Clint slowed down as he pulled into Tony's neighborhood. Natasha had her hand out the window and was reading on her phone. Thor was surprisingly quiet, having just broken up with "Lady Jane". God, Norwegians were weird.

Speaking of weird, Loki was unhappily sitting in the middle seat of the back, lazily pulling loose threads out of his faded green shirt. Clint flicked his eyes from the rear-view mirror to the road ahead. He caught Tony's address on a mail box, and pulled into the long driveway leading up to the Stark mansion.

Clint's eyes once again found Loki in the mirror. The younger teen's blank facade fell for a moment to reveal awe in the home before him. The house was hidden behind some evergreen trees for privacy, but once you traveled through that wall, the mansion practically sparkled in the sun.

It wasn't huge-per say-(having only 3 residents) but it was impressive. It consisted of 3 floors, all in a box-like fashion. Everything was right angles and clean lines. Everything except for the yard, which held a pond and a tranquil little fountain. Clint remembers hopping into town around the age of ten, befriending Tony, and seeing his house for the first time. His face was strikingly similar to Loki's.

In the corner of his eye, Clint saw Natasha waving out the window, and turned to find Tony already outside with his bag over his shoulder. The teen moved towards the car.

"You already Tony?" he called.

"Yeah, just let me put my bag in the back," Tony yelled back. He did so and walked up the the rear door. Tony paused when seeing the cargo.

"What are you gaping at, Stark?"

Tony unfazed as Clint sighed. "Just your beautiful face, sunshine."

"Loki is starting at the University early. Just like you are, Anthony!" Thor was practically radiating with happiness.

"Good for you, kid."

"I am not a child."

"Could have fooled me."

Clint smiled as he turned the key. "So, off to campus," he pulled out of Tony's drive way and headed east.

It was 2 hours later that Fury, their new dean, had finally finished up. Everyone had grabbed their bags and stood up from their seats. Clint lead the way to a near by counselor to find his new roommate and dorm number.

He strolled up to a fit brunet with a name tag stuck to her shirt that read, HILL, MARIA in typed script. She held a clip board and a yellow sharpie highlighter. He caught her attention and fixed his bag's strap on his shoulder.

"Barton? B-A-R?"

She looked down to search for his name, then moved her eyes to his. "Clint?" He nodded. She crossed his name off of the paper. "You'll be in room 511 with Bruce Banner. He's already signed in." She handed him a key and Clint turned to talk to Tony.

"Know a Banner?" Clint figured he had been to enough rich-people-functions to know more names than he did.

"No, sorry. But here, maybe you'll be lucky! Maybe he's a babe!" Tony smiled, nudging Clint with his elbow.

"Keep it down!" Clint looked around, hoping no one heard.

"Relax! You're in college now, kid! Time to let your inner-gay shine!" Tony yelled the last part.

"Shut up!" Clint shoved Tony while trying (unsuccessfully) to hide his smile.

"Tony, your turn" 'Tasha called from her spot next to Thor. It seemed the rest of their group and already gone.

It wasn't long before he was flirting with the counselor, Loki, and Natasha. All withing second of each encounter. Clint hid his laugh behind a cough.

"Now, who has who for a roommate?"

"Actually, none of us seem to be sharing a room this semester," Thor said with a frown.

"I'm with Peggy Carter, Thor's with Phil Coulson, and Loki's with a James Howlett," Natasha said with her usual monotone voice. "Who'd you get std with?"

Tony paused and thought about it. "Uh, Steve something. Steve...Ro-Rodgers. Yeah, Rodgers-I think."

"Sounds kinda familiar." Clint could have sworn he had heard the name before.


"Yeah, like... from forever ago, or something."

"Maybe you've just gone crazy," Tony said with a shrug. Luckily Nat stepped in.

"No, I kinda remember it, too." She paused. "Think he had blue eyes."

That brought it back. "Oh yeah! He was short, too! I think."

"Whatever, I'll meet him later, anyways. You guys want to go get pizza in an hour?" Tony asked, looking down at his (expensive) watch.

Natasha grabbed Clint's arm as she replied, "Sure, meet up back here then." She grabbed her backpack and dragged Clint off towards the elevators.

"Why the big hurry?" Clint huffed, pulling his arm out of Natasha's grasp.

"I want to meet our roommates, see what's up."


She sighed and hit the up button for the lift. "'Cause we should."


Natasha's dorm was the same as everyone else's, with the exception of two suitcases placed on the left bed and a vintage-y pillow on one of the desk chairs. 'Tasha dropped her backpack next to the right side's night stand and quickly pulled Clint out of the room.

"I thought you wanted to meet Peggy?"

"She's not in."

Clint stopped, casing Natasha to turn and look at him. "You just want to meet my roommate." He crossed his arms, but fought to keep a smirk off of his face.

Natasha noticed he was on the verge of laughing, however (of course she did-nothing got by her) and smiled back when saying, "Maybe he'll be cute. You don't know."

"And you're just assuming he's gay."

"Well... yeah."

Clint continued walking. "You're so ignorant." He playfully bumped shoulders with her as she laughed.

It wasn't long before they reached 511. Clint pushed his eye into the lock and turned. The door swung open to revial a tan boy laying across the left bed, book in hand, reading.

He peaked up from behind his book and pushed his glasses back up to the bridge of his nose. Clint shifted his bag from one shoulder to the next. "Uh, hi. I'm Clint. Your roommate."

The curly haired brunet put his book down and stood, holding out his hand. "I'm Bruce Banner." Clint shook his hand and looked around the room. He noticed a picture frame on the end table by Bruce's bed side.

"Girlfriend?" Clint asked, nodding his head at the snapshot Bruce and a shorter brunet girl standing side by side, smiling at the camera.

Bruce stuttered a bit before answering, "Uhm, no, no. Just-st a friend. She's my friend."

Clint smiled knowingly before heaving his bag onto his bed. "You doing anything today?" he asked.

"Nothing planned."

"Well 'Tasha" he pointed at said red head, "and I-as well as a couple of our friends are going out for pizza later. Wanna come?"

"Oh, no. That's okay, you don't have to-"

Clint threw his arm around Bruce and led him through the door. "Nonsense! It's pizza, man. No roommate of mine is going to pass up pizza."

Bruce laughed and ran a hand quickly through his hair. He snuck out from under Clint's arm, but shrugged and crookedly smiled all the same. Clint took that as a victory.

A/N: This kinda sounds like an Hulkeye fic, doesn't it? I swear, there's Phlint coming. So this is a parallel fic to my story, "Facing North." You don't have to read it to enjoy this one, though it gives you more information on what's happening behind the scenes with Steve and Tony. I'm working on my sequel to "Facing North", btw, so it's coming! I promise! Thanks for reading! Please rate and review!