Chapter 1 - Years Past

A year has passed since Mandara, the powerful supernatural villain, had tried to conquer Mobius. And it had been a year since he was stopped by his own brother, Daemon, and the local heroes. And since the moment Daemon arrived, he had fallen in love with the elasticity powered Maria Wolf, marrying her soon after Mandara's defeat.

Through this year, a few things had changed. Maria and many other female Mobians who had gained similar powers shortly before or during Mandara's attack had gotten much better and stronger in the use of their powers. Princess Sally had even gone as far as changing her aspect, using her powers to make herself a bit taller and more feminine, and letting her hair grow considerably, giving her the aspect of a real Amazonian princess; also, she had been a lot more dedicated to royalty and political issues, since, with Mandara's defeat, and Doctor Robotnick gone for good, there had been very little threats, and those were easily faced and defeated by either her or some other Freedom Fighter.

In other words, Mobius was now a peaceful, nicer and safer place, or, in Sonic's words...

"I'M SOOOOO BORED!" Sonic complained for the hundredth time while Rotor, Tails and Nicole rolled their eyes, the blue hedgehog pacing back and forth behind them as the trio of geniuses continued working in the lab.

"Sonic, you had been pacing for hours now. You're gonna wear a hole in the floor if you continue." Tails said to his friend.

"Actually, it's not an exaggeration. I calculate it would only take one or two more hours for him to do it for real." Nicole said while giving a look at the floor behind them. Even if she was now a flesh and blood being, and no longer having computational intelligence and calculation skills, Nicole was still amazingly smart.

"Look... I'm sorry, really, but this lack of activity is killing me." Sonic sighed. "You know that this morning I was so bored I did all the chores by myself? And I mean the whole town's chores! And when I finished, I did it again!"

"Yeah, the main street had never looked this clean." Rotor chuckled.

"My point is... I need some activity to keep myself busy, or I'm going crazy. You smart guys and girl have your lab, Sally has her work as a princess, Lupe and Lobo rule their people, Daemon and Maria do... whatever newlyweds do every day (seriously, they still act as if they had married just yesterday), and so on. But I'm an adventurer, and now I have no adventures at all. You know that last month I looked for Rouge and ASKED HER to rob something so I could try to catch her?"

"Yes, we know. She stole a bag of candy." Tails chuckled. "Even Rouge had been taking it easy these days."

"Don't worry, Sonic; we're doing something that will keep us busy for a while, and by 'us', I'm including you." Rotor said to the hedgehog.

"About that, what are you Super Brains doing? You had been working on that what's-its-name for more than two months." Sonic asked them.

"Well, we had already discussed this with Sally and the others. Remember when we did all those short travels to Robotropolis after Mandara's defeat?" Tails asked Sonic while the young fox continued adjusting what seemed to be an engine.

"Yes, I went with you in case there were booby traps or some nasty surprise from Robbie." Sonic actually smiled a bit. "Heh... sentinel robots, a dozen death traps, gas bombs... even gone, Robbie left me a bit of excitement."

"Excitement for you only; I still remember that robot aiming at my head." Tails cringed.

"Anyway, we managed to 'rescue' a lot of Robotnik's information, and we had been studying it. The man was mad, but he was a mad genius; and he was working on interdimensional travel, among other projects we're not even touching." Rotor continued.

"So, you guys are working on some sort of portal?" Sonic asked; being around scientists for so long, and fighting mad science creations for almost as long, he could at least understand the basics by now.

"That's right. At first, we'll only use the portal to visualize other dimensions, but, once we make sure the travel is possible and safe, we might start exploring those places as well." Nicole explained to a, by now, very happy Sonic.

"Now that's what I'm talking about! Traveling to another world. Fighting the unknown. Defeating tyrants. Facing giant pirate gorillas, armed with laser swords and riding on armored dinosaurs..."

The trio gave him a 'What the...?' look.

"Hey, you have your dreams, I have mine." Sonic shrugged.

"Okay... well, we might give the portal the first test today. Why don't you go tell the others..." Nicole stopped talking because Sonic was already on his way to tell everyone.

"He really needs some action." Tails rolled his eyes yet chuckled.

A while later, the scientific trio was receiving Sonic, Sally, Maria, Daemon, Good Fiona, Amy, Lupe, Lobo, Knuckles, Leeta and Lyco. Sonic had told others, including Bunnie, but she was a bit busy that day and couldn't arrive, and, of course, they wouldn't invite Rouge since, even if not a real villain, she wouldn't resist the temptation of stealing some device from the lab.

"Interdimensional travel." Daemon smiled while looking at the portal. "Your science never ceases to amaze me. You guys create your own miracles."

"Thanks. A lot of this comes from your help, actually; we added our research on your magical power to Robotnick's own in order to create the portal." Tails said to the tall, muscular archangel.

"Let's start the show!" Leeta smiled while sitting in front of the portal.

"I brought popcorn!" Lyco, grinning, sat next to her sister.

"Girls, this is a very important, serious moment..." Lupe stopped talking when Sonic made a quick dash and returned with several chili dogs, a soda and a few candy bars. The female wolf sighed and rolled her eyes. "Never mind. I'll have a chili dog, please."

