Sonic Heroes: Can't Be Tamed

Summary: After a long bloodbath over getting their parents back, Sonic is still wondering where his own family is a year later. With his mixed feelings for Amy boiling inside him, Eggman makes a comeback and causes trouble. Princess Elise and Sally Acorn are kidnapped and tested on with side affects, and Maria Robotnik and Cosmo are back from the dead? Let the adventures ensue...

Main Pairings: SonicxAmy, ShadowxMaria, TailsxCream, KnucklesxRouge, SilverxBlaze, and others as well :)

Rating: T

Additional Notes: No, Sally won't be a threat to Sonamy. Also Tails, Cream, and Charmy are teenagers too. There will be a few surprise pairings thrown in ;) And the Sonic characters are human sized, otherwise this story would be very awkward for me to write xP

The ages are as follows-

Sonic: 17

Amy: 16

Tails: 15

Cream: 14

Knuckles: 18

Rouge: 18

Shadow: 17

Maria: 16

Silver: 17

Blaze: 17

Warning: A more darker Eggman, lots of fangirl feels and...yeah xD

On a clear, starry night, a blue hedgehog was lounging in the grass, staring up at the sky in deep thought; surrounding him was nothing but ankle-high grass, gently swaying back and forth as the breeze whispered and raked through them. In the far distance lay a line of mountains, with a valley nestled between them, that will eventually lead to the Mystic Ruins. A simple train ride from there to the beautiful city of Station Square was nothing compared to the speedster's feet.

It was almost midnight. Why wasn't he in bed? Safe and sound inside? Always greeted by the warmth of his domain? Like any other person? That was the question though. The answer was simple, yet threaded into some complications.

Sonic didn't have a home. On one hand, he felt like he didn't need one. He was always on the move. Ready for an adventure when the time strikes. Barely sat down to catch a breath, unless it turned into a nap. He loved naps. And chilli dogs.

But he was all alone, and he had Dr. Eggman to thank. The previous year, Dr. Eggman revealed to the city that he had Tails' parents, Amy's parents, and other families of the Sonic Heroes under captive, and threatened to kill them if Sonic tried to save them. The cobalt hedgehog wasn't alone there; he and his friends and allies joined him in a bloody battle against Robotnik. Team Dark lost their teammate, E-123 Omega, and have been greatly affected ever since. Although suffering from their loss, the heroes came out on top, defeating Eggman.

The whole thing still haunted him; gave him nightmares. He could still hear the tears shedding and deafening screams of terror echoing painfully in his ears. The 'what ifs' hit him. Hard. What if he couldn't have saved them all? Saved himself? What if the people he loved and cared about the most had been slaughtered? Tails? Knuckles? Cream?


Sonic's teeth gritted. Now that was a disaster waiting to happen. Eggman knew-hell, everyone did-about Sonic's questionable attachment to Amy. Kidnap Amy, Sonic comes running. Put Amy in harms way, Sonic saves her. Threaten Amy, Sonic gets defensive. Friends in trouble, Sonic checks on Amy first. It was the perfect trap.

Back at the battle, Sonic made sure that Amy and her parents got out safely. Vanilla, Cream's mother, had experience with Eggman kidnapping, and got the parents out of Eggman's fleet. The reunion was later. Sonic met all of them, and they thanked him tearfully.

But Sonic was still parentless. That didn't make any sense! Wouldn't Eggman be after his family first?

Another what if-what if there was never a family for him to save? What if Eggman had...?

No. No. He couldn't have...

Could he?

No. No!


"You know you'll never be capable of love, Sonic," Eggman sneered, holding Amy by the hair, and a knife at her throat. Amy was almost in tears, shaking, her hands on Eggman's and she was balancing on her knees. Her long qulls were in tangles, and she was covered in sweat, dirt, and the occasional blood from fighting.

Sonic took a step towards the platform where they stood on, immediately freezing in place when Eggman pressed the blade tighter against Amy's throat.

"Uh-uh-uh," Eggman taunted with an evil grin, and Amy gasped in horror and relief. "One move, and your little girlfriend gets it."

"Please don't," Sonic begged, hand halfway extended towards Amy.

