Night of Fangs

Chapter Four: Vampire Lord 411

It didn't take much prodding to convince Miyagi that the group was in danger, and soon all six of the undead men were tramping through the woods as quickly as they could. Akihiko led the group, while Nowaki and Hiroki brought up the rear, leaving the two youngest vampires in the middle with Miyagi. As they walked, Misaki stole glances at Shinobu, who seemed to be fuming about something. The brunet was hoping for a chance to properly introduce himself, but Usagi had a firm grip on his hand. Despite the fact that Shinobu had lunged at him, the blond was still the first vampire his own age that he'd met, and Misaki even hoped a little that they could become friends. He was terribly isolated with only a horny rabbit and his bear army for company, and was yearning for more interaction.

However it seemed that Shinobu was only interested in the tall, older Miyagi, as he followed him like a duckling as they walked through the brush. But Miyagi seemed keener on getting info than patronizing his changeling.

"So how exactly did you learn that this 'vampire lord' is real Usami-san?" Miyagi asked, lighting a cigarette. Akihiko paused briefly before replying, his face an unreadable mask.

"He was my sire…Hiroki's too."

Miyagi's brow lifted in shock.


"Exactly," Akihiko continued. "Though we didn't know who had changed us for quite some time. But when we started cruising the blood bars, we caught word of a man called 'the vampire lord of Tokyo' and that he was biting people left and right."

"Why do it in the park?" Miyagi asked. "It attracts attention."
"Correct. He does it because there's more likely to be people around."

"But a changeling like that would attack a human in an instant."

Akihiko swallowed and grunted under his breath affirmatively as Miyagi put the pieces together.

"He wants there to be attacks. He wants bloodshed. Usami-san, if you and Kamijou were in the park that night, did you…"

"Yes," Hiroki murmured. "We killed three people that night…and nearly each other."

Nowaki and Misaki stared at their partners in confusion and horror. Nowaki knew that Hiroki had suffered in his life as a vampire, but he never knew that his partner carried such a burden on his shoulders. The giant longed to gather up the fiery brunet in his arms, but forbade himself for the sake of Hiroki's pride.

Misaki's crimson eyes peered up at Usagi as they kept walking, and he felt guilty that he had caused his sire such a scare by running off. He pressed closer to the silver-haired man, a little bit wiser about the dangers of the moon lit world.

"Does…does he have a name?" Misaki asked quietly. Akihiko clasped his uke's hand tighter and nodded.


"A—Angel?" Misaki murmured at the strange name.

"At least that's what he's know by here. From what we've heard, he's one of the oldest vampires in the world. Some rumors even say that he wants to create a massive vampire coven that will freely feed on humans, and even vampires who don't agree with their methods."

"That's frightening," Miyagi said, chewing on his cig. "And here I thought Shinobu was a handful."

"Oh shut up…" The blond spat.

"Miyagi-san," Hiroki suddenly asked. "How exactly did you get changed?"

The older vampire sighed wistfully, a nostalgic gaze taking root in his eyes.

"It was an old acquaintance, also a former sensei from the literature department. I loved her for a time."

"What happened to her?"

"She died. Even being a vampire couldn't save her from a blood disease."

"A disease?" Nowaki asked.

"Even the undead aren't invincible Kusama-san," Miyagi said. "I learned that the hard way. She changed me right before she passed because I begged her too, and I was lucky I didn't catch her illness as well. And about a year later, this little runt came into my life and hasn't left."

Shinobu growled under his breath, but when Miyagi lifted up his arm, the blond scampered underneath and wrapped his slender arms around his sire's waist. Even if he put on a farce, all this talk of that vampire lord person had him scared as well. He almost felt a little guilty that he'd demanded that Miyagi take him out tonight. Though truthfully, the sire was grateful for a chance to let the little hothead run around and expend some of his energy. Being holed up in the apartment for nearly a week had left them little to do at night except watch TV and fuck, and the latter was really wearing the older vampire out.

But now that they were in this situation, Miyagi was regretting bringing his little lover out. Who knew what a 'vampire lord' was capable of?

Akihiko and Hiroki were also feeling uncomfortable with this whole thing. Not only were their newly changed lovers in danger, but they might have to face meeting the one who sired them to be monsters. Hiroki in particular didn't know how he would react to seeing Tenshi…hell, being changed had put him through a lot of pain and isolation, but at the same time, if he hadn't been turned, he never would have meet Nowaki. What was he supposed to do with that?

But it just wasn't right. Thanks to Tenshi's bloodlust, three people were dead, and even though they didn't recall the actual slaughter, they were still responsible, and it was a heavy burden to bear.

Akihiko had told Hiroki numerous times that they should forget that dreadful night, since they were under the influence of changeling mania and couldn't control their thoughts and actions, but Hiroki just couldn't. He had anger directed towards himself and against the one who made him a killer, and for a time he drowned himself in guilt and agony.

That is, until Nowaki came into his life, and as long as he had his lover, Hiroki didn't need the sun to give him warmth. He just prayed that Nowaki would never have the bad fortune of meeting Hiroki's lustful sire.

"We're almost out," Akihiko called from the front of the group. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as they neared the edge of the thicket that lead out into a different section of the park, far away from their previous location. The six vampires pushed out of the brush and into a small clearing with a distant streetlight.

"Well," Miyagi said, lighting another cigarette. "Good thing that's over."

But no sooner had he said that then Akihiko caught an unforgettable smell. He gripped Misaki's hand so tight the boy nearly cried out and began to back up.

"Get back," He whispered. "Get back."

"Akihiko, what are you talking about—" But Hiroki's words were cut off as his eyes caught a figure leaning against the lamppost not fifty feet from them. He quickly tried to steer the bewildered Nowaki back into the safety of the forest, but froze when the figure turned his head and caught them in his sights. The stranger was about Hiroki's height, and had skin the color of chalk, with bleached-white hair sticking out in style tufts. He was dressed in leather pants, a tank top despite the cold weather, and a spiked dog collar. In between his black-painted nail he also held a cigarette, and he brought it to his lips as his blood-colored eyes spotted the group.

Akihiko pushed Misaki behind him and Hiroki bit his tongue, willing himself not to run as the white-haired vampire grinned.

It was Tenshi.

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