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Gin and Byakuya lay in bed. Byakuya had a protective arm around Gin as he quietly snored in his sleep. He pulled Gin closer to him more as he relaxed and started to dream.

As he fell deeper into sleep, he felt his spirit rise. He saw Ukitake and Shunsui standing in front of him.

"It's time for us to go. It is time for us to go home," Ukitake said as he reached out to him.

Kyoraku placed a hand on his shoulder as he smiled at him. "We have to hurry. You have to protect Gin." He pointed behind him.

Byakuya turned to see Gin. He was struggling with someone. As he looked harder he saw Gin struggling with Aizen. He started to go to him when Kyoraku stopped him. "You cannot go now. You have to come with us," Ukitake said as he started to pull Byakuya in his direction.

Suddenly, Byakuya sat up. Gin woke up as he fell from Byakuya's embrace.

"What's wrong Byakuya?" Gin asked.

Byakuya looked at him and said, "It my Poppa. Something is wrong. I just feel it." He jumped out of bed and looked for his cell phone. When he found it he had the phone dial Ukitake. It went straight to voice mail. He then tried his father, Kyoraku.

"Hello," the voice answered.


Hitomi sat in a chair next to Tamika. She could tell that Tamika was a little nervous. The plan was to going into effect. Urahara and Yoruichi agreed with Tamika that they needed to go on offense and that they did not need to stop until they had destroyed Aizen and his father.

"I feel your uneasiness, Tamika. I know that I will be glad when this is over. I want you to go back to your true form. I want you and Gin to be sister and brother again. Before I left, you were as protective of him then as you are now." Hitomi reached out to her daughter. They grabbed hands and sat in silence.

She then thought about the time her came to this world.


She held her baby in her arms. She had just named this child Gin because it was his father's name and since he was murdered by Junichi Aizen, she wanted to keep his memory alive for her and her children.

Urahara had hid them in his underground area until she was strong enough to venture above ground. She met their other friend, Isshin Kurosaki. They all watched as her daughter, Toshiko, morphed into object around her. She had thought of it as a game but Hitomi knew that her powers would be far more advanced than she expected. She was amazed that her daughter could, not only copy, but how long she could hold the image. One day, while she and Urahara were talking, Yoruichi walked up to them. She was smiling and jumping around when they caught sight of the black cat walking up to the group.

Suddenly, Yoruichi turned into the black cat.

"Stop that Toshiko," both of the cats spoke at each other. One cat started laughing and then transformed into Toshiko. She continued to laugh as she started to around the group.

"She is going to be very powerful one day." Urahara said as he watched her run around.

"It will be her technique but there will be more to it. After the age of five, most of us started with our gifts but she started early, just like me." Hitomi looked at her sleeping baby. "I wonder what your gift will be little one?"

End of Flashback

"You knew what his gift was, didn't you mama?"

"Yes, I knew. I knew that his gift would grow with his true love. He and Byakuya spiritual energy are woven together. I think that those two will be together in any universe."

Suddenly, the phone ranged. Tamika answered the phone quickly. Hitomi listened as Tamika limited her conversation to just 'yes' and 'okay'. When she hung up, Hitomi felt Tamika's energy change.

"It's game time," Tamika said quietly. She came and sat next to her mother. She placed her head on her mother's shoulder. "Please, be careful. Gin just found you. I know that he does not want the loose you now."

"I am not going anywhere again. My plans now include building a relationship with my children. When I come back, I want you to be in your true form, so Gin will know that his big sister has been watching over him. Now, let's get going. Gin will be calling if I do not get there in time."


Byakuya had rushed to the hospital. From the phone call, he learned that both Ukitake and Kyoraku had been attacked and both were at death's door. He had ran out the door and told Gin that he should come later.

When he arrived at the hospital, he saw the still bodies of both of his parents lying in the beds. Tubes and monitors connect to them definitely disturbed him. They placed them in a semi-private room through Byakuya's request.

"What happened?" he spoke as he held Ukitake's hand.

The guard told him that an intruder came in their home. It was her understanding that they were tied and beaten. Kyoraku was able to speak before losing consciousness. He said that they kept asking about Gin and his mother.

"They were trying to find out about Gin and Hitomi?" he said as he thought about Gin being alone. "I got to get back to him."


A lone gun sat on the on the roof of a building across from the hospital entrance. He glanced in the scope on top of the sniper rifle. He read numbers that kept jumping from .8047km to 1.609km.

"Little wind," he whispered as he adjusts the scope and waited. Waiting for Byakuya Kuchiki to walk out of the building.

As he waited to take his shot, his thoughts went to the attack that happened on Byakuya's parents earlier in the evening. He knew that they would not give any information on their son and his new love. But why would they. He already knew their location. That was the bonus that Aizen gave him for the job he is getting ready to take now. He knew that Aizen was going toward Gin location to get him.

A limousine pulled in front of the hospital. The gunman looked in the scope and started to smile. He saw two guards come out first and look around then motion for the next group to proceed.

The gunman started to squeeze as he saw Byakuya come into the cross hairs of his scope.


The sound of the bullet passing through the silencer. The gunman so loved that sound.

Byakuya was on his cell phone talking when he started to fall. Suddenly the guards started yelling and covering Byakuya. The group quickly moved to secure and remove Byakuya from the area.


The gunman shot another shot near the group. He was able to see the lifeless body of Byakuya Kuchiki being carried back into the hospital.

The gunman smiled as he pulled out his cell phone and pushed the number 2. He waited for Aizen to pick up.


"It's done," the gunman said and hung up. He opened the phone and took the sim card out and broke the phone in two and threw it away, packed his rifle and left.


Hitomi and Gin sat on the couch talking as the television played in the background. The doorbell ranged and Gin got up to answer. He opened the door and was surprised by who stood there.

"Aizen? What are you doing here?" Gin looked at him with a puzzled look on his face.

Suddenly Hitomi stood and called out to Gin. "Gin, he is not here for you. He is here for me."

Gin looked at his mother and then back at Aizen. Before Gin could ask what was going on, Aizen took his fist and punched him. Gin lost conciseness before he fell on the floor.

Aizen looked at Hitomi. "My father is waiting on you. Please come with me." He spoke calmly as he held out his hand as he walked to her. "Don't worry, Gin coming with us too. I would not dare harm him."

Aizen grabbed Hitomi's hand and walked out the door. They passed a hollow that picked up Gin and followed behind them. They disappeared into an opening to the hollow area.