Amy, of course, placed herself aside Sonic; Sally just smiled at this. Even if she no longer had that kind of feelings for the blue speedster, and she knew Amy was more in control of herself these days, the princess sometimes wished she could feel about anyone like Amy did with Sonic.

Nicole and Tails positioned themselves with the rest of the group while Rotor sat aside, the walrus being the one in charge of regulating the energy while the two foxes used hand sensors to monitor the portal's activity. After a few adjustments, the portal finally turned on, and it started emanating a blue and white glow.

"Whoa... this looks so cool..." Amy, smiling, moved a bit closer to the portal.

"Yes... hey, Rotor, can you adjust the image?" Sonic, grinning, turned at the walrus.

"I know, I know. You are waitiiiiiiing." Rotor chuckled, mimicking Sonic's tone, and then gave a bit more power to the portal. The image started becoming more clear, and soon everyone could see what seemed to be a huge forest area.

"Nice... but that dimension doesn't look so different from ours..." Lobo stopped talking when looking at a flying figure. "That thing was a dragon?"

"Whoa, a dimension with dragons? Sweet. Can you improve the image and see if the place also has minotaurs, sea snakes and whatever?" Sonic asked the scientists.

"We're on it." Tails said while checking his sensor.

"Hold on... mmm... I don't like these lectures." Nicole then turned at Rotor. "Turn it off. We're having a nasty feedback here."

"I'm on... OUCH!" Rotor yelled when the control panel shocked him. Before anyone could go help him, the portal started glowing with more intensity, and they all got covered by the light.

"Someone turn it off!" Sally yelled. She and the other elastic females stretched their bodies and limbs to try getting out of the danger zone and turn off the machines but the light had a gravitational pull that caught them all. Even by using their whole strength, they couldn't move away from the portal, and it was now pulling them inside.

"Daemon, your powers!" Maria said to her husband. Daemon lost no time to use elemental attacks on the portal, but it backfired, as his powers only made the portal much stronger, and in fact Daemon was the first one sucked in. The others followed soon, with Sonic being the only one who was getting away thanks to his speed. However, when noticing his friends were getting captured by the portal, he made a quick decision.

"Rotor, you fix this thing to save us!" The hedgehog gave the walrus a push out at super speed, taking him away from the danger zone. Rotor then realized what Sonic was saying.

"Save 'us'? You're not going in there too!"

"Rotor, I was born for this type of thing." Sonic grinned before looking back at the portal. "I wanted an adventure... well, here it is."

The hedgehog dashed inside the portal, and, a moment later, the light was off... and nobody but Rotor was present.

"This is another fine mess we got ourselves in." The walrus sighed and stood up. "Time to work."

Inside the portal, all the 'travelers' were now trying to stick together, but the portal's energy was now separating them all; the only reason they were still close enough to see each other was because the elastic females were stretching to grab whoever was closer to them, and still, it seemed they'd all land very far from each other when arriving to this new dimension.

Or so it seemed, until they heard Sonic's voice.

"Hey, check this out! I can run in here!"

Despite having no visible floor or ground, Sonic was really running, and actually was faster than usual, due to the very little friction and the fact the portal's force was pulling him ahead, giving the hedgehog an extra impulse. The bad part of this was that he couldn't stop either.

"Guys, we have to stick together! Everybody, form a chain!" Sonic, being both the most used to this kind of adventure and the expert when it came to high speed traveling, took control of the situation while grabbing Amy's hand.

The pink hedgehog did as Sonic said and stretched her other hand to grab Tails, who was already being held by Leeta; when Sonic ran next to Lyco, he grabbed her as well, while Lyco stretched to grab both Maria and Daemon; Daemon used his elemental powers to create a small yet powerful tornado, using its sucking power to grab Lobo and Lupe, the female wolf stretching her free hand to grab Sally, who completed the chain by stretching to grab Nicole and Fiona.

"Sonic, can you take us back?" Lobo yelled at the blue speedster.

"Sorry, I can't... this is a one way trip! The portal is already closed at our side anyway!" Sonic replied while finally looking at the other end of the portal. "We're almost there! Those who can fly, grab someone who can't... because I have no brakes, and it seems this door opens in thin air!"

As Sonic talked, everyone looked at the portal's end; it showed the same place they had seen at the lab. At least it seemed to be a nice area, capable of sustaining life, so they didn't have to worry about landing in a toxic wasteland or an active volcano.

"At least we're gonna crash-land in some nice spot." Leeta commented while using her powers to start forming large bird-like wings.

"Yes, a nice spot with DRAGONS." Tails groaned, the young fox starting to move his tails in his trademark helicopter-like way.

"Hey, see it this way; we can always say our vacations are often at original places." Sonic grinned. "Oh, and somebody grab Knuckles."

"YOU MORONS, YOU FORGOT ABOUT MEEEEEE!" Knuckles yelled as he fell like a rock.

"Everyone say 'Oops' now." Sally groaned while Fiona used her power device to get elastic abilities and grab Knuckles before he crash-landed face first.