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Re-write (March 2013) of Chapter 19

Sorry for the delay. This chapter is not long but the next one will go in detail. And hopefully get to the ending. I got a few things to check out and piece together. Enjoy!


Aizen escorted Hitomi to the area that was prepared for her and Gin. The hollow that carried Gin placed him on the couch that was in the room. As Aizen lead Hitomi to the couch, she felt a hollow as it turned to leave and another one in the room. Hitomi could feel and read the hollows spirit.

"Welcome, Hitomi Ichimarau," a voice came from the side of the room.

She recognized the voice calling out to her. "Junichi Aizen. Why have you brought me here?" As she spoke the words, she knew what his plan was for her.

"You escaped me once but I knew that if you knew your son was in danger, you would come back." Junichi said in a sarcastic voice. "I know how protective you are of him."

Hitomi felt Gin starting to wake up. Aizen went to Gin and started to stroke his cheek when Hitomi spoke.

"Don't touch him, Sosuke. My son does not have to be involved in this. This is between me and your father." Hitomi felt for her son but Aizen blocked her hand. "Please leave him alone. Let him go!" she shouted at Sosuke and his father.

"Stop it!" Gin called out as he sat up and grabbed Aizen's arm. "Do not ever touch my mother."

"You're awake. How are you?" Hitomi said as she reached out for Gin. She felt Gin's hand in hers as he got up to sit close to her.

Gin rubbed the back of neck. "Like Tamika would say, 'That fucker hit me.'" He tried to make light of the situation but could not shake the feeling that he and his mother were in danger. He also felt that no one would be able to help them.

Hitomi felt Gin's mood change.

Gin looked around and noticed that they were in an area that had a throne but no windows. In fact, there were no walls. He had a feeling of death all around as he tried to figure why he and his mother were there.

"Where are we and what is this place?" Gin as he looked at his mother. "And how do you know Junichi Aizen?" He tried to get up but Hitomi would not let him. "I got to call Byakuya. He is probably worried that I have not called him." He was looking for his phone but it was not on him. Now he started to panic. He jumped up and started to yell at Aizen. "What going on here?! Why did you bring us here?!" Gin kept yelling over and over at Aizen. He began to feel a pain in his head. He grabbed his head as he looked toward his mother. He felt himself reaching out to her as he started to lose consciousness.

Gin fell on the floor. His eyes had rolled in his head. Aizen knelt to check on him.

"Leave him alone. He will be just fine." Junichi yelled to his son. "Besides, he has no place in our plans. But he will help keep his 'mother' working with us."

Aizen looked at his father and smiled. "Why father, don't tell me you have a soft spot for her."

Junichi looked at his son. A look of disgust came across his face. Hitomi felt the change in him also. She took the opportunity to try to place a wedge between the two.

"A soft spot for me?" Hitomi laughed. "Sosuke, your father is incapable of any feeling towards anyone; especially you or your mother. She felt Junichi start to become agitated with her. "Sosuke, did your father ever tell how your mother died?"

"Shut up woman. You have no idea, what happened to my wife," Junichi yelled at her.

"You're wrong, I know exactly what happened. In fact, you killed my husband to cover up what you did to her.

"Shut up woman," Junichi yelled at her. "You have no ideas what you are talking about." He started to become very agitated with her. "How dare you say that I killed your husband."

"You did. You killed him because he threaten to tell the Gotei 13 that you killed your wife and others." Hitomi tried to keep calm but steadied her nerved as she pushed on. "You see, Sosuke, I know what happened. Your father does not want me to tell you. He wants my power. My power will help him control those hollows out there." She pointed to the masses of hollows.

She had gotten out of her chair and made her way to Gin. She had cradled his head in her lap. She placed a hand on his chest. She decided that now is the time to unlock his ability. His true ability.

Gin felt that energy course through all parts of his body. He felt all the spirits of his family from his past. He felt his spirit build then explode. When it cleared, he was standing in front of his mother. Her hand was over his heart. But he saw her hand over the heart of the next person standing next to him. He felt as though he knew her. It was his sister and she was holding his hand. He noticed that her eyes were a piercing green that were just as bright as his. Then she spoke to him.

"Wake Up, Gin," she yelled at him.

Suddenly he took a deep breath and opened his eyes. As he became aware he noticed that he was staring at himself. He realized that he was looking through his mother's eyes.

"Mama, I can't see," he yelled out. "What is happening?"

"Shhhh, son. It is all well." Hitomi said as she was able to see through Gin's eyes. She turned and saw Junichi for what he really was. A Hollow. Then she looked at Sosuke. She noticed that he looked like his father but had his mother's eyes. "Gin, It is time for you to get up. Together, we can handle this.

Hitomi got up with the help of Gin. They held hands as Hitomi started to verbally go after Junichi.

"Junichi, are you going to tell your son about his mother or shall I?"