Hello there every one. I known its been forever since I've updated but right now, my hearts just not into this story. I'm just not that much into this fandom anymore, I mean I still like it but now I'm into other things and I kind of just want to focus on those fandoms so I am going to put this story up for 'adoption'. I have seen many people do these to their stories but I want to give this story not to just one person, so if you like the story/plot then you can have it! Be sure that you pm me and tell me what you are going to do because I want to read what you guys come up with! I know some of you are probably mad at me but I just can't write this story anymore, and I am not doing this just for this story, but for another one to. I hope you guys can forgive me but I'm sure there are many of you out there that can do more justice to this story than I can.

Also, I am still writing other stories, just not for this fandom. Now I am going to start writing for Homestuck, Harry Potter and much more, and this time with regular updates. School has been hard but now that its been getting easier, I can write more often, so if you are into Homestuck or Harry Potter, try and check out my newist Fanfics that will be posted soon after I post this author's note.

Untill next story,