"Why?" Eggman mocked. "Why? Because you care about her? Is that it, Sonic? You don't want this little bitch-" He tightened his grip on Amy's hair, making her yelp.-"to get hurt, do you?"

Sonic's teeth gritted. "Eggman!"

Eggman chuckled darkly.

"You're pathetic. You're all alone, and your stupid friends managed to escape my clutches. You have no rings, and no chaos emeralds. You can't power up. And you can't defeat me. After I get through with her, then it'll be just you and me. Then you'll be...begging for me to kill you. Rose's death will be on your hands."

Sonic fought back tears, his fists balling up at his sides.

"Oh? I think I struck a nerve..." Eggman looked down at Amy.

"Leave h-him alone," Amy panted, her eyes on Sonic's. Their gazes locked, Amy pleading and Sonic helpless and longing.

"," Eggman tutted. "Such a shame to end it like this..."

"You don't know...anything," Amy hissed.

Eggman yanked her upwards so she could stand, blade still at her throat and arm tight around her. Amy was stiff; Eggman was making her head tilted upwards towards the ceiling to get more access to her throat.

"S-Sonic d-doesn't...l-love me...that way," Amy said through shaky gasps and breaths. The blade barely scraped her skin when she moved.

Sonic's heart sank. Way to make him feel bad.

And undecided.

"Lies," Eggman spat.

"Whether I love her or not is none of your business," Sonic growled.

"I believe it is, street hog." That taunting voice again. "You see, believe it or not, this girl right here is your ultimate weakness-not the fox, not the echidna, and certainly not that naive idiot of a rabbit. Her."

Sonic was visibly shaking now with anger, and a dark aura formed around him slowly.

"Don't make him angry like this! You don't know what he'll do to you!" Amy protested, and suddenly her air supply was cut off.

"Enough," a voice rasped.

Sonic stopped shaking, the dark aura around him disappearing.

Shadow the Hedgehog emerged from the darkness of the room, coming to stand next to his arch-rival and friend.

"Shadow! Glad you could join us, my friend," said Eggman.

"Believe me, I'm no friend of yours," said Shadow. "Never was."

"Are you kidding me? What happened to the Shadow I knew?" Eggman demanded. "You used to be more bitter. Vicious. Lethal. What happened to that, huh? What are you now? One of them?"

Shadow's eyes showed the slightest bit of emotion. "Maria would've wanted it this way."

"Ah, my late cousin," Eggman said, shaking his head. "Too bad. She would've been a great villian-"

"She would've been a damn better person than you would ever be," Shadow nearly snapped. "You'd be lucky if you were even half of what she was."

Eggman laughed. "Well, well, well,-you came just in time. You too get to watch her face the same fate that Maria had."

Growls emitted from both hedgehogs, and Eggman grinned.

"Before she dies..." Eggman forced Amy back down on her knees, in front of Sonic, and forced her to look at him, holding her cheeks and chin uncomfortably with his hand. "I want her to answer a few questions-and I want her..." He looked down at her. "To look into your eyes-" He looked at Sonic with a malicious glint in his eyes behind his glasses. "When I kill her. I want to see the life leave her eyes."

Sonic swallowed, never tearing his eyes away from Amy's. He was afraid to look away from them; out of his peripheral vision, he saw the formulating look on Shadow's face. He hoped Shadow would act quick.

"Now..." Eggman's lips were at Amy's ear, his voice sickenly sweet. " you love Sonic?"

Amy's breath came out high and uneven.

"Y-Yes," she said.

"And would you do anything for him? Even give up your own life?"

A tear fell down the pink hedgehog's cheek.


As Amy spoke, Shadow ghosted behind Eggman. Sonic started grinning.

"What?" Eggman demanded, turning around. Shadow wasn't there anymore. He glared at Sonic, who pulled a poker face. "Where the hell did Shadow go?"

Shadow was behind Eggman, black gun in hand. He raised it, then slammed it into Eggman's scalp. With a grunt, Eggman fell on his face, releasing Amy-who also fell, but off the platform and into Sonic's awaiting arms.

Shadow leaned down, gun held upright, and said in Eggman's ear, "I believe this is mine." Then he sped off to join Sonic and Amy, who already had took off running out the room.

