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Gin started to open his eyes. He heard people talking around him. He heard Byakuya voice as he was squeezed his hand.

"Hello love," Byakuya said as he gave him a kiss on his forehead.

Gin's body hurt just like it did after her had his attacks. "Byakuya? What happened?"

Byakuya looked at him and told him to relax. "You are safe now. You just relax. I will be here."

Gin smiled and closed his eyes. Byakuya waited until he was in a deep sleep before he spoke.

"I don't know where his mind is at this time. He remembered me but I don't know if it was his life here in the Soul Society or his life on earth.

Tamika and Hitomi sat in the chairs across the room. Hitomi was holding her daughter's hand as she read the spirit of her son and Byakuya.

"He truly loves him. They are truly in sync with each other." She squeezed Tamika's hand as she felt Ukitake come into the room.

He came in and hugged Hitomi and Tamika. He then walked over to Byakuya and hugged him. "How is he doing?"

"He is doing well. We don't know where his memory is but he recognized me." Byakuya spoke without taking his eyes off Gin.

Ukitake smiled and he placed his hand on Byakuya's shoulder. "He will always know you. You two always look at each with your hearts not with your eyes."

Ukitake saw Tamika and Hitomi sitting against the wall. "Hitomi, do you want to come to my place and get some rest?"

She smiled and said no. "I want to be here when he wakes again."

Ukitake looked at Tamika. He gave her a nod to meet outside.

"Hitomi, I am going to get something to eat. I will bring you something back. Ukitake is going to come with me." She got up and kissed Hitomi. She walked over to Byakuya and whispered in his ear. He shook his head no and gave him a kiss on his cheek. She then gave Gin a kiss on his forehead. She left the room with Ukitake.

The two walked down the hall but did not speak until they got outside.

"Any word on Aizen's condition?" Ukitake asked.

"I spoke to Tosen. He too is sitting by Aizen's bedside like Byakuya to Gin. They have a connection with each other like Byakuya and Gin.

"When Gin left for the real world, he just left. No prep time or anything. That is when my commander told me that he entered. I am glad I was able to catch him and give him a role. Aizen came to the real world the same way but he had been prep but not by us. Then Byakuya came, but we knew he was prepped then you and Kyoraku came. I just did not know why all this is happening. Then Hitomi came into the picture." Tamika stopped talking as she took a deep breath. She started to think about the debrief she had to attend in a few hours.

Ukitake looked at Tamika and could tell that she was tired but worried about Gin. "I will tell you what. When Gin gets out of the hospital, I know Byakuya is going to have Gin living with him. Why don't we have a dinner after he and Aizen is well. I think both of them need to hear the truth. I think we all have to know and hear the truth."

Three Months Later

Tamika and Hitomi sat across from Tosen at the table on his deck outside. Tosen had invited the two to have tea with him and Aizen. Since the incident, Hitomi and Tamika had an interest in Aizen's recovery. Aizen was sitting the yard under a tree with a housekeeper who also doubled as a therapist.

"How is he doing?" Tamika asked as she saw Aizen struggling with an eating utensil. She then looked at Tosen who had a slight smile.

"Since he got out of the hospital, it's like he lost most of his memory. Most of his motor skills were gone so we are now in the process of retraining him." Tosen chuckled as he heard Aizen curse as he dropped his food. Then he heard the therapist say do it for Kaname.

"If you do this, he has some guests who want to meet you." The therapist said as she set him up to try again.

"His father got in touch with me. He wants to come and see him. It turns out, Sosuke is his only child. He wants to develop a relationship with him. I don't know if it is wise," Tosen said as he lowered his head. Tears started to fall. "The only thing he remembers is me. It is so strange that he remembers our first date but he can't feed himself."

Hitomi reached out and found Tosen's hand. Once their hands touched, the tears flowed from Tosen.

