Chapter Five: Angel of Death

"Well, well now, who do we have here?" Tenshi murmured in a low, sultry voice that had a slight accent. His lips parted into a gruesome smile that revealed his shimmering fangs as he looked at the group, and a single inhale brought back fond memories of carnage.

Akihiko on the other hand, was fighting to remain composed as his eyes took in the vicious countenance of his sire, and he dared not look away. He felt a light touch at his back, and wondered if that was Misaki hiding behind him.

Hiroki too was frozen, his already pale skin draining as Tenshi's scent invaded his nose. He heard Nowaki shift at his side, and his mind began to panic. What were they going to do? Even if they had Tenshi outnumbered, it meant nothing. That vampire was older than all of them combined and no doubt had the fighting skills to prove it. And even if they did stand a chance strength wise, they had three changelings with them, and casualties would be unavoidable.

Hiroki swallowed hard and gripped Nowaki's hand as Tenshi walked away from the streetlamp and headed towards them, taking a long drag from his cigarette.

"Nice night for a stroll, eh?" He greeted, though his cunning eyes made the words far from casual.

Recovering first, Akihiko answered curtly.

"I suppose. We were just on our way out."

"A shame," Tenshi replied, gesturing behind him. "The park is a nice place to pick up a bite."

The group peered ahead and Akihiko heard Misaki's breath catch as they saw the form of a young woman spread out a bench, just a few feet from the lamppost. She wasn't moving.

Akihiko turned back to Tenshi and replied as calmly as he could.

"I don't eat live."

Tenshi white brow flickered over his crimson eyes.

"I see. You're one of those who would deny his own pleasure and the food chain nature intended? How trite."

"Call it whatever you want. Excuse us."

Even while his face was blank, Akihiko's nerves were on fire as he took Misaki's hand and began to walk away from Tenshi. Hiroki and Miyagi took the cue and followed him, but as Hiroki passed his sire, Tenshi's nose flared and a spark of remembrance flashed in his eyes.

"I know you," He breathed with a grin, his gaze shifting between Hiroki and Akihiko. "I know both of you. You two have been at my fangs before in the dark night."

Hiroki stopped and met Tenshi's eyes with a fiery look, which made the sire laugh.

"And I remember that scowl as well," Tenshi chuckled. "It was night in winter when I saw the two of you on your way back from a literary lecture. The wit and intellect you showed in mere conversation was noteworthy, and so I dropped from a tree and feasted on you both. But because I felt the world of night needed such intelligence, I gave you life rather than leaving you to freeze."

Hiroki gritted his teeth, his fear far outweighed by anger.

"…Life?" He said. "You turned us into animals!"

"For a time," Tenshi replied, seeming amused. "But now look at what you have become: an immortal capable of surpassing humanity in every sense. I saw greatness in both of you that night, and I still see it. And you've even returned the favor."

Akihiko and Miyagi both fought the urge to bear their fangs as Tenshi's eyes swept over Misaki, Shinobu, and Nowaki.

"Young, young, young, young," Tenshi cooed, grinning savagely. "I can still smell their human blood. How delectable."

Misaki's lip quivered under the vampire lord's eyes and he bowed his head, shifting closer to Usagi. However, when Tenshi's gaze lingered a little too long, the barest whisper of a growl came out of Akihiko's throat.

"You're wrong," He said. "The act you committed was derived from force. All three of them were changed of their own free well."

"It matters not to me whether it was their choice," Tenshi huffed. "Either way, our numbers grow, and soon Tokyo and all its humanity will be shrouded in night, as it was meant to be."

Tenshi cocked his head cunningly as he stared at the shocked faces of the other vampires, daring them to challenge him. And to everyone's overwhelming surprise, someone did.

"That's stupid."

Every nerve in Miyagi's body electrified as he heard Shinobu's voice pipe up, and he planted a firm hand in his ward's chest, shoving him out of sight.

"No," Tenshi said in amusement, crossing his arms. "Let him speak."

A little emboldened—though most would call it insanity, Shinobu stepped forward and hesitantly replied, his usual pluck all but gone.

"Wh-What the hell would the world do without humans?" Shinobu said. "Vampires couldn't run the world…and th-there would be no blood to feed on."

Tenshi surprised everyone by letting a few chuckles escape his chalky lips.

"Oh child," He said. "You know nothing. Humans have already destroyed this planet beyond repair. I've watched them for centuries. When I was Ange I saw revolutionaries behead Louis the sixteenth, and then turn on each other like the starving dogs they were. When I was Engel I saw an entire nation fall to the whims of one man and take steps to exterminate six million Jews. And they have done even worse to our kind, not realizing that we are the superiors. But…if these cattle became nothing but a food source, this world could become Shangri-La once more."

The group listened in disbelief to Tenshi's words of war and enslavement, and most of them dared to even move, let alone speak. But Hiroki could keep silent no longer.

"You talk about evils they've done to our kind, and yet you prey upon them as if their lives didn't matter in the slightest. You're nothing but a hypocrite."

"Well," Tenshi replied, dropping his cigarette butt and crushing it under his combat boot. "You know what they say: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…and last time I checked, ours were sharper."

Tenshi then turned and walked over to the bench, slinging the unconscious girl over his shoulder.

His heart burning at the sight, Nowaki unclenched his jaw and hesitantly spoke.

"What will you do with her?"

Tenshi shrugged.

"Who knows? I may change her, or I may eat her whole. I never quite know what I want to do with my prey."

And with that, the vampire lord began to walk into the forest, his black jacket blowing in the wind behind him.

Akihiko let out a heavy exhale, and his grip on Misaki's trembling hand relaxed.

"Come on," He said. "Let's get out of here."

Hiroki nodded and the group began to head out of the park and away from the terror that called himself an angel.

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