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"No, no, no," Gin said as he was running in the woods. He was breathing heavy as he ran as fast as he could toward an opening ahead of him.

'I got to keep running," he said to himself as he headed into the opening.

Once he was in the opening, he stopped. He tried to catch his breath as he looked around trying to find out who was following him. He kept turning in a circle trying to get a fix of the sound from the woods.

He got a bearing on the sound and turned to run when a figure was standing in front of him.

All Gin could see was his smile that seemed to glow under the moon light.

Before Gin could run, he saw the figure raise his arm and started to come down when . .

"STOP!" Gin yelled out as he sat up in his bed. He was sweating as he tried to control his breathing. He looked out of his condo window to see a night sky with the twinkling lights from the buildings. He placed his head in his hand and took a deep breath.

"Not again. Why do I keep having this dream?" He whispered as he the tears started to flow as his head started to hurt.

Every time Gin has this dream, he wakes at the same point when he is about to get hit, he wakes up and then the pain comes.

He slowly got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. He did not need to turn on the light because he knew exactly where the bottle of prescription medicine was on the counter. He opened the bottle and poured out two pills. He popped them into his mouth and found his glass, turned on the faucet, filled the glass and took a long drink of water.

He slowly went back to his bed and fell in. He reached out for his cell phone and pressed a button.

"Call Tamika," he spoke into the phone. The phone dialed a number, ranged two times then a voice came on.

"Gin, are you alright baby?" a sleepy voice asked. She heard Gin crying into the phone. "You want me to come over?"

He never answered. He just cried into the phone.

"You stay there, I am on my way."

Gin heard a click as the call ended. He placed the phone on the bed and he continued to cry. The pain had not eased and the tears continued to flow. He knew that Tamika would be here is fifteen minutes as she lived two buildings over and she would run, not drive to his house.

Fifteen minutes later

The door clicks and the door opens.

'Gin, it me Tamika," she said as she walked in and locked the door behind her. She only had her keys and her jogging suit on as he made her way to Gin's room.

She saw Gin lying on his bed crying. She made her way to the bed and lay next to Gin. He was still crying as he complained about the pain in his head. He slowly got into her arms as she hugged him.

"Do you want to me to get the doctor?" she asked as slowly rocked him.

Gin choked out no as he placed his arms tightening around Tamika.

"It was the same dream?" she asked as she felt Gin slowly fall asleep.

Gin did not answer but Tamika knew the answer was yes.

The crying stopped and his breathing ease as she slowly laid Gin down in his bed. She tried to ease out of the bed when she heard a small voice asking her not to leave.

"Well, scoot over and give me your phone. I got to get up in the morning. I got that meeting with the supplier in the morning," she said as she set the alarm on his phone. "Now get some sleep; I am here."

Gin was asleep as Tamika got under the cover and got comfortable. She looked at her friend and as he slept. She believed that somewhere in his past, this dream is trying to tell him something. She reached out and held her friend's hand. The concern in her eyes was real.

"What are you trying to tell me Gin?" she whispered as she fell asleep.

In the Soul Society

"How could you let him go without telling me?" Byakuya said as he paced back and forth in the room with his mentors.

"He made the decision to go back to the human world; to have a life. After the decision was made, it was immediate. You know that Byakuya." Ukitake said as he watched Byakuya pace back and forth.

"I have to go and get him." Byakuya said as he was about to leave. He was stopped by Ukitake and Kyoraku.

"You know that if you go, one, he would not be able to see you and two, he has no memory of you or the Soul Society. He would have to die to have the possibility of coming back. Then we would have to get to him before the hollows do," Kyoraku said as he held Byakuya arm.

Byakuya stopped as he thought about all the things he was being told. He knew that what his mentors were telling him was the truth. He knew that the only way he could get Gin back is to give up his life here and hope for a chance encounter and from that encounter, fall in love with him. "I know the odds are great but I love him and I am willing to take that risk."

Ukitake and Kyoraku looked at Byakuya. Ukitake came to Byakuya and hugged him.

"You think about this and whatever you decide, we will support you." Ukitake said as Byakuya hugged him back and thanked him.

As he walked away, the two friends held on to each other. "I know that I would come for you if you were to leave me." Kyoraku said.

"I would too," Ukitake said as they watched Byakuya walk away. "He loves him so much. I know he will go to the end of their earth to find him."

"Will you go with him?" Kyoraku asked his lover.

"Yes, we will go with him. He will be lost without his memories. But I think that their love for each other will win out in the end.