Happy New Year My friends! I am back and working on many stories: with friends and the new ones. One I hope to get published. But anyway, here is another chapter and already working on the next. Enjoy!

Aizen glared at the computer screen as he looked at picture after picture of Gin and Byakuya. Since the two have become a couple, the paparazzi have been snapping pictures of the happy couple whenever they were out in public together.

"Look at the two of them," he snarled as he looked at a picture of Gin and Byakuya kissing. He angrily through a glass of water across the room as turned off his monitor. The sound of the broken glass gave an shattering noise as he started to pace his living room floor.

He pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. His call was answered after the second ring.

"Hello," the voice came over the phone

'It's me. It's time to get this over it. Byakuya Kuchiki is becoming a thorn in my side. How soon can you take him out?" Aizen spoke into the phone as he was pacing back and forth. He listen intently as he felt himself getting very agitated.

"It all depends," the voice said in a deep monotone bass, "public or private. If you choose private, it will cost you more."

"Fine, just do it." Aizen ended the call immediately. He continued to pace the floor as he thought about his call.

"Father, I hope that this is all worth it," he said to himself. "I hope it is worth getting Hitomi Ichimarau back to you."


Hitomi slept in the guest room in Tamika's house. She felt someone staring at her. As she started to wake, she spoke to Tamika.

"You can go and do what you need to do. I can take care of myself. Remember, I took care of myself before you found me?" she said as she started to laugh. Her smile was so much like Gin's that Tamika started to laugh herself.

"Well, I am leaving for a meeting. Isshin and his family are next door. I left you some breakfast and coffee. Ichigo may come by with your lunch and dinner or he may come and get you. But make sure that you behave while I am gone."

Tameka came and gave a light kiss on her cheek and left.

After Tamika left, Hitomi got back under the cover and fell asleep.

She started to dream. She started to dream about that time.


When she was a girl at her great-grandparents home, she was sitting on her great-grandmother's lap asking about their people. Hitomi always loved to hear her tell stories about their people. They all knew that Hitomi was the strongest and that the day her children were born, they would be leaders of the tribe.

"We lived a simple life and yes, they all looked like we do. That is how we could distinguish our clan from others. There were other clans and we traveled together but each clan had an unique 'gift'. We had some who had the gift to grow food, others who had the gift to build shelters and so on."

"And our unique gift is killing hollows?" she asked her great-grandmother.

She smiled at Hitomi. "That is not an unique gift. Shinigami kill hollows and so do Quincys. What is so unique about that. Our uniqueness is the ability to communicate with hollows. To control them."

"Hitomi dear, we never were afraid of the hollows. Our people lived a long life near the hollows. They, the hollows, have a spirit of pass lives and we can read and control them. Most times we can send them away; back to where they came from but some," she smiled, "have to die."

Then her dream turn to her connection to Sosuke Aizen. Hitomi started to shake as her dream started to turn to a nightmare.

Although she lost her sight two years before her daughter was born her other senses were heighten. There were times others thought she had her eye sight. Even Dr. Junichi Aizen and his wife.

During the lean times, many of her tribe would do work in fields. Clearing, planting, even picking fruit and vegetable. Hitomi's husband would work because he did not want me to do any work. She was pregnant with their daughter. He was very protective of her and he did not want me to do anything but prepare for our child, the leader of their tribe.

At first, Dr. Aizen was a good man. He would help her husband, making sure that when work was available at his house or in the area, he would be picked first. Or if his friends needed some work done, members of her tribe would get work also.

Dr. Aizen's wife was a very nice person and a humanitarian. She was one of the few we would let into our camps. She would make sure that the children would have things like clothes, toys and if she would go to others camps, we would go with her to help. That is how she found out about other clans like herself.

One day a small group of men from our clan was walking the doctor's wife home when a hollow attacked. As a reaction, as they defended her, she saw how they destroyed the hollow.

They pleaded with her not to mention this to anyone. She agreed not to say anything. But what the men of her clan failed to realize that some wives do not keep secrets. Once I heard about the incident, I told my husband that she would tell her husband. She remembered him asking her why she said that. She told him 'that if it had happened to me, I would tell you.'

Hitomi woke up and started to cry as she thought about her husband. She thought about how he was good to her and how much she missed him.

She dried her eyes and decided to get out of bed. She took her shower and dressed. She walked in the kitchen and felt the coffee pot. It was still warm as she felt for the mug Tamika left out for her. As she pour her coffee, she felt an uneasiness around her.

"Showtime," she whispered as she sipped her coffee.


Tamika sat across from her commander as they ate lunch. They sat in silence as the information that was told to Tamika was going through her head.

"Dee taichou, you look like something is bothering you. Tell me what is it?" her commander asked.

She looked at her and exhaled. The commander saw that she was not ready to talk.

"I know that Hitomi knows who you are. I mean, what mother doesn't know her own daughter; Giga or no Giga. I think you are worried about your brother, Gin and how he is going to react to you and his mother." The commander reached out to Tamika. Since Tamika has been under her command, she treated her more like a daughter than a subordinate. "Don't worry. If we do not stop Aizen and his father, what feelings we have for each other will not mean a damn thing."

The commander grabbed Tamika's hand and continued to speak to her. "You must remain focused. Kyoraku will take care of Ukitake and Byakuya. You, Urahara, Kurosaki and Shihoin will take of Gin. Even Hitomi knows what she is going to do. The success of this mission depends on everyone doing their assignments."

Tamika looked at her commander. "I understand ma'am."