Chapter Three: My Sweet Bloody Honey

Unbeknownst to the horrific scare they were currently giving their lovers, Misaki and Nowaki headed further into the thicket, which was a bit difficult for the giant. Finding a large tree limb strictly in his way, he tried to brush it aside, only to have the whole branch snap and come down. Misaki turned around and looked at the size of the limb with awe and a bit of envy. Nowaki's change had undoubtedly given him quite the strength boost. Misaki had found a different sort of change in his demeanor and personality. He had become more daring and not quite as bashful, especially in his verbal duels with the fanged rabbit, but not much in terms of physical transformation.

"Oops," Nowaki murmured, stepping over the fallen branch and trying to be more careful not to tear the whole park to pieces. Misaki lifted his nose and got another whiff of the scent they were tracking.

"It's over that way," He pointed, heading through another thick brush of foliage. He was so spry he could navigate through without trouble, but the other vampire was a different story.

"Misaki, wait," Nowaki replied as he tried to squeeze through. But the scent was so thick and overwhelming by now that the teen didn't listen. He continued through the brush and found himself in a small clearing, where he heard a great amount of rustling coming from the east end.

"Hello?" He called. "Is someone there?"

Nothing but the wind could be heard for several moments, and in that time the teen realized just how alone he was. But that thought was reversed as he heard a low growl cut the silence.

"Nowaki?" He said, starting to back up the way he'd come. But the giant was so busy trying to get through the thicket that he didn't answer. However, the rustling and growling grew louder and nearer. Trying his best not to be overcome by fear, Misaki straightened his shoulders and called out again.

"Who's there? An—Answer me!"

A vicious snarl came in reply and a lone shadow crept out from the other side of the thicket. In a split second it charged and Misaki's mind froze in fear. However in a flash a greater, louder roar sounded from behind him and Hiroki burst forth into the clearing with his fangs bared. He and Akihiko had been able to track their lovers easily, but like the large Nowaki, Akihiko was also having difficulty getting through the brush, unlike the light, quick brunet.

The shear ferocity of Hiroki's roar stopped the shadow in its tracks, and in the dim light, Misaki was able to make out a golden-haired boy not much bigger than he was, thought it was quickly obvious that he was not friendly.

The blond vampire crouched forward, baring his fangs at the other two and giving another feral growl. Now that he knew what the intruder was, Misaki's vampire reflexes kicked in and he bared his own teeth along with Hiroki.

"Who do you think you are brat?" Hiroki snarled. "Don't you know only a fool bares his teeth at an older vampire?"

"Who are you calling 'brat,' blood breath?!" The blond sneered back. Hiroki snarled again, and his growl was coupled with two more voices as Akihiko and Nowaki finally burst through different sections of the thicket.

"Misaki!" Akihiko yelled. At his sire's call, Misaki bounded over and clutched the man's arm, his fangs still bared but his bravado failing him. Usagi sighed with relief that Misaki was all right and turned to face the so-called "threat" with ice-cold eyes.

"One shouldn't be alone in the park at night," He said with a frightening chill. "Especially little pups who are so keen to find their second death."

The blond snarled at the older vampire, but his voice didn't have half the bite and he was starting to retreat as Hiroki cunningly advanced. However, the sound of yet another voice made everyone freeze.

"Shinobu," Came a quiet call from the blond's end of the clearing. And as quiet footsteps neared, everyone heard the voice sigh wearily.

"Shibu-chin," It chided. "What the hell have I told you about picking fights with people that can kill you?"

"Miyagi!" The blond shrieked as a tall, dark-haired vampire entered the clearing with his palms raised. Shinobu quickly zipped over and glued himself to Miyagi's side, still glaring at the other group of vampires.

"My sincerest apologies fellow creatures of the night and all that good stuff," Miyagi sighed repentantly. "This one thinks he's three times bigger than he is."

"Shut up old man," Shinobu growled into Miyagi's side. Akihiko scoffed at the apology and was about to reply when a quiet gasp from Hiroki stopped him.

"No way," He murmured. "Professor Miyagi?"

Miyagi looked up and peered closer at the shorter vampire, the voice ringing a bell in his head. And in one fleet of motion, he spread his arms and grinned.

"Kamijou my sweet honey!"

This particular set of words seemed to be the wrong sort of greeting for this situation, as three faces in the group, Hiroki, Nowaki, and Shinobu, immediately went feral.

"Who do you think you're calling 'my sweet honey!'" Hiroki roared.

"Hiro-san is mine!" Nowaki shouted.

"What the fuck did you say!?" Shinobu shrieked, his mouth dangerously close to chomping on Miyagi's wrist. Akihiko on the other hand, looked a bit amused.

"Er—what I meant to say," Miyagi quickly said. "Was that it's good to see you Kamijou. I had no idea…you'd grown fangs."

"You as well," Hiroki said with a light growl (he hadn't forgiven the "my sweet honey" comment yet). "How long since you were changed?"

"A few months after you quit to 'realize your lifelong dream and become a marine biologist in Florida.' Shortly after I was bit and had to go to 'Florida' too. And this little devil, Shinobu, was changed only a week ago."

"A week?" Hiroki gapped. "Are you crazy?! You shouldn't bring a changeling out for at least a month! If he attacks a human he could blow your cover."

"Yes well," Miyagi muttered, scratching the back of his head. "I haven't needed to worry about that as the only blood he seems to be interested in is mine…and plus, he's already quite stable compared to six days ago."

"What do you mean?" Hiroki asked.

"Er…well, you see my change wasn't that crazy so I sort of assumed that his wouldn't be either…and I made the mistake of taking him out on his first night. Boy was I wrong."

"You idiot!" Hiroki groaned.

"How bad was it?" Akihiko asked.

"Terrible," Miyagi sighed. "That pack of squirrels didn't stand a chance."

Shinobu snorted into his sire's jacket, smiling a little as he proudly remembered that hunt.

"Though speaking of changelings Kamijou, who's that giant bear you've got claiming you as his own?"

Hiroki blushed crimson as he felt Nowaki step forward and take his hand. He quickly yanked it back before answering.

"My partner, Kusama Nowaki. But that's irrelevant right now. We have to get out of this park."

"What's the hurry?" Miyagi asked. Nowaki and Misaki also looked at their sires in question.

"Usagi-san," Misaki said. "What's going on? Why do we have to leave?"

The silver-haired vampire sighed and exchanged a brief glance with Hiroki. He sure as hell didn't intend for Misaki to know so soon, but right now explanations were needed to be given.

"Miyagi-san," Akihiko said. "Have you ever heard of one called 'the vampire lord of Tokyo'?"

"Who hasn't?" He replied. "But all the vampires I've met have said he's just a myth."

"Vampire…lord?" Misaki murmured.

"I'm sorry to say this Miyagi," Hiroki murmured. "But this particular vampire is not a myth. In fact, he's within a couple miles of us as we speak. And if we don't make tracks, he could descend on us at any minute."

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