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Ch. 7. Plans Revealed.

Harry was surprised when he landed in the home in America. He thought Pip was going to take him to the house on Privet Drive. Almost immediately he began to panic. What about Bertie and Ingrid? Would his parents be okay? Wait… parents?

'I have parents, parents that love me, I have parents, I'm not an orphan anymore', Harry was almost shaking. 'What happens if they don't come back? If I lose one of them?' Colors started swirling together. He grabbed on to the side of the chair. It was too many feelings for one boy who had lived too much in a short lifetime. Pip, who went to make tea for Harry, let out a squeak when she saw his face.

"Sit down Young Master. You needs to take slow breaths. PATCHES!" she yelled.

Patches arrived with no sound. He gasped when he saw his master.

"Pip! Bring blanket and make toast." And Pip popped away. Patches could feel his master's shock through the bond. As he went to touch Harry, he flinched. Patches pushed all his angry thoughts down as he slowly touched Harry's arm. As Harry relaxed, Patches rubbed small circles on his back and began humming as Harry leaned against him. Pip brought the blanket to Patches, and then popped away again. Patches was forcing Harry to drink the tea in sips. Pip brought the toast with jelly, saying Harry needed sugar in him. She popped away after saying she was going to get lunch started, and that elf Zelly should be called if they needed anything.

Suddenly, Sunspot popped in with a note. Sunspot was Bertie's personal elf. Harry sighed in relief as he took the letter. Harry read the note, then relaxed.


We are fine. Do not be alarmed or panic. We have cleared thing up at the Ministry, and had to make a return trip to the goblins. After that we will run a few errands. Don't worry, we will come as soon as we are able. Eat lunch, and explore the new home with Patches.


Ingrid and Bertie

Harry had a smile on his face. They were safe. He felt better immediately, and stood up, throwing the blanket on the floor. Patches snapped his fingers, and the blanket disappeared. Harry told Patches the good news, and then said that they should go look around after lunch. They sat down and Pip brought them poached salmon with asparagus covered in cream sauce. Patches also brought him his daily nutrition potion, and one magical core strengthener. Healer Smithton had a potion master brew it for him to prevent damage done to his core when they removed the block. For dessert, Harry happily enjoyed chocolate bread pudding with strawberries.

"That was good Pip. Tell Nilly I said thanks" and Pip popped off.

Harry then turned to Patches. "Let's go see your room first" and they both walked off smiling.

The Botts were infuriated, but in completely different ways. Bertie was full of righteous anger. 'How dare that Albus fire spells willy-nilly! Not even a warning, very unsportsman-like.'

Ingrid was full of very dark anger. Harming a young one was the vilest thing a person could ever do. She had dark thoughts involving shiny metal objects, and ways she could shove them in those two fools. 'Neither one of those pompous fools shall touch my Harry' she breathed.

Bertie, seeing his wife so angry, called Sunspot and asked for two teas and something light to eat. He pulled the briefcase out of his pocket and tapped it to become full size. He proceeded to write a note to Harry while Ingrid watched. After they both signed it, Bertie passed it to the waiting Sunspot, who simply nodded, then popped off.

As they ate lunch, they talked about what to do about the protection of Harry from Albus-Too-Many-Names- Dumbledore. They both knew his scheming would not end so easily. They decided the best course of action was to first control Harry's public image. That would protect Harry from Dumbledore or Fudge from dragging Harry through the mud.

Through the lunch they decided to contact the solicitors about suing people that used Harry's name or image without his approval. This would cover newspapers, magazines, posters, and books. If the publishers, made a profit, then Harry would receive a large cut. Publishers would be dismayed to see the stop and desist letter the next day. The Botts agreed to take Harry to visit the graves of his parents and see the house that was blown up. They thought it would be essential to his healing, and had managed to buy a medium sized portrait of his family. They then contacted the goblins, and showed how the money that was supposed to be spent on harry was misused. The goblins readily agreed to take actions against Dumbledore and the Dursley's. The Botts were surprised at the fact a separate room was being used to hold letters from gifts and letters at the bank. Those were to be sorted out for hexes, spells, and portkeys; then those would be forwarded to the misuse of magic office to be used as evidence. Harry would get the final say what happened to the rest.

The second thing that was decided was that Harry needed physical protection. It was decided that a tutor would be hired to train Harry in mixed martial arts to compliment the physical fitness routine that was already established. With the muscle memory potion, it would be easy to get Harry trained in less than a few months. Ingrid and Bertie also hired a dueling instructor. Harry was already learning all types of magic, potion making, and theory from both Bertie and Ingrid. They also decided to get him a familiar to take to school for protection.

Unfortunately, Harry would not stay at home for homeschooling. The Botts argued and argued over this, as Ingrid wanted Harry to stay, while Bertie wanted him to go. They compromised on having Harry finish his home schooling to a decent level, and then enroll him in school in the second term. If Harry was in danger, he would be pulled out immediately. They agreed that this way Dumbledore couldn't force or trick Harry into school.

A custom port key was to be made in case of emergencies, and a custom American wand was to be made as well as getting one in England. This would insure that the ministry couldn't track his wand, or the trace could be detected, as it was attached to the wand.

With the ritual coming up, and all the unknown variables coming up, they hoped it would be enough to protect Harry.

Harry was utterly confused. Confused, worried, and dismayed. 'They would never be this mean. Is this a joke?' Harry thought. He turned to Patches, who was watching carefully.

"Are you sure?" he asked hesitantly.

Patches flapped his ears. "Yes young master. I is sure that they said this is your wing."

"But…but all mine?"

"Yes". The elf said simply.

Harry was stunned. His room was simply amazing. A large room filled with luxury far beyond his imagination. A large four poster bed that had a leaf motif carved into the post. Thick velvet curtains that surrounded one of the biggest beds he had ever seen. A large woolen rug with a star pattern woven complimented the hand scrapped hardwood floors. The ceiling was amazing, and had constellations and their names moving about. In front of the bed was a dark leather bench. The bed had a thick cover with runes woven into it, and it was a few shades darker than that curtains. He just couldn't believe he had a whole room, much less a wing. He nearly had a panic attack when he saw the bathroom. He didn't even want to see the closet; Patches said the closet was large as a room and filled to the top with a brand new wardrobe.

Patches watched as his master's face showed pain and distrust. Too many times he had hidden in the closet and heard the sounds of his poor master getting beaten. He would take the pictures of the bruises, quietly pop off to the Botts and drop them off, then return with potions and salves.

Harry was having a hard time breathing again. Patches immediately told him that he had too much excitement for the day and needed a nap. Harry started undressing himself, and put on a pair of fleece pajamas; he didn't care much for the silk ones. As he snuggled in bed, he noticed he felt very comfortable and relaxed, almost like receiving a hug. He wondered vaguely if that's what the runes did, or if he was just that tired. He stroked the cover and noticed that he felt safe and secure. He realized that his headboard had carvings of magical animals. On the top, he noted sleepily, there were etchings in a different language. Tracing over them with his finger, he was surprised he could feel the magic in them. Tingly, and full of protection of some kind that made his heart ache.

'Such a nice house. I wonder if this is what it's like to be loved.' He thought before his eyes completely shut.