He caught up easily, speeding along the other side of Amy; he and Sonic were on her flanks, slowing down their speed to match Amy's. The red alert went off, and the Eggbots piled out in the hallway, chasing and shooting at them. The three looked over their shoulders, Amy gasping, and ran faster. Sonic and Amy grasped hands.

Soon enough, they were surrounded, and tensed up while going back-to-back-to-back with each other. Shadow took out his gun, ready to fire. Sonic leaned forward into a fighting stance. Amy held out her hand in hope, and her Piko Piko Hammer zoomed in her hand, knocking out Eggbots along the way. A smirk grew on her face.

The trio burst into action, destroying every Eggbot in their path. As they continued to fight their way outside, the entire fleet started to vibrate.

"Fleet will self-destruct in 10 seconds," a female robotic voice said. "10...9...8...7...6..."

The three reached the edge of the fleet, staring at the sea below.

"We have to jump," Sonic said.

"What?!" said Amy.

Sonic heard an airplane's engine approaching. "Trust me!"


Sonic and Shadow grasped Amy's hands from either side of her. They jumped, diving headfirst.


FWOOM. The entire fleet exploded, fire coloring the sky orange. At the same time, an escape pod popped out of the flames, and the Tornado flew by-a gloved hand grabbed Sonic's and pulled them down.

"You guys alright?!" said Tails over the uproar.

"Yep! Thanks for the lift, Tails!" said Sonic, helping Amy in the space behind Tails. He and Shadow clung to the wings.

Amy held on to Tails, burying her face in his fur.

"Where are our parents?" she asked him.

"At that island over there!" Tails pointed ahead, nother. "We'll be there in a minute!"


Meanwhile, Sonic and Shadow were silent-up until Sonic broke it.

"Why did you do that?"

Shadow looked at the moon. "Do what?"

"Why did you come back to help me save Amy?"

Shadow sighed, and his ruby irises met Sonic's green ones.

"Because I didn't want her to end up like Maria. And believe it or not, I care about her too. " He managed a chuckle. "You don't want to be like me. Loosing someone you love does things to you...And trust me when I say this-you love her, more than you think. You might not see it now, but you will sooner or later."

"Even if I did love Amy, I couldn't give Eggman the satisfaction," Sonic said, looking down. "You heard him back there. She's my ultimate weakness. All he has to do his take her and..." His teeth gritted.

"You can't let Robotnik manipulate you like that."

Sonic's words came out in a low hiss. "I won't let him touch her. Ever. Again."

Shadow let the bait sit there, nodding meakly.

They arrived at the island minutes later. A fire was lit to provide some light. Just as Tails landed the Tornado, screams of "SONIC!" "SHADOW!" and "AMY!" echoed around. Tails flew off the Tornado, and Cream hugged him, making him blush. Shadow hopped off next, and genuine smiles greeted him. Only Cream and Rouge were brave enough to go hug him.

Then everyone gasped, ooh-ing and ah-ing when they saw Sonic help Amy get off the Tornado.

"Oh my God, Amy!" Cream sobbed, throwing herself at Amy and hugged her tight. Amy hugged her back tightly, tears flowing, and eventually Blaze and Rouge joined in. Then Knuckles and Silver, Charmy and Espio, Vector, and Vanilla.

Then Amy saw a male red hedgehog with medium-length quills, and a female white hedgehog with long hair, making her tear up all over again.

Because they were her parents.

She flung herself in their arms, and broke down in sobs.

"We're so glad you're safe," Mrs. Rose sniffed, cupping Amy's cheeks. Mr. Rose ran his fingers through Amy's bangs, brushing them out of her face.

"We're safe," Amy corrected, hugging them again. "We all are. Thanks to Sonic."

"Thanks to all of you," Mr. Rose said.

"Yes. We are so thankful," Mrs. Rose said.

Amy gave them a watery smile, kissing their cheeks.

"Alright!" Vector announced. "Ya'll must be hungry after all that fighting!"

"I know I am!" said Charmy, and Espio smiled from beside him. "There's enought to go around for everyone! Yay!"

Team Chaotix was standing behind a long clothed table with hot, various foods on several different plates. This island was the planned regrouping spot after battle-so each person had a sleeping bag-and they'd leave to Station Square tomorrow. Chris Thorndyke, a good friend of Sonic's, would send a boat to go pick them all up.

