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Chapter 16

The funeral was scheduled for next week. Cameron managed to find a hotel, not too far from her old apartment, and she, Hudson, and Hailey toured Princeton.

On the day of the funeral, Hudson decided to take Hailey out to a park instead, since they figured it would scare her. And so Cameron went alone.

The funeral took place in a church not far from the hospital. She recognized many people from the hospital, many people who hated House, who had constantly complained about him. They were probably there only because Cuddy made them come, she thought.

It was a simple service, full of people saying nice things about House. Mostly how he was a great doctor and saved many lives. Nobody mentioned his less than stellar personality.

After the service, she ran into Foreman and Chase, who'd greeted her with warm hugs. Thankfully, they didn't question why she'd left so suddenly all those years ago. They'd exchanged phone numbers and email addresses, promising to keep in touch, but Cameron knew that they wouldn't. It was funny; the two men she'd once considered brothers were now nothing but strangers.

On her way back to the hotel, she stopped at House's gravestone. It said simply: Gregory House. Below that were the years of his birth and death. Nothing about what a fabulous doctor he'd been, or how many lives he'd unknowingly touched.

"There are so many things I never got to say to you, House," she said to the gravestone. "For a really long time, I blamed you for what happened. Even things that happened after I left. My awful job, horrible boss, the weather." She smiled to herself. "I thought, how could he do this to me? After all I went through."

There was no noise except for the wind whistling in the trees.

"But then, I realized. You didn't ruin my life. In fact, you saved it. Because of you, I moved to Seattle, and met, or rather re-met, a fabulous guy. I don't think I would love Hailey as much if it weren't for you. You taught me about love and family, as ironic as that sounds. I learned what lies could do to a family. Hell, you even made me a better doctor."

"So thank you, House." Cameron continued, standing up. "I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't given me away all those years ago. Or if we never found out the truth. But I'm thankful for everything that you did give me. You really were a great dad, even if you don't know it." She walked away from the graveyard, pulling out her phone to call a taxi.

Three hours later, they were on a plane, heading back to Seattle. Hailey sat in the middle seat, sleeping while she clutched a bear she'd gotten on a trip to the zoo the day before. Once again, just like on her last flight to Seattle, Cameron stared out the window. Except this time, she was at peace.

"You sure you're okay?" Hudson turned to his wife.

Cameron turned away from the window, a smiling filling her face. "Yeah. I just can't wait to get home."

Home. That was a strange word. For the longest time, she'd hadn't had one. Home had been a foreign concept to her, something that she'd longed for but never had. And now, thanks to House, Allison Cameron had a home. She was going home.

Author's note: Yes, a happy ending, something I thought I couldn't do. Anyway, I have a new story coming soon. Another House one, but it'll be, um, a little different this time...For now go and read The New Normal, my Once fanfic.