Kaito''s POV

I stared at Droite until she disappeared back into the bunker. Did she just discard me like trash? I guess when we exiled her, it caused more damage than we thought. Even her appearance changed; her hair had grown all the way to her rear, her bangs covering the left side of her face, her hazel eyes held nothing but hatred, and the way she stood held nothing but malice.

Her personality was the thing that scared me. It seemed like the only emotions she held was anger, and very possibly hatred. And most of that was directed at me and Gauche.

Droite came back out a moment later, holding a black duffle bag. She was stuffing a plastic box filled with needles.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Heroin needles." At my shocked look, she rolled her eyes and continued on. "It calms me down. If I don't use it, then I'll kill again. Got it?"

I nodded, and she frowned. Her eyes narrowed, before she went over to the Duel Runner and opened the seat. She pulled out another helmet besides her own, and shut the seat with a slam.

Tossing me the extra helmet, she said harshly, "Put it on. Whatever transportation you used won't be enough to get through this part of the city."

After I placed the helmet on and clicked the visor down, I watched Droite secure her bag onto the rear of the Runner and raised one of the arms. She climbed on, securing her helmet on her head, and looked at me. I blinked once, then got on behind her.

When I locked my arms around her waist, she glared back at me, but didn't protest. She started the bike, and it roared to life. A few seconds later, and she had pulled out onto a road that was close to Heartland Tower, just outside the arena.

"Droite?" I asked over the wind. She looked back at me.

"What?" she asked back, speeding the Runner up.

"Why are you so harsh to me? I mean, I wasn't the one who exiled you-"

"Heh..." was her only response, a smile curving her lips. I glanced at her eyes, and through the black vizor, I could see her pupils were glowing red. She turned back to the road, her long hair flowing around me in the wind.

Why? Why was she being this malicious to me? How did she feel toward the others, especially Gauche? I leaned my head back to look at the cloud covered sky, and thought back five years ago...



There was a loud clank as the two swords clashed once more, their wielders panting. Droite straightened her back, sighing as she brought her sword to rest by her side. Akari did the same, smiling at the spectators.

Gauche and Yuma clapped for Droite and Akari, respectively. Haruto was excited, bouncing up and down beside Kaito and Orbital. Kotori looked worried, but seemed happy about Akari winning the round.

Droite smiled slightly, walking forward. But before she got to Akari, she groaned and fell to her knees, grasping her head in pain.

"Droite!" Gauche yelled, running over to the fallen woman. Upon getting to her, he was about to kneel down next to her, when she suddenly turned to look at him. He recoiled at what he saw.

Droite's pupils were glowing red, dilating. She stood slowly, gritting her teeth, and gripped her katana tightly.

She then started laughing, holding the sword above her head. Shoving Gauche away, she turned to Akari with an evil smirk.

"Droite, what are you doing?" Akari asked, taking a step back as the other woman took a step forward.

It all happened so fast.

Droite launched forward with such speed, nobody could have tracked her movements. She rose the sword and slashed it hard. Akari remained frozen for a moment before she fell to the ground, her head sliced completely in half.

Droite then took it a step further; she slashed over and over again, slicing Akari's body in multiple places. Blood splattered the violet-haired woman's clothing, face and hair.

She was smiling the whole time.

Yuma let out a cry and ran over to his sister's dead and mutilated body, glaring daggers at Droite. The Butterfly Duelist simply laughed.

"She was so fun to kill!" She laughed, raising her sword over Yuma's head. "Now, it's your turn to die!"

But before she could do anything, she was tackled to the ground. She yelled as she landed hard on her back, hitting her head hard against the pavement. When she managed to look up, she saw a fuzzy picture of Kaito pinning her to the ground. She stared blankly at him before blacking out.

*Kaito's POV*

I shut my eyes, pushing away the gruesome memory. Droite had told us shortly before she left that she had a thing in her head she called 'the madness' that took over her, or whatever. Of course, most of us didn't believe it.

"Thinking about when I killed Akari?" Droite suddenly asked, stopping the Runner.

"Uh... no," I mumbled, looking down. She looked at me over her shoulder, then flipped me off as she started off down the streets once more.

It wasn't long before we were parked outside a small grocery store (or what used to be a grocery store...), Droite glaring strongly at the entrance. I looked at her, seeing how much hatred she had in her eyes.

Man, if looks could kill, everyone would be dead right now...

"Yo, come out here you pieces of shit!" Droite yelled, raising the safety arm and climbing off after I let her go. I remained on the runner as she approached the entrance.

"Hey, if you motherfuckers won't come out, I'll hunt you down and rip you apart!" she yelled again, kicking a rock hard. It bounced up off the ground and broke a window.

That was enough to get somebody out here.

There was a loud CLANG as someone came to the door, and then a familiar flame-haired man came out the door.

Gauche gaped as he looked from Droite to me, then back again at me. "I told you to get help!"

"I did," I answered, climbing off the Runner. I took my helmet off, releasing my shoulder length blonde hair.

"Oh, c'mon," Droite said, rolling her eyes as she took her helmet off. " You shithead obviously don't want me here, so maybe I should throw you under my Runner and do a burnout."

Gauche stared harshly at the woman. "I thought I told you never to come back here."

"You did, but I guess you worthless assholes need my help." Droite glared so strongly at Gauche, I thought he might catch on fire.

Gauche took a step forward, forcing Droite to back up slightly. "Get out of here."

"Fuck no. I promised that little pest over there-" she pointed back at me-"that I'd help you dumbasses survive, and then I'll be your enemy once again. Once I'm done, I'll fade into the city, never to be fucked around with again. There. Done. Get the hell over it."

"Not that I want to interrupt or anything," I interrupted, making the two glare back at me. Flinching, I continued on, "But we have more serious problems." I pointed at the setting sun, and that only meant one thing.

The Erasers would be coming out with their new experiments.

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