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Tamika was at her desk, signing paperwork, as Gin walked into the workroom.

Since Gin moved in with Byakuya, Ken and Toru moved into his condo. Tamika decided to move into her home next to the Kurisoki's and keep her condo as an office and work space. She planned to sell this place after Byakuya's company completes the building where they will office space and very large work area for Gin when he hires a staff.

"Hey Tamika," Gin said softly as not to startle her, "You doing okay today?"

"I'm fine," she answered back. She got up and walked to Gin. She placed her arms around him and gave him a big hug.

Gin placed his head on her shoulder and started to cry. Tamika that it was nerves that had him so upset. She about why he was so upset.


The other night over dinner with Ukitake, Gin and Byakuya at their place, she told them the reason of her trip.

"Gin, I went to check out an allegation by a woman who claimed to be your biological mother." Tamika waited for a response from Gin.

The silence was deafening as the four looked at each other. She could not tell if he was angry or upset. Byakuya reached for Gin's hand and broke the silence.

"Gin, Are you okay?" he spoke softly.

Gin shook his head and looked at Tamika. "Why?" he said, "Why come now?"

Tamika knew Gin well and noticed that he gave her, not an angry look but a confused looked.

"Gin, being in the position that I am in, the position that you rising to, people are always claiming some connection to be some kind of relation to you. I have had many calls from people from all over the world claiming some familial connection to you. I have an investigation agency the follow up on the legitimate accusations. After all the allegations were check, I met with her. Just on her physical appearance," Tamika stopped. She looked at Gin who looked as though he was hanging on her every word.

Ukitake broke in. "Gin, I know that you have questions but before you say anything, I want you to know that I have been in Tamika's position. I always wanted to protect Byakuya but I wanted him to know everything about his family and make a decision. When I found out about Byakuya's family, I told him and he even met them. From there, he made his own decision."

Byakuya spoke. "Sweetheart, when my Poppa told me about my family, I got to meet them. The sad part was I did not get to meet my mother or father. I do not regret my decision concerning my biological family because, I have parents that are supportive of me; and now I have you."

Gin squeezed Byakuya's hand and spoke. As he spoke, Byakuya eased an arm around to let him know that he would be there for support.

"Tamika, I know that everything you have done for me is for my protection. You are more of an older sister to me than an employer. As I grow in my business, I have gotten calls from my adoptive family. I know that is why you brought Ken and Toru here. They are wonderful. Now, as far this woman wanting to me,'" he paused, "I want to meet her. I do not know how far it will go but I do want to meet her."

-End of Flashback-

Both sat on the couch as Gin laid his head on her shoulder. He remembered how the two would sit on this couch and talk about random things.

"You know, since you been with Byakuya, I feel you becoming a strong person. You have not had an attack since you been with him." Tamika smiled for her friend.

"I feel amazingly happy. He makes me happy." He stopped and asked the question. "What time is she coming?"

"Ken and Toru are bringing her over now. Is Byakuya on his way?"

"Yeah, he was in a meeting this morning but he texted me when I walked in the door that he and Ukitake are on their way. But tell me about her."

"Well, she looks just like you, down to the eye color but she is blind. She also has spirit like you."

Gin listened as Tamika spoke. The one question he wanted the answer to out of all the others, 'Why did she give me away?'

Just then, they heard Ukitake and Byakuya ring the bell. Tamika got up to let them in. As usual, Gin went straight to Byakuya. As Tamika and Ukitake went straight to the kitchen to fix tea, the two looked at each other as they thought about what the meeting would bring. They looked at Gin and Byakuya just holding on to each other.

"Where is Shunsui?" Tamika asked.

"He is on patrol. He has a group that is following Aizen."

Ukitake and Tamika were about to come into the room when the door bell sounded.

Everyone kind of jumped. Tamika asked Byakuya to take Gin to the couch in the office while she walked to answer the door.

In the office, Gin did not sit as he paced back and forth waiting for the introduction. The seconds felt like a life time to him. He felt his mind swarming with questions he wanted to ask when he heard Tamika's voice.

"Gin, this is Hitomi Ichimaru."

Gin turned and looked at her. He took in a deep breath as he saw her.

On Tamika's arm stood a woman that Gin was staring that looked like him. The hair, the color of her skin was like him and the eyes; the same color of bright blue.

Byakuya stood behind Gin and touched his shoulder and whispered in his ear. "Go ahead and speak to her. Remember, she's blind."

Gin cleared his throat. "Hello," he said.

Hitomi reached out to him. Byakuya placed his arm around Gin as he reached out to her. Once their hands touched, Ukitake and Tamika felt the change in the room. Byakuya felt Gin's body change.

Tears formed in his eyes as he started to walk forward.

"Mama," he said and he walked towards her. He wrapped his arms around her. "Mama," he choked out between sobs. Hitomi whispered in his ear, "Son, please forgive me."

Tamika looked at Byakuya, who had his arm around Ukitake who had tears in his eyes. Then she looked at Toru and Ken who nodded and left to go outside.

She knew that if they all felt the connection between Gin and Hitomi that meant, others felt it and also Aizen and his father felt it.

Tamika cleared her throat and said, "Can we all go into room and have a seat."

Gin and Hitomi did not break their embrace. They continued to hug each other in the same spot.

"Let them take their time. We are not in any rush." Ukitake grabbed Tamika as he walked into the kitchen. "Let's order something to eat because I think we are in for a long afternoon."

They looked back at Gin and his mother still hugging each other. But now Hitomi had her hands on Gin's face. They both were smiling and talking. Gin reached for Byakuya who now was included in the group. Hitomi placed a hand on Byakuya as she asked him questions. Gin looked at Tamika and smiled.

"Thank you," he mouthed to her.

Tamika smiled back and said, "You're welcome."