Chapter Two: Master of the Park

Misaki peered ahead as Usagi and he entered the park, but he had to squint as the presence of the streetlights didn't extend past the border of trees. Akihiko took the boy's hand as they crossed into the darkness, and he didn't protest. Misaki lifted his nose as he drew nearer, two prominent scents drifting in the night air, one warm and strong, the other subtle with a bit of a kick. Shortly after getting a good whiff, Misaki made out two shadows near a park bench.

"Hiroki," Akihiko called as they neared. Kamijou stood and walked over to the two, taking a brief glance at the changed (and this time coherent) Misaki before nodding to his friend. Ever the magnet, Nowaki followed, inhaling the sweet aroma of the teen, and the heavy rich one of Hiro-san's silver-haired "friend."

"Good to see you old boy," Akihiko smiled.

"Likewise," Hiroki replied. "It's been awhile." The brunette turned his head and gave a nod to Misaki, who bowed in reply.

"Jesus old man," Akihiko chuckled as he sized up Nowaki. "Was he that big before you changed him?"

Hiroki's look turned sour and he didn't answer. Actually the already giant Nowaki had sprouted a couple more inches since his change, forever giving Hiroki a vertically challenged soft spot.

"What's that face for?" Akihiko grinned, clapping Hiroki playfully on the shoulder. At the sudden intimate contact, Nowaki's instincts flared and he walked up behind his lover, wrapping his arms around him and baring his teeth with the slightest growl.

"Nowaki!" Hiroki barked in outrage, shucking the giant's grip.

"Rude," Akihiko chuckled. "You ought have taught him the implications of such a display before bringing him out. Even though he's big, if he did that in front of the right vampire he'd be tied out in the sun to dry."

Hiroki gave both offenders a trademark hell glare before raising his chin haughtily.

"And you should teach your brat to stay by your side at night."

Akihiko's eyes flashed as he caught Misaki several yards away, staring at the starry sky with his guard completely down.

"Misaki!" He yelled, gaining the teen's attention and giving him a deft wave to head back. Misaki rolled his eyes but walked over, still slightly enthralled by shadowed canopy and it's tiny dots of light.

"I told you not to wander off!" Usagi growled sternly. "It's dangerous out here at night!"

"It's just the park," Misaki shrugged, thinking his sire was simply overreacting. Hiroki's eyes narrowed at the sheer naivety of those words. It was clear Akihiko had never told him of their own change, or Misaki wouldn't regard this cursed place so casually.

"Hey old boy," Akihiko said. "Can I speak to you for a moment?"

Hiroki raised an eyebrow, but the flatness of his friend's tone suggested something serious.


"But Hiro-san," Nowaki said, his seme senses still on edge.

"It's fine Nowaki," Hiroki replied. "Why don't you and Misaki get acquainted. This won't take long."

It took quite amount of restraint for Nowaki not to give Hiroki and Akihiko his own scowl, but he nodded and let the two walk back over to the bench near the thicket before turning to Misaki, who had sat down on the grass and resumed his star gazing. Nowaki too tilted his head upward. The sight was indeed wonderful through newly changed eyes. So crisp and dark. The night's black breath lingering at every edge of the forest. The giant's shoulders sank in a deep sigh at the enveloping darkness, as if he were in a place he was meant to be.

"It's beautiful out here isn't it?" He said, looking down at the teen.

"Yeah, it is," Misaki replied. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name. Usagi-san never told me."

"Kusama Nowaki," The giant smiled. "It's a pleasure Misaki-kun. I've heard a lot about you and…Usami from Hiro-san."

"Oh, nice to meet you too Kusama-san."

"Nowaki, please."

"All right, Nowaki-san," Misaki said with a friendly smile. "I…um, I heard that you were changed around the time I was."

"That's right," Nowaki nodded, sitting next to him. "Hiro-san told me you had kind of a hard time."

"Um yeah, it hurt a lot…Did yours?"

"At first, but after that it was quite wonderful…"

Misaki tilted his head at the slight smile that colored Nowaki's face, but couldn't decipher its meaning. The teen's nose wrinkled as the wind blew and he inhaled Nowaki's hearty scent. He couldn't deny that he was very tempted to lean in and snuffle the giant further. The only vampire he'd ever smelled or tasted was Usagi, and the discovery of new flavors had his young, changed senses quite simulated. So much so that he closed his eyes as another breeze blew and gave a quiet sigh.

And almost immediately afterward, the teen caught himself and recoiled with a furious blush, hoping that the other vampire hadn't noticed. But unfortunately, Nowaki let out a quiet chuckle, making Misaki blush harder.

"What's wrong Misaki-kun?"

"Er I uh—uh—"

"Do I smell good?" Nowaki smiled teasingly. Misaki pressed his lips together and shamefully grunted.

"Well, if it helps, I think you smell nice too. Very sweet."

"D—Do I?" Misaki stuttered, scratching the back of his neck. Usagi-san had told him his blood was sweet countless times, but he'd always assumed it was just the horny bullshitty pillow talk.

"Yep, I like it. I'm glad I'm finally able to meet other vampires. This my first time out as one."

"Really? Mine too."

The two were in the midst of exchanging excited smiles, when the wind changed directions and blew an unfamiliar vampire scent to them.

"Huh, looks like there might be more here tonight." Nowaki commented. "Hear that rustling?"

"Yeah," Misaki replied, both of them standing up. "Sounds like it coming from that thicket over there."

The teen was about indulge his curiosity and head over when Usagi's angry words rang in his head.

"What's wrong?" Nowaki asked.

"Oh just Usagi—er Usami-san. He says I can't go anywhere at night by myself," He muttered with a slight eye roll.

Nowaki shrugged.

"Last time I checked, you weren't. Come on."

"What's this about Akihiko?" Hiroki said as they stopped near the bench, checking over his shoulder for the upteenth time that the giant was still within eyesight. He couldn't imagine a pissier situation than chasing that lunatic around this place all night. Akihiko apparently agreed as he'd been doing the same thing. However, when the two finally faced each other, Hiroki was taken aback by the utter sobriety in those crimson eyes.

"On our way here, I caught a bite in progress in alleyway. Human."

"How far?"

"About ten blocks."

"We should leave then," Hiroki nodded. "If those two catch the scent of a human they'll go fucking nuts and I don't fancy a night trying to wrangle them back indoors."

"That's not the issue."

"Then what Akihiko?"

"The one who was taking the bite. He was about your height…with white hair."

Hiroki blanched, going pale as the moonlight.

"…Are you sure? Are you absolutely positive?"

"I'm afraid so," Akihiko replied.

"We need to get out of here! Ten miles let alone ten blocks isn't distance I'm comfortable with when he's concerned!"

"I know, but both our places are in that direction and if we go out of our way they'll get suspicious."

"Shit…" Hiroki growled, visibly worried. "Fine. I didn't want Nowaki to be around other vampires tonight but let's just take them to a hang out or a blood bar or something."

"Screw that," Akihiko retorted. "Misaki's a walking scent bath. I'm not letting him within sight of another vampire!"

"Does that include yours?"

"What do you—FUCK!" Akihiko yelled as he glanced over Hiroki's shoulder. Their two changelings were nowhere to be seen.

"Nowaki you brainless idiot!" The brunette screamed as the two of them raced across the field and into the thicket, hoping that they would be the first to find their lovers.

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