After getting his food, Sonic sat down by himself at the shore. He wasn't alone for long.

"You alright, bro?" Knuckles asked. He and Tails stood on either side of the hedgehog.

"'M fine," Sonic murmured.

"You sure? We caught you staring at Amy at the dinner table," Tails said, him and Knuckles snickering at the end.

"I was not!" Sonic protested, and his best friends gave him looks. "I was looking in her direction, not at her."

"Give Mr. Sonic a break," Cream said, now coming up next to Tails, who started blushing again. "He and Mr. Shadow saved Amy, and that's all that matters." She smiled at Sonic and sat down. Tails sat down automatically after, and Knuckles rolled his eyes.

"Oooohhhh Knuckiiiiieee!" Rouge called.

"Oh shit..." Knuckles muttered. "Talk to you guys later." He rushed off, and it wasn't long before the bat chased after him.

Sonic managed to laugh, watching a poker-faced Shadow reach out with one hand and yank Rouge backwards.

The air to his right turned floral, feeling somebody sit down next to him. His head slowly turned, his heartbeat increasing in rate.

It was indeed Amy, like he had expected. She smiled softly at him and started eating, picking up her fork.

She paused.

"Did I ever thank you?"

Sonic chuckled. "You don't have to."

"I thanked Shadow, so it's only necessary."

Sonic shook his head, smirking.

They continued to eat in peaceful silence, looking at the moon every once in a while.

When they were done, Sonic and Amy stood. Amy then hugged Sonic, nearly knocking him down.

"Thank you," she murmured, her arms around his torso.

Sonic's arms, which were wrapped around her shoulders and upper back, tightened slightly. "You're welcome."

Amy smiled, pulling back, and she kissed his cheek, making his eyes go wide for a split second. A blushing Amy smiled up at him and walked away to get cake.

Sonic found his voice.


Amy turned around. "Yeah?"

"You didn't...kiss Shadow, did you?" Sonic smiled playfully at her, but he was honestly curious.

Amy rolled her eyes, but also smiling as she turned and walked away.

Tails and Cream were beaming. Sonic caught Shadow's eye.

He was smirking.

Sonic sighed, getting to his feet. The thought of Amy made him drag his feet back and forth in the grass. Then dust started to form behind him, his feet becoming a blur beneath him.

And then he was gone, racing through the night at the speed of light.


"NO!" Amy screamed, sitting upright in her bed.

"Honey?" Mrs. Rose ran in the room, tightening her robe around herself. "Are you alright?" She sat down on Amy's bed, rubbing her back in comfort.

"Nightmare," Amy panted, running her fingers through her quills.

"The Eggfleet?" Mrs. Rose guessed, and Amy nodded. "What happened this time?"

"Sonic was Eggman's captive, and I tried to save him," Amy whispered. "I was too late..."

Mrs. Rose gave her a curious, questionable look. "What's going on between you and him anyway?"

Sonic landed on the roof, crawling on all fours, and crept towards Amy's window. His ears perked up when he heard Amy and Mrs. Rose's voices, pausing.

"We're friends," Amy stated simply, and Mrs. Rose arched an eyebrow. "'s complicated."

Ain't that the truth, Sonic thought.

"Complicated how?"

"It's just...I don't know. I'm getting mixed signlas from him. We're good friends, best even, and that's okay with me. But...I feel like there's something there. I know there is!" Amy yawned. "But I also know that he's scared...because of him. I am too...But what if I don't care?"

Mrs. Rose smiled. "Get some sleep, hun. We'll talk more in the morning."

Amy smiled back sleepily. "Kay. G'Night, Mom."

"Goodnight, sweetheart."

It was quiet, and Sonic released the breath he had apparently been holding.

He heard Amy sigh.

"I really hope we'll see each other again," she murmured, pressing her hand against the glass. "Soon, Sonic. And everyone we know and love."

It has been a while, Sonic thought. All of us being apart isn't good.

He hesitated, then pressed his own hand against the glass.

Amy gasped, leaping forward to see who's hand it was. But the hand was gone, and a gust of wind blew, showing a bluish blur...

Amy lifted up her window, leaning out. She stared off into space in confusion, wonder, and drowsiness.

Was that...? It can't be...

Sonic was already out of the neighborhood.