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Chapter 1 – The bet

The dim light of the setting sun outlined the lone figure currently undertaking an extenuating session of training. A thin sheen of sweat was covering the skin of the female warrior currently going through the daily routine of improving one's body. Stretching fully ahead and landing a swipe at a mentally-constructed enemy, the figure leaned back into a defensive stance, assessing the possible damage dealt.

A severed jugular was the swiftest diagnosis, but the sheer directness of the attack made it pitifully easy to predict and avoid just by leaning back.

Repeating the motions, she followed with a swift flying kick to a pseudo-chest that would've surely landed her opponent, leaving them easy for a follow-up killing strike.

The woman's garments had a clear design for efficiency and not much for fashion except a few designs from her Order and sharing the colour green. Her torso was covered by a simple vest-like cloth, leaving her left shoulder bare and the other covered by a plated shoulder guard, held together by straps running over her shoulders and around her chest. The main cloth continued on towards her mid-shins both in front and behind her in a loincloth style, held at her waist by a big belt with the Order's decorations. Her forearms and legs were protected by long gloves and leggings under plated gauntlets, both covering up to her mid-arm and mid-thigh, respectively. Her face was covered by a facemask, leaving the area around her dark-brown eyes empty and without obstruction. The last piece of attire were two twin hairpieces made of the same material, holding her extremely long hair in a taut pony-tail that swayed with her every move.

In her hands, she held the handles of the pair of Kama she was often trademarked with.

"Akali of the Kinkou." A voice spoke from above the woman. She didn't even bother to acknowledge the spectator, having felt the presence the first moment that the intruder had entered and perched on the supporting beams of the main training facility within the Institute of War. This facility was the only one in the whole building that didn't make any reservations about who used it, having been designed for "improving the social shortcomings between champions of different nations".

There were smaller facilities dedicated for champions of each nation (which were the ones used, mostly), located within the areas of the Institute destined to that nation's use.

For the Fist of Shadow, she didn't care much about who was present during her training sessions. Her fear of her techniques being dissected and countered via spies was made null when she was brought to attention that her battles were being recorded and were publicly accessible.

Thus, she only felt a slight discomfort at being watched, and only because it was a rare occurrence. There was an unspoken rule among the Champions of the League that training sessions were closed-doors to all that weren't socially close.

But why did that rule be broken after so much time? And by a veteran, nonetheless...

The brunette assassin paid the call no mind and continued executing her flawless katas. Right arm in a downward slice, left foot behind to empower the blow, a slight crouch for-

"So you're the Kinkou heiress, I take it?" The voice insisted, this time amusedly.

"Yes." She replied disinterestedly, leaning low for a sweeping kick followed by a lightning-fast blow directed at the abdomen from her kama. Her being the next in line to take the Kinkou mantle wasn't a secret per se, anyways. But what interest was present here?

"You know," The voice started with a mocking tone. "I have a small tree in my room that needs some pruning..." The smirk was almost palpable in the voice. This made the young assassin raise an eyebrow and falter slightly in her movements. It was barely noticeable, but to the trained eyes of both present it was as obvious as wearing bright orange in a forest.

Her position within the Kinkou order and her missions wasn't common knowledge to those outside the Order, though. In fact, it was a guarded secret what responsibility each member of the Order had. Up to the point of making faux rotations every week to throw any spies off the trail of the real agents keeping the careful balance of Valoran. To actually grab hold of such information was either a work of unheard of deduction, an infiltration in the Order to such depth the threat level was immeasurable or Noxus had made a breakthrough in interrogation methods.

It was time to end the games.

She stood up and faced the intruder. Her kama directed to the ground but always ready for a confrontation. "What is it you want, Sinister Blade?"

The figure hidden in the shadows widened the smirk, the teeth glinting in the darkening light coming from the windows. Dipping the head, the other assassin's features were instantly illuminated. Her long lustrous red mane of hair was her main point of attention, followed closely by the long scar running from the middle of the left area of her forehead perpendicular to her nose all the way to half her cheek. Her bright green eyes shined with mischief, a great amount of mystery and a hint of malice. Her usual clothes were composed of practical clothes, but with adornments reflecting the redhead's attitude. A short black skin-tight top, stopping just after her sternum and showing an ample cleavage. Over it, she wore an onyx vest with the sleeves rolled up to the middle of her arm and slightly shorter than the top. Covering her legs, she wore also skin-tight black leggings. Aside from the vast array of blades covering her hips and some belts with skulls as buckles, the only other distinction of her wardrobe were her forearm and shin protectors. Made of metal, they sported large spikes that promised pain almost as much as any of her knives.

She had seen Champions being impaled by those spikes and it hadn't been pretty in the least. Thought the sheer glee the Noxian assassin displayed when she did so was remarkable and a sight to behold. Her face and clothes bathed in red and a grin to make a demon proud.

"You know what me having this knowledge means don't you, Fist of Shadow?" The dark voice of the Noxian assassin mocked and continued straight away, leaving enough time for the Ionian to open her mouth to reply. "Don't bother. It was rhetorical. Though I wonder what the yordle would say..." She placed her index finger under her chin and turned her head in a thinking pose.

This incensed some of the brunette's anger. "Kennen! What did you do to him?!" She directed a kama at the redhead in a clear offensive threat.

"Little ol' me?" Her hand moved to her chest in sign of indignation. Her acting only lasted a second before her usual dark grin broke again. "He did speak a lot, you know?"

"Speak or prepare to die, Noxian!" The green-clad assassin crouched into a battling pose; one Katarina had seen many, many times in the Fields. Anger now shining brightly in her dark eyes.

