Ch 12

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Early the next morning they left the house, all saying their goodbyes to Maggie. Maggie promised that she'd come to visit them soon as she gave Kat one last hug. Sean drove them to the airport; he planned to go back to work as soon as he could. When it was time for the trio to get out of the car Kat waited for another moment. She pulled Sean into another hug whispering to him, "If you don't get back with Kyle, you're more of an idiot than I thought."

He laughed, "I'll keep that in mind. Although I wouldn't want to disappoint you since you already think I'm and idiot."

Pulling back from him she smiled, "I love you, you idiot."

"I love you too." He returned, watching her leave.

The flight went rather quickly. Her mind had gone to a place that was far from her current location. She had been thinking about everything to do with her childhood. The countless nights that she'd spent at her grandparent's house while her mom was working the night shift. The family vacations with her mom. The year they spent in Virginia Beach. The fishing trips she took with her grandfather. It all seemed like it was yesterday. She realized that she'd gone through a lot in her life, some of it bad, some good, but the memories would always remain. Suddenly it hit her again how much her father had really missed with his kids, and again she felt sorry for him.

It seemed that she had just gotten on the plane when it was already touching down. They went to get their luggage and got a cab. As they stepped out of the cab in front of the Lightman Group Kat couldn't help but smile. It felt like a lifetime ago since she'd been there. She immediately went into the building, not even waiting for the elevator, she pulled her suitcase with her up the three flights of stairs up to the offices. As she passed Heidi she said a quick hello and continued on. She didn't stop until she was in front of the office that she'd been looking for. She knocked and waited for an answer. Upon hearing the now familiar "Come in" she pushed the door opened and rushed in.

Gillian sat behind her desk, sorting through a pile of paperwork almost an inch thick. A wide smile formed on her face seeing who had entered her office. Kat ran behind the desk and caught her in a hug. Gillian laughed at Kat's enthusiasm to see her, "Well it's good to see you too Kat."

"I missed you so much!" Kat exclaimed releasing her hold on Gillian, still smiling. "I really missed talking to you."

"I told you I was only a phone call away. Why didn't you call?" Gillian asked, walking with Kat over to the comfy chairs.

"So much happened, I just didn't have time. I learned a lot while I was there, mostly about myself." She said taking a seat across from Gillian.

"Sometimes going home can do that."

Kat nodded, "I was a lot more emotional than I expected. None of it was about my father, but I seemed to be emotional about everything else."

Gillian smiled, knowing that she wasn't done yet.

"I think I scared Eli and Ria a bit though."

"How did you do that?" Gillian asked, noticing that Kat was looking at her shoes now.

"Well… I sorta had a fight with Eli, then Ria came in to try to calm me down and I wound up crying on her." Kat answered, still unable to look at Gillian.

Gillian laughed, "That should have been comfortable for Ria."

"Yeah," Kat laughed, and then thought about it for a second, "she handled it better than I thought she would."

"She does have a little sister." Gillian explained, "And I think you're growing on her too."

"That's good. I'd happily accept Ria into my family. I don't think Sean would mind too much, but Maggie would probably think that I lost my mind."

They both shared a laugh. Remaining quiet for a moment, Kat suddenly realized how selfish she'd been, "I'm sorry Gillian, I haven't even asked how things have been around here."

"It's been pretty quiet around here. Just the normal, mostly politicians asking for our help, you know how much Cal loves that."

"Yeah, I'm sure he's been so happy."

"There is one other thing…" Gillian started, then blushing stopped.

"What is it?"

"Well… I'm… I'm pregnant." Gillian said quietly.

"What?! Oh my God Gillian that's great!" Kat jumped up, again enveloping her in a hug, "When did you find out?"

"Just this morning. I was going to wait to tell everyone, but I thought you needed some happiness after your trip."

Kat pulled back absolutely beaming, "I'm so happy for you Gil!" Confusion crossed her features as she sat back down, "I thought you told me that you couldn't have children?"

"There was apparently an infinitesimal percentage that I could possibly get pregnant after what had happened. I guess we just got lucky."

Kat shook her head, "Not lucky. You and Cal were meant to be great parents."

"Thanks Kat." Gillian smiled again. She felt like that's all she'd been doing since she had found out. Getting serious after a moment she sighed turning back to her desk, "Ok, I have work to do, and why don't you go get some rest. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bright and early as usual." Kat waved as she left the office, closing the door behind her. She left the office in search of her quiet apartment, and a few extra hours' worth of sleep.