"Kaname, the reason Aizen is here now is because of you. You saved his life." Tamika got up and sat next to Tosen. She placed an arm around him. He continued to cry on her shoulder. "His memories were fading so fast that I realized Junichi was trying to kill him. I could not stop it but I was able to get in his memory and quickly found out what or who he was trying to reach out for. I found out was he was reaching and trying to hang on to you. In a situation like this, it was extreme but if that is all he had to hold on to was you, so be it. If is it true love, both of you will overcome this."

"Kaname," Aizen yelled out. "Are you okay?"

Tamika saw the concern on his face as he looked at the group. He started to get up to me to the group.

"I'm okay," Tosen called out. "You finish your session so you can show Tamika-sun how well you did today." He turned in his direction and smiled.

Tamika saw the hesitation in Aizen eyes but then they change to trust. He gave a slight smile and slowly went back to the therapist. They continued their training session.

"He still feels unsure but he trusts you." Hitomi said as she held his hand. "His mother was a kind woman, a loving woman. She and Kisuke's mother were sisters."

Tosen turned to her. "Kisuke and Sosuke are cousins. Their mothers were members of our tribe. That is why members would escort her where ever she wanted to go; even to Junichi's brother's house. When she found out she was pregnant, she told my husband that she would want her child sealed so that her husband would not experiment on her child. She knew what her husband did with members of our tribe. She sent a letter to her husband's brother and told him what he was doing to our people and also about her child. Junichi must have found the letter."

Tosen listened to Hitomi as he felt Aizen clapping at his achievement for the day. "He is through and now he will be joining us soon. If what you say is true, if he unsealed, will he get his memory back?"

"I don't know. But it is his gift and it was given to him from his mother. When he uses it, it will happen." Hitomi told Tamika to move because she was in Sosuke's place.

Aizen stood at the edge of the table as he watches Tamika move. He sat next to Tosen and placed his arms around him. Tosen introduced Hitomi and Tamika to Aizen. He bowed to both of them and then he reached out to Hitomi. He looked at her then at Tamika.

"Why do you hide behind that thing? You are beautiful and you look like Hitomi and . . ." Aizen stopped. He was trying to remember a name. He stopped and placed his attention back to Tosen.

"Sosuke, go and bring us some snacks and more tea. I want you to show our guest what you learned today."

Aizen kissed Tosen and left the group he told them that he would be back.

"His seal is breaking. He can see my true form. It will truly break on its own," Tamika said.

Hitomi thought about what his gift would be. "He will be able to see into the future. His mother knew she was going to die. That is why she told my husband that she wanted her child sealed. I think as he trains more, the seal will break. As his seal breaks, you will be able to ensure that he uses it for good. We will be here for him."

Aizen came back out carrying a tray with the assistance of the staff members. He sat down and with assistance from Tamika, he served everyone. Then his hands started to shake as he attempted to use the utensil to serve the cookies. Tosen steadied Aizen's hand as he started. When he finished, they cheered and Tosen gave him a kiss on his cheek.

They sat at the table and watch as Aizen demonstrate his memory and he showed Tamika his drawing. It was not what she was expecting.

"Who is this?" she asked Aizen.

He closed his eyes and thought. "Gin?" he whispered.

Tamika smiled and said that's right.

"When you come out of that body, you look like him but you got green eyes. They are very beautiful." Aizen smiled at Tamika.

Suddenly, Aizen attention went back to Tosen. He put his arm around him and kissed him.

They talked until Aizen grew tired and Tosen took him to his room to sleep. He then he came back to escort Tamika and Hitomi to the door.

"Ukitake is having a dinner for Byakuya and Gin in a few days. I think it would be good for you and Aizen to come so we all can place an end to Junichi Aizen and a new beginning to all of us. Will you come?"

Tosen took a deep breath and thought for a few seconds. "If Sosuke up to it, I will bring him. I think him and Kisuke need to meet. Maybe I should also get in touch with Sosuke's father. He needs to know the truth so that he can decide."

He hugged both Hitomi and Tamika. "Thank you for your visit and thank you for helping Sosuke. You will always be welcomed here."

They bowed to their host and left.