Chosen To

Everything here is...empty. I'm slowly falling faster and faster.

Everything is so unreal. No one has smile a real smile. No one has talk correctly.

We didn't expect to see the unknown again. We've heard of her. No matter where or when, she was on everyone's lips. How could she not? She kept creating disturbance, disorganization, and disobedience. For what she did, we call her the Demon.

"111111, our Holy Mother has called for you," one of our Holy Mother's protector said.

Our Holy Mother has called for me. Why? Did we do something? We don't know.

"111111, our Holy Mother has called for me," the protector repeated.

"What about the learning," we asked. Learning and teaching must not be disturb.

"Our Holy Mother has taken care of it. Someone else will take your place for now,"

"Very well,"

Our Holy Mother knew. She has always known how our Fathers' ways. It please us that she has taken to ensure our Fathers will not be angry.

When we went into our Holy Mother's room, we didn't expect to see the Demon there. Our Holy Mother was at her table talking to her. We can't hear what our Holy Mother saying. The Demon was not listening to her, instead her eyes looked at us.

"Ah! It's you, weird guy," she yelled.


A strange word. We could see that our Holy Mother is slightly angry with quieted the Demon down before turning toward us.

"Dear jounin, I'm sorry to have disturb your teaching. I had to call for you for a request," she explained.

"It is alright, Holy Mother. You have taken care of it. That is all that matter," We told her.

Our Holy Mother smiled. She's please. We didn't do anything. That is good. The Demon began moving slightly while making small noises.

"Quiet down, childa,"


No numbers in her name. Our Fathers and our Holy Mother has deem her unsafe. Demon. The name fit her. She really is a demon, this thing.

"111111, childa has requested for you to teach of another," our Holy Mother said.

"Please excuse us, our Holy Mother, but why," we asked.

"I do not know, but childa has says that she is willing to obey on the chance that you are the one who teach her,"

"W-we see,"

Our Holy Mother looked at us worryingly.

"You do not have to do this. This is only a request so that childa can be with everyone," our Holy Mother explained.

"No. We will teach her for your sake, our Holy Mother,"

Mother looked very please. She please for us. We're glad. We will teach the De- no- childa for our Holy Mother's sake.

"Then I'll leave it to you, dear jounin,"

Author's Note: You finally might their mother. Who do think it is? I'll give you a special hint. Holy can be refer to angel. Have fun^^