wizard for a Neighbor

Mr. Botts was a bit tired today. His 'rheumatism' was flaring up today, and unfortunately his garden needed pruning. It was a hot, sticky day and he would have rather been inside resting.

He glanced around the neighborhood. Not a soul in sight, not even 'the Potter boy'. That was unfortunate, because Potter would have been glad to help him with the garden. Mr. Botts was quite suspicious that the rumors about 'the dangerous Potter boy' were started by the lad's own aunt, although the lad denied it. He always saw Harry by himself, even as a child, taking lonesome strolls to the park. It was on one of those occasions that Mr. Botts called out to him.


'Looks like you got into quite a scrap there'.

Harry froze. He turned towards the gruff voice in surprise; nobody talked to him...ever. Harry knew that was an unspoken rule in the with him meant social isolation from the other neighbors. A combination of his aunt's lies and his appearance has sealed the collective neighborhood's opinion of him. He was usually dressed in a combination of Dudley's old clothes and a few thrift store finds. Today he looked much worse, he gotten caught in a game of 'Harry Hunting'. A busted lip, a cut above his eyebrow, scrapes on his arms, and his clothes sporting more than a few dirt stains gave him a scruffier look than normal.

Harry looked up towards the voice, and saw an older gentleman dressed in pair of old trousers and shirt with a small shovel in hand.

"Er...just a small one."


Harry stared down at his old trainers. He didn't know what to say to the old man. Harry looked up in alarm; in the distance laughter and the sounds of his cousin's voice could be heard distinctly.

The older man put Harry's appearance and his frightened look together and reached the conclusions that the group of boys coming their way was guilty party.

"Step into my yard son."

Harry quickly stepped into the yard and felt a small jolt, similar to a static shock go all over him. But that was nothing compared for the shock he felt when he realized the man's clothing and house suddenly changed. The man was now wearing a long blue dress and had a rather thin stick in his hand. The house had become much larger and the mailbox had shifted the name to 'B. Botts'.

Harry Potter was never the same. (End flashback).

Mr. Botts gave a stretch and looked around his garden. His garden had a few quirky statues and a well-kept herb and vegetable garden. He walked over to the statue of the mermaid in the bird bath and poked her dimple. She smiled larger and the whole bird bath moved, revealing a set of stairs that descended down below. As he stepped on the stairs, small balls of lights flicked on above the staircase, and the temperature stones let of a faint purple light. The stairs
moved of their own accord and hummed their welcome as they moved the old inventor down into the caverns.

As he stepped off the stairs, a small 'pop' announced the arrival of the head elf of the caverns, Twiggy.

"Master Botts, I is having letters for you from two local shops that wish to carry your products. I also have letters from different countries asking about products too. Head greenhouse elf Tizzy says the Goldenweed be ready in two days for plucking. Production is on schedule and the greenhouse for Master Potter is ready."

Bertie Botts smiled. He and his wife Ingrid did not have children in the 476 years they have been together. His wife was cursed by her family after discovering her husband to be was not a pureblood. When he brought young Harry home the first time, she hit the roof and wanted to curse the bullocks of the family who treated the boy so badly. A few truth spells and they discovered that Harry knew absolutely nothing of the wizarding world, his family abused him regularly, and his education was sorely lacking. A few well-placed contacts in the ministry determined that a foolish Dumbledore had simply dropped him on the doorstep in the middle of the night with a note.

"Thank you Twiggy. Send the letters to the solicitors. Now gather as many elves that you can spare. This month is Master Potter's birthday and everything must be ready. All our plans shall come to fruitation soon."

Twiggy straightened his uniform, gave a short bow, and disappeared with a 'pop'.

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