Ch. 3

Cara stalked off after Zedd's trail. It took her a good thirty minutes following his trail before she got towards the cliff's edge. Cara was lost in her own thoughts as she walked. She couldn't believe Kahlan's sass towards her... it was absolutely thrilling. She wondered how she would challenge the couple next. Maybe another Lord Rahl comment or innuendo that Kahlan fights like a chicken with her head cut off. "Na, to obvious. I'd be better off with more Lord Rahl references."

"And why, my dear, are you choosing to pick on my Grandson?" Cara couldn't stop herself from jumping in her tracks when she heard him. Zedd had double backed on his trail and was now behind Cara.

"How did you get there? I never get caught from behind! And how do you know what I said to Richard?" Cara looked around in bewilderment trying to see where she overlooked Zedd's trail. It was sunset, but the trail was still clearly visible.

"Being caught off guard is not what a Mord-Sith does. It seems you are becoming lax. Now, you didn't answer my question. Why are you picking on my Grandson?" Zedd raised his eyebrows as he walked down the side of the cliff towards the beach.

"You didn't answer mine!" Unfortunately Zedd's look did not waiver. It was Cara's turn to yield. "Well I wasn't picking... it was merely to pass the time I suppose. That, and when he gets to the People's Palace I know of quite a few sisters who will test the new Lord Rahl with their wit." The duo had made it down the cliff and to the water's edge. Zedd pondered which way to go next.

"Tread carefully dear one. Richard may shake off a few snide comments, but comparing him to Darken Rahl is a mistake. His worst fear is to be like that man. And words like yours can cut deeper than any weapon."

"I wasn't serious about it Zedd and Richard knows it."

"Does he really know Cara? Because the pale look on his face wasn't because he felt uncomfortable about his kissing ability."

"What? Seriously, how did you hear that?!" Cara looked over her shoulder towards the cliff and wondered how the Wizard could have heard her from fifty feet out.

"Not only am I his Grandfather, but I am the only Wizard of the First Order alive. You think a little distance really makes me loose my hearing. Cara, you are tempting fate. How can you expect Richard to take the title of Lord Rahl while you make him think is no better than Darken Rahl?"

Cara stopped dead in her tracks. She assumed it was just a little fun she was having with Richard, yet the more she thought about the more hurtful her words sounded in her head. "Zedd it's not like that. I never intended to come across that way."

"I know dear one. Just keep that in the mind the next time you think about mentioning Darken Rahl and Richard's claim as the Lord Rahl... Now, I'm hungry! What do you say about jumping in and grabbing me some Tuna? Or maybe you prefer the Barracouta? Hmm..."

Cara immediately took a step back from the water. "I was told that a certain Wizard of the First Order was going to use his skill set to get the fish. I am simply here to watch and see the amazing feat."

"Haha, well let me see what I can do. You should step completely out of the water. Oh, and you'll need this." Zedd conjured and then handed her a burlap sack. Then, he hiked his robes up above his knees and waded out into the surf. He closed his eyes, held his hands just above the salt water and started chanting under his breath. Cara could feel the magic emanating from Zedd, it was a slight tingle mixed with nausea. She had to force herself to stop using her instincts as a Mord-Sith and capture the magic. It defied all of her training, so much so that if any of her sisters saw her they would probably capture her and 'train' her for months just to fix her. "Don't be nervous Cara. Just give it a few more seconds and..."

The water started to tremble. Almost unnoticeable at first, it then intensified until the water was shaking violently. Fish varying from the size of a newborn babies to full grown men started jumping out of the water and flopping on top of the water, unable to fall underneath it again.

"What's happening Zedd?"

"I told you I can't catch the fish. That was partly true. I can get the fish to me, but I have to keep the spell going, so I can't catch them at the same time. The next best thing I could think of was to force them to me and then let them jump up. That... and to make the water solid ground to them. This is the part where you come out and 'catch' the fish. If you would be so kind I like that fish over there," Zedd pointed to a Tuna the size of him, "And make sure to get me those five by your feet. I think that will be enough for me. Don't forget to get enough for Richard and Kahlan too!"

Cara's discomfort was rising. Walking on magic terrified her, but she wouldn't let the Wizard see. It was a matter of her hubris being at stake. She would never hear the end of it at camp and if any of her sisters found out about her being afraid of magic they would certainly retrain her. Cautiously, she took a small step onto the water. Part of her thought her foot would fall through the water and into the sand, but it held strong as rock. She took another step and another until she was standing on water dark blue. The tuna hadn't stopped flopping either. She took her agiel and with one touch the fish stopped moving.

"I hope that won't ruin its taste Cara. You do know I am a picky eater!" Zedd was still holding his arms toward the water, almost like he was holding a barbell of weight just above its surface. "You know dear one that this magical feat of mine has its limits and you taking a nice long stroll to get the fish is pushing it to the edge. Hurry up!"

Cara opened the burlap sack and shoved the fish in. She then quickly filled it with the fish near her as she headed towards the shore. Each fish flopped wildly until she tapped it with her agiel. By the time she got back she had Zedd's monster fish and enough fish to last the group a week if kept unspoiled.

"I'm back ashore Zedd. Let's go and see if the fire is ready for fish." Zedd's arms immediately dropped. Just like glass shattering, the water's surface broke and the remaining fish fell below.

"Agreed, I could use a break while that bad boy is cooking! Lets get back before it gets too dark to see." Cara and Zedd started heading up the cliff as the sun dipped below the horizon.

Author's Note: I am so sorry for my lack of posting! I had a serious case of writer's block. I knew part A and part C but couldn't figure out how to write part B. Hopefully this chapter will keep you interested in the story and my upcoming chapters will be more than satisfying for what season 3 should be like.

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