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Night of Fangs

Part I

Misaki's wide, crimson eyes stared out at the lit city with wonder and excitement, and he could hardly contain himself as he replaced the dark curtain over the window.

"Usagi-san!" He called. "Are you almost ready?!"

"Yes, oh impatient one," A deep voice chuckled. Akihiko sauntered down the stairs, glancing at the jumpy teen with amusement. The older vampire wore his usual collard shirt and tie, along with a long black overcoat that made him look even taller. Misaki raised an eyebrow as he approached.

"Why are you dressed so formal? It's not like we're doing anything special."

"On the contrary Mi-ki, a date with you is the most special thing I can think of." Akihiko purred back.

Misaki scoffed, not quite aware how hard he was blushing.

"It's not really a d—date. We're just going o—out."

"Yes Misaki, we're going out. For the first time since you've been changed." Usagi smiled, his fingers brushing along Misaki's cheek. "Well then, shall we go?"

Misaki nodded eagerly, already streaking towards the door.

"Oy!" Akihiko barked, immediately regaining the teen's attention. Some of Misaki's excitement faded as he saw the serious look on Usagi's face.

"One thing before we leave: Tokyo at night is an entirely different world, and it's full of dangerous things and people you can't even imagine. No matter what, stay close to me."

Misaki nodded solemnly, waiting by the door until Akihiko came and opened it. They stepped out into the hall, and Misaki stayed at Akihiko's side as they headed towards the elevator.

"You know," Akihiko piped up. "Maybe to be on the safe side, we should hold hands…"

"I think NOT."

As soon as he stepped out into cold winter air, Misaki felt his entire body come alive. He lifted his wide eyes up to the sky, where the glittering streetlights took the place of the stars. It was so funny, he'd only been inside for three weeks, and yet it was like he'd stepped into a whole new world.

"Come on Misaki," Akihiko said, placing a hand on the boy's lower back and leading him down the sidewalk.

"Where are we going?" Misaki smiled.

"To the park. We're going to meet up with some friends of mine. You remember Hiroki, right?"

"A little. I only saw him once."

Akihiko let his lips slightly curve. Technically, Misaki had met Hiroki twice, on the day he was undergoing mania from the change. But as many yummy and unspeakable things had also happened on the same day, Akihiko wasn't about to correct Misaki's memory. At least not yet.

"You said 'friends.' Who else will be there Usagi-san?"

"Hiroki is bringing his partner, who's also a recent changeling. From what I've heard, he was changed only a few days after you, so you're actually older in that respect."

"Really?" Misaki said, a little excited by the notion.

"To put it simply, you've been dead longer."

"Oh," Misaki replied. As the two turned a shadowy street corner, the teen's sharp ears heard a series of noises coming from an alley a few feet away. The teen stepped forward curiously but was immediately stopped by Akihiko shoving him back and peering cautiously down the alleyway. Misaki scrunched his lip and was about to let his sire have it when the older vampire clamped his hand over the boy's eyes and ushered him down the street at a fast pace.

"Usagi-san!" Misaki hissed, trying to pry his head away. "What's wrong?"

Akihiko retracted his hand but didn't let them stop.

"There are things you shouldn't see." He said, quieting the teen instantly with his sobriety. The two continued down the lamp lit streets, their meeting place just on the horizon.

Not one to be late for any sort of meeting, Hiroki had also towed his changeling to the park but in a much more hasty manner, which proved to be difficult as a certain giant was far too enthralled with the world to care about punctuality.

The vampire sat on a bench at the edge of a field, feeling terribly ironic as he watched Nowaki bound to the center of the field and lean back to look at the clear night sky. Hiroki's eyes also drifted toward the starry canopy, his mind flashing back to nearly a year ago, when he'd sat on this very same bench with tears in his eyes. It had been a month since he'd been changed and his heart was straining against the new darkness that filled him. Even worse, distance between him and Akihiko had been increasing and his recent transformation had left him with no other friends and a deep loneliness he'd never experienced.

But as his tears fell down onto his lap, he heard a rustle in the bushes. Recalling his first experience with things that went bump in the night, the vampire had shot up and bared his fangs, ready to defend himself. And he was entirely unprepared for what came out of the foliage: a tall, handsome stranger with the kindest blue eyes he had ever seen. Oddly enough, in addition to being in the park at this time of night, the human was also holding a blue plastic rocket for no apparent reason.

Seeing that he was in no danger, not to mention the fact that his tears were still flowing, Hiroki had turned and begun to walk the other way so as not to reveal himself or his bloody colored eyes. But the stranger had followed him, all the while hounding him for his name and the reason he was crying. He was so goddamned persistent Hiroki was hard-pressed not to whirl around and give him a good loud roar, and eventually he did turn and demand to know why this guy was following him around the park in the middle of the fucking night. To which the lunatic replied that he would like to get to know him better, all the while stepping forward and gently seizing the vampire's wrist.

Hiroki had let out an involuntary snarl and jerked it back, stumbling right into a street light as he did. And as the stranger stepped forward and asked if he was okay, Hiroki lifted his chin and saw the man's eyes widen at the sight of his sheet white skin and crimson eyes. The vampire had quickly fled into the shadow, leaving the stranger in the glow of the light.

But that night was not to be the last of their encounters, as nearly a week later, Hiroki had chanced upon him after by the same freaking bench in the same freaking park. He had completely expected (and wanted) the stranger to flee from terror, but surprisingly he hadn't. In fact, he trailed Hiroki around the park all night, asking the most frightfully embarrassing of questions such as what was he, how did he get to be that way, why was he crying the other night, and if he currently had a lover.

And despite how much Hiroki wanted to deny the fact, he knew now in his heart that he was grateful for their chance meetings.

His eyes drifted from the sky back down to his newly changed lover, and beyond the characteristic scowl that covered his face, a feeling of completeness filled him like a key in a lock.

He just hoped Akihiko and his brat wouldn't ruin things tonight.

Nowaki suddenly lifted his nose and inhaled deeply before galloping back to his lover like a thickly muscled horse.

"Hiro-san!" He called. "I smell something."

Hiroki took a short whiff and nodded thoughtfully. He peered in the direction of the nearest street and could just make out two dark forms headed in their direction. Akihiko and Misaki were here.

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