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Tamika and Hitomi talked over a cup of tea. After a few minutes, Tamika could not take it and prepared a pot of coffee which Hitomi laughed as she told her to bring her a cup also.

As the two women had idle chat, the conversation turned towards Gin.

"I thought it was agreed that if I left him there, he would not be harm and would be well protected. Why did he go back on his word? He told me that he would be safe and that he would watch out for him," Hitomi said as she took off her dark glasses to wipe her eyes. The light blue eyes were red from crying.

Tamika looked and saw where Gin got his eyes from. She knew she wore the dark glasses because she could barely see but used her senses to get around. Before she could speak, Tamika felt the presence of three others in the room.

Isshin Kurosaki came in and sat next to Hitomi. "Hello Hitomi. I am so sorry that we did not keep our end of the bargain with you."

"We tried but when things changed," Yoruichi came into the room followed by Urahara. They sat on the other side of Hitomi. "When we found Dr. Aizen, he was disposed of but we never found the files of his experiments because we assumed he destroyed the files. We did not count on his son, Sosuke, finding these files."

"From what I am gathering, he told Gin that he had a mother who is alive in the human world and that she was looking for him. Aizen told Gin that he would take him to find you." Kisuke grabbed her hand and looked at her. "Gin did not believe him at first but somehow he tricked him into giving up his position with the Gotei 13 to come with him to the human world but Gin did the unexpected and left without him. So, we know that Aizen came after him and so did his lover."

Hitomi smiled and said, "He has a lover?"

"His true love came for him. He gave up his position in the Gotei 13 to be with him. It was love at first sight in the Soul Society and here in this world for them." Tamika said as she smiled thinking how much Gin smile when he thinks about Byakuya. "They loved each other in the Soul Society and they have fallen in love here."

Hitomi's smiled turned to a frown when she asked about Aizen's in her son's life. Everyone became quiet. She turned toward Tamika.

"Gin is not in love with him. He told me many times that he does not feel that way towards him. But now," Tamika stopped.

"He's having the headaches now. He is starting to come into his true power," Hitomi said. She was about to go on when she felt a presence. "Isshin, is that your son?"

Isshin replied yes. He saw her reach out for him. He came and knelt in front of her. She placed a hand on his face and smile.

"He everything they say he would be.

Ichigo smiled and grabbed her hand. He kissed the back of her hand and gave her a thank you. Then he asked her a question. "You are Gin's mother and I know that he was a shinigami. Are you a shinigami?"

"No, I am not. Yes I am a spiritual being but I am not a shinigami. Gin trained to be a shinigami like all of you but his true being is like me. I am a Gypsy and so are my children."

They all held their breath because she talked openly about herself. After all of the years of hiding her and her children, she has come out to Ichigo.

"Have you ever heard of the Gypsies in Rukongai?" Hitomi asked Ichigo.

He shook his head and said no.

"Well, our history is like all tribes or groups in Rukongai. We were a small group that roamed from place to place on the outskirts. We never settled in one place for a long time but we did find an area that we could live in peace."

"You keep saying 'were'? Ichigo asked.

"Because there are only three Gypsies that exist today; Hitomi and her two children." Isshin said as he looked at Hitomi.

Hitomi thought about that time that she the day she and her children were discovered at the Aizen residence.


After Urahara secured the house, he sent for Yoruichi to come out to help him investigate a room.

Earlier in the day, he did a walk through the house and the laboratory. He noticed when he went to the nursery, the room looked odd. He thought that the room was geometrically smaller that it was. He waited until Yoruichi inspected the room also. They were tapping softly on the wall until it made a hollow sound. When they found the area, Kisuke found a hidden latch. When he pushed it, a door opened into a padded room. When they walked in, they saw a young woman with her hand held out. She was holding a baby in her arms and a young child who was trying to bury herself behind the young woman.

"We are not here to hurt you. We want to help. How long have you been in here?" Yoruichi asked as she sat in front of the group. She showed her hands to show that she did not have anything in her hands.

The woman said held the baby closer as he started to cry. Kisuke found some milk and made a bottle. The woman refused it as she began to breast feed the baby. The little girl smiled as she peeped at Yoruichi and waved at her.

"Hey little one, you ready to get out of here?" She asked.

The little girl looked at the woman. The woman looked at her and then at Yoruichi.

"I would like to leave here and protect my children. He wanted to run test on them but I protected them. My husband volunteered so he could protect us. He hid us in here. Did you find him?" She asked as tears formed in her eyes.

"You are the only ones we found in here. Let's get you out of here. Please," Yoruichi said as she held out her hand. She knew that the woman was weak but would fight to protect the children. Kisuke came to help her and the baby as the little girl grabbed Yoruichi's hand. She picked her up and told her that she is going to cover her with her cloak. Kisuke said the same to the woman who did not let go of the child. He placed the cloak around her and took her in his arms. They went to a location that was agreed on by Isshin. As they came to the area, Good friend, Tessai met with them and started to care for them.

They learned that the woman's name was Hitomi and the little girl was her daughter and the baby was her son. He was a few weeks old and that her husband was on the house staff and worked around the outside house. At first it was nice to work around the house but when Dr. Aizen's wife died, Hitomi said, the doctor had a breakdown. His family came and got his son and left him alone in the home. That is when he started the experiments.

End of Flashback

Suddenly everyone sat up because they felt a hollow in the area. Tamika was about to go when Hitomi held her back. She walked outside as the group followed her.

Down the street a hollow was about to take a soul of a deceased when it stopped.

"Dad, should we help her?" Ichigo asked.

Isshin was looking at Hitomi with her arm stretched as if she was telling the hollow to stop. "Son, you are going to see why Aizen wants her power."

Although she could not see the hollow, she felt its power. "Stop!" she yelled as the hollow came toward her. It stopped at her command. She smiled and said, "You are by yourself. My, My," she paused, "you are a mean one."

Then with a quick motion, she closed her hand and the hollow exploded.

"She did it without a zanpakuto," Ichigo said.

Hitomi smiled as Tamika went to her and grabbed her hand. They walked back to her house. "You have to rest because I have a check on Gin but I have a feeling, he will be sleeping in tomorrow."

Hitomi laughed as she and Tamika walked back to her house. "I am glad that he is happy."

Gin lay in Byakuya's arm as he slept. Byakuya smiled as he looked at him. He stared at the ceiling as he thought about being the luckiest man. He drew Gin closer to him and closed his eyes.