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Gin and Byakuya sat next to each holding hands. Byakuya leaned over and kissed Gin on his cheek.

"Don't worry, she will understand. You said that she is the most easy going person you know," Byakuya said as he looked at Gin.

"Yeah, she is. From the first day we met, she always believed in me." Gin smiled as he remembered their first meeting. He looked at Byakuya and smiled. "But this decision does not stop my career."

Gin looked up and saw Tamika being escorted to their table by the maitre d'hotel. Tamika thanked him as he pulled her chair out for her.

"I must be in trouble if both of called me. I thought Jushiro was meeting with us also."

"I'm here." Ukitake sat in the chair next to her. They hugged each other as the waiter came to get their order. After Tamika and Ukitake gave their order to the waiter, Ukitake gave an apology for his delay. He had to take call from Kyoraku.

Tamika looked at Byakuya and Gin holding hands. She can just imagine what was going on under the table. Then it occurred to her why they called her and Ukitake to this 'meeting'. She looked at Ukitake and noticed that he realized why he was called too.

Over the last couple of months, Ken and Toru reported to her that Gin and Byakuya were inseparable. But they said that Gin's work has improved and his earlier design have been selling very well. Byakuya's business has soared also because of his relationship with Gin. They are for now the 'it' couple but they don't know that they are the 'it' couple.

"Now, what is the big announcement you two have for us?" Ukitake asked as he looked at his son and Gin. They were still holding hands as Gin spoke.

Gin looked at Tamika and Ukitake. He knew that Tamika liked for things to be said directly; especially if she feels it deals with her business. Gin decided to just say it.

"Byakuya and I are moving in together," Gin blurted out.

Tamika rolled her eyes then looked at the two of them. She leaned forward and placed her elbows on the table. She rubbed her eyes and exhaled slowly.

Gin watched as he squeezed Byakuya's hand tighter. He was prepared for the questions that were about to come.

A non smiling Tamika looked at the both of them as she pulled out her phone. Gin watched in horror as she pulled out her phone and punched in a number. Gin looked at Ukitake as he too was not smiling. Then he looked at Byakuya who for once was not smiling.

Suddenly Ukitake's phone ranged. He answered with a simple hello.

Tamika was speaking in her phone. "You owe me fifty American dollars."

Tamika started to smile at Ukitake as he started to laugh. Then both of them hugged each other and pointed at Gin and Byakuya. A confused looked came across both Gin and Byakuya's face.

"Got you," Ukitake and Tamika said in unison.

"What's going on?' Byakuya asked.

As Tamika and Ukitake continued to laugh, Ukitake called the waiter over and ordered a bottle of the best champagne.

"You two are way to serious about this. Me and Ukitake made a small wager on this news you were going to tell us. Ukitake said that you two were going to announce your engagement. I told him that will be the next announcement you two would make . This one was to test our reaction." Tamika said as she and Ukitake continued to laugh.

As the waiter poured the champagne in the fluted glasses, Ukitake handed Tamika a crisp new American fifty dollar bill. "We already knew that you two were living together so I told Tamika that you must have decided to get married. Because that was the next step," Ukitake beam his bright smile.

Byakuya and Gin looked at each other and started to laugh as they watch Tamika pour the champagne in the glasses. When everyone had a glass in their hand, Ukitake and Tamika held their up and did a toast to the happy couple.

"It's funny how everyone sees how much you two are in love. Now it is time for you to believe it." She leaned forward touched Gin and Byakuya's glasses. The sound produced was high pitched 'clink' when they touched.

Ukitake was not a toaster but a hugger. He walked over and hugged the two love birds. "Now we can we start to make wedding plans." He kissed the two on the cheeks and hugged Byakuya and then Gin. Byakuya gave Gin a look of 'leave it be and let his Poppa dream' as Ukitake hugged Gin.

Their food came out as they talked about random things when Tamika phone ranged. She looked at the caller id which stated 'Ken'. She excused herself from the table as she answered her phone.

Gin watched as Tamika expression changed. He knew from that expression that she was going home to the States for a meeting. She spoke for a few minutes and hung up. She looked up and saw Gin staring at her.

Tamika winked at Gin. He got up and came to her.

"When are you leaving?" he asked her .

"In the morning. But until then, let's enjoy your good news." Tamika hugged Gin as he went back to Byakuya.

Tamika told Ukitake and Byakuya about her news but stated that she wanted dessert. Ukitake called for the dessert menu.

As the four enjoyed the evening, Tamika felt another set of eyes on them.

The phone call was in reference to Aizen. He told Tamika that Aizen had been following Gin for the last couple of days. With him moving and trying very hard to get close to Gin, everyone should now be getting in or be in position.

As she watched Gin and Byakuya holding hands and smiling at each other, Tamika begin to wonder if Gin will be able to handle the next episodes that are to happen. Hitomi wanted her son to come into his full power but it depends on how Gin will react to his mother. He was a baby when she left. Could he forgive her for leaving?

As they all started to leave, Gin told Byakuya that he wanted to spend some time with Tamika before she left for the States. He kissed Gin on his cheek and told him to enjoy his evening. He told Gin that he did understand why he wanted to spend time with Tamika. It was no mistake in inviting Tamika and Ukitake; they were the most important ones in their lives. They wanted them to continue to be a part of their lives.

"I think I will spend some time with Poppa. Besides, we have a lifetime together." They smiled at each other and left with their friends.

Tamika and Gin watch as Byakuya put his arm around Ukitake and reassure him that all is well with him and Gin.

"We just wanted to spend time with our best friend," they said in unison as they walked away.