Sitting on the ledge of the rocky plateau, I looked out to the ground below. It was night, and my apprentices were finishing with their training for the day. I have three apprentices. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. They were all training to become Keyblade masters, and each was making good progress in their own rights.

Terra's physical combat skill was extremely impressive. His fighting style rivals even that of a master. I have no doubt he could defeat whatever challenge he is given in melee combat. However, like all, he has a grave weakness. He allows himself to use the Darkness. It worries me. I do not want for him to lose himself to the Darkness, like how Xehanort nearly lost himself entirely.

Aqua, however, has great mental strength and skill with magic. She could easily memorize any spell I give to her, and master it within such a short time. Unlike Terra, she never even would think about using the Darkness. Consciously or subconsciously. She is also an excellent influence on him, helping to secure his Darkness with her Light. Hopefully it will be enough.

And then there is my youngest apprentice. Ventus. He is… unique. He is, by far, the quickest of my apprentices. He focuses on wielding his Keyblade in a reversed grip, striking quickly before dodging and striking again. Also, like Aqua, he would never dream of using the Darkness. But, unlike Aqua, he can't. Xehanort brought Ventus to me, a few years ago. He had lost his memory. Apparently, there was a training accident in which Ventus was injured gravely. Xehanort was forced to remove Ventus's Darkness. His Heart was weak, but it is growing strong again.

All my apprentices are like children to me. While I may be harsh and stern, I only want to protect them until they are ready to take their place as the next three Keyblade masters. While it is a long journey, they have all come far. I have no doubts that they will all grow to become true Keyblade masters, in the given time.

So, now, as I stand up and call out to them, telling them to return to the Castle and rest, I can safely smile to myself. Pride is a tricky emotion. It can lead to both Light and the Dark. But I know the pride I feel is Light. They have all progressed so far.