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"Sosuke, how much longer will you make us wait?" the smooth voice of the elder Aizen spoke. Next to him was a hollow.

Sosuke looked at his father. He saw where he got his looks from. They both had the dark brown hair smother skin but his father was dead; a hollow. His skin was pale white. His eyes, a lifeless black that stared at his son. The whole in his chest reminded Sosuke that the thing in front was not his father but a hollow that existed on the memories of his father.

"She has made contact with Gin. She has awakened the 'gift' inside of him although he does not know it. It will be a matter of time before he has his full power." Sosuke answered back.

"You were to find her before she found her son. Now that she has found him, it makes her more powerful. You failed me son; you fail your mother also."

Sosuke watched as his father placed a hand on the hollow next to him. It started to morph into a human-like form. Slowly, it grew into the form of his mother. It smiled at Sosuke. The eyes slowly gazed at him. The soft lifeless eyes seemed to plead with him as if to help her.

"What is on your mind, son?" Junichi said as he continued to rub the hollow on the back. "Are your thoughts with Hitomi's son? Gin's is his name?" He smiled an evil grin as he watched his son mood change.

"After I told Gin that his mother was alive and that she was living in the human world, He left without me. It took everyone by surprise when he left so quickly, it changed the plan. He is with his lover, Byakuya Kuchiki. He came after him. And that Tamika Dee, she is very protective of him but her role," he paused, "I do not know where or how she fits into this. It is like she came out of the blue, but I can deal with her. All humans are easy to kill. She would be just another statistic. But Byakuya, he may be trouble."

"Do you think they know of your plan?"

"No. I don't think so. I know that once a child reaches out for their parent, they will respond. Well in my case, I reached out to you." Sosuke gave his father a sarcastic smile. His father in turn gave him a sarcastic grin. "Your plan did not include Gin but I want him. Since he has had contact with his mother, our plan should proceed as planned. The only change will be is that Gin will be with me. Once you have Hitomi, your plan would be to take over the Soul Society will proceed." Sosuke said as he looked out over the vast land of hollows.

"They have come for a leader. All of these factions, these Menos, Gillians and all others come for a leader and they look and come to me." Junichi said as he stood beside his son and looked over the groups forming. "Hitomi can speak to them; she can control them. I, in turn, will have to control her." He turned and asked his son the question. "Hitomi had two children. A son and a daughter?"

"I have not heard of this. Gin doesn't know of a sister. In all of my research, a second child was not mentioned. Gin was the only one child that is mentioned and that has survived. If there was another child, she must have died before she came to the home." Sosuke thought as he went through his memory.

"If she ever existed, she is dead because she would have tried to communicate with Gin or with her mother. I have not heard of or seen her. But is time for you to leave," Junichi said as he signaled the three hollows to escort his son out.

"Goodbye Father and . . ." he stopped short of saying 'mother'. He knew that 'thing' was no more his mother than the three hollows that were about to escort him from this place.

"Son, what is your next step in your plan?"

Sosuke turned to his father. "Since Gin and Byakuya are together, I am going to have to kill Byakuya Kuchiki and send his soul straight to hell. Then I will bring to you Hitomi Ichimaru and for me, Gin Ichimaru as my mate."

Sosuke Aizen turned and walked out of the room with the hollows.

Junichi turned and placed his hand on the back of the hollow that resembled his wife. He grabbed the hollow by the neck and snapped it.

"I have no use for you. Now I wait for her. Now, Son, it is up to you to fulfill your destiny with the Aizen name." He motioned the hollows guards in the room to remove the destroyed hollow.

They came in and picked up the hollow and as other came and cleaned the area.

The hollows that carried the deceased hollow, walked until they came to a barren area. One placed and hand on the deceased hollow and completely destroyed. As the other one turned to leave, a sword poked through his chest, sliced him in half and it too was destroyed. The surviving hollow knew that hollows dying in this area would not start an alarm. The hollow turned and started to walk towards the end of the field. When the hollow proceeded to walk through the exit it transformed into Tamika Dee.

"Dee taichou, what took you so long?" Ken said as he and Toru continued to move towards her house. She instructed them to go and check on Gin and Byakuya. She informed them that Aizen is back in this world. As she arrived at her house, Hitomi was there waiting along with Urahara. She spoke with him and updated him on the mission. He nodded and left. She then walked over and fell into the open arms of Hitomi.

"I almost forgot your gift. I am so proud that you did not shy away from it. But as you know it is only half of your gift." Hitomi placed a hand over Tamika heart as she felt Tamika's power growing.

Tamika felt a shock and also relief that her mother knew who she was. "I thought you were blind," she chuckled. "I guess it is true, a mother knows her child." They continued to hug. "I can't come out of this form because they believe I do not exist. Since they are going to make their move soon for you, I have to be ready for them. But are you ready?"

"Don't worry about me. I can handle Junichi Aizen. You and your people handle Aizen and protect my son.