Seems I struck a nerve. Withdrawing two knives from her belt, she raised them up to her face, clearly telegraphing her movements to the one below. Her smirk flashed and she launched her blades to the side, far from the Kinkou and digging into the wall on the other end, acting as a make-shift wall in front of the surveillance orbs. It wouldn't do for the summoners to find out what would happen and she had already been chewed at a lot for shattering several orbs in a multitude of places. Thus, her plan of action was to block their view. Not that there would be anyone actually paying attention to an orb in this room. Soon it would be pitch dark outside and there were few light sources within since this wasn't a continually used facility.

Akali glanced curiously at her actions before understanding why. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion. This wasn't the Fields of Justice. If they died here, that's it. No more respawning at the fountain. Something tickled at the back of her head, and it took a while to make her figure out it had been a long lost sense of pure adrenaline having brought about by a fight to the death. The tiredness from having trained for hours quickly seeped from her body.

"But," The Noxian assassin continued as if nothing had happened. "he also drank a lot."

Much of the anger Akali had vanished in an instant, only to be replaced by embarrassment. A faint blush adorned the visible parts of her cheeks. Kennen was famous for speaking anything that came to his mind after getting to a certain state of inebriation. Such a state was ridiculously easy for him to reach, considering his alcohol tolerance was incredibly low.

"I have to admit. That little rat can handle many enemies, but alcohol isn't one." She let out a loud laugh. It wasn't even mocking. It was amused.

"Were you the one that spiked his drink?" The Ionian was no stranger to placing a few drops of a liquid of choice to produce interesting effects in the one drinking. Death being the usual one, unless she was feeling particularly vindictive or the mission stated so.

The Sinister Blade shrugged. "Didn't even need to. Just walked by him to get one for myself and he said: "Heeeeeeeeeeey, Shinishter Blllleeeeiiiddd! Yoush hash a naish piesh of ash there, yeeesshh, ladieee!". It took your other ninja and the blade bitch to save his life from strangling." A dark look crossed the redhead's eyes. While she could handle compliments (her natural beauty made them necessary to do so), such crude ones always riled her up.

More than breathing wrong, at least.

The ninja had the gall to chuckle and snort at her!

Katarina withdrew another pair of knives and any joyful mood died instantly. The redhead stood up slowly, assessing her position unfavourable, and in the blink of an eye was standing a few meters in front of the Kinkou heiress. The common-place frown was more strained than usual.

"Are you here to take down the caretaker of the Tree, Sinister Blade?" Her stance was reshaped.

"Take down..." She repeated before once again breaking out in laughter. Confusion assaulted Akali once again. "You think I'm here to kill you?" She launched her knives to the other side, blocking the other, and final, security orb. "No, no, no, my dear Ionian. I'm here for an exchange of sorts." That characteristic dark grin was plastered on her face.

"Exchange?" Raising a brow, she let the other assassin explain herself.

"Yes, yes." She waved it off. "You see, I've been watching you for a while." She started pacing. "And I can't help but find there are some... peculiarities, you'd say. In all the matches I've seen of you, there's always this glint in your eyes, this unmistakable dark glee etched on your face when the announcer calls a death caused by you." Her bright green eyes glanced at the brunette for a second, gauging her reaction. The clenching of her jaw, clear even through the facemask, and the hardening of her eyes were enough response. "I always thought it was strange an assassin that didn't-"

"I don't know what you're talking about." The Ionian interrupted with a tone of warning.

"Oh, I think you do. You know that perverted pleasure of ending another's life intrinsically." The redhead shot back with a knowing grin.

"Again, I don't know-"

"Don't" The sudden harsh whisper in her ear made Akali jump slightly, her intruder having teleported behind her in an instant. "Lie to me, Akali. You can't lie to me." Katarina's blade was poised at her throat, halting any retaliatory action. Her kama were removed from her hands and very carefully, knowing what they meant to their owner, put them on the ground out of immediate reach. "Of course you know what I'm talking about." The voice turned husky and seductive, warm breath tickling her ear, a reflexive shudder overcame the brunette. A blush slowly spreading through her face. "That slight rush of energy and adrenaline, coming from here," The Noxian's free hand landed on the base of her spine, a surprisingly pleasant tingle growing. "Quickly travelling up your spine" The hand started tip-toeing very sluggishly her back. "and enveloping you like a blanket." The arm snaked in a flash around her and pulled her tightly against the redhead's chest, minding the spikes. Pain was unnecessary. Today.

Only the Ionian's hard-earned reflexes prevented Akali from jumping at the unexpected "hug".

The redhead smirked evilly. "Nervous?" She purred in her ear, even more sensual than before. That previous shudder returned with a vengeance, and the redhead approved that. It meant she was doing things right. "You know," She continued. "I never noticed, but you've got a very well developed body. I wonder... How many targets did you seduce into death? Mh?" The redhead's arm circling the Ionian assassin caressed her softly and moved to her exposed hips tentatively, almost caringly.

The brunette gulped nervously. Something about the Sinister Blade's touch unnerved her. While she normally would have dealt a swift and final blow at the offender, both the blade at her throat and the curiosity at what the redhead was getting at kept her from acting against her.

Never mind that this touchy-feely Katarina was so different from the ever blood-thirsty and blade-happy she had been so accustomed.

This didn't mean that her head wasn't spinning at the light-speed things were moving.

"I-I didn't-"

"Don't." Katarina whispered harshly again. Yet the redhead surprised her again when she felt her place her chin on her shoulder. Her mood seemed to do a 180 right there. "So, my dear Kinkou princess. How many? How many have you entranced with the sway of these hips?" Her hand began pushing and pulling softly, giving action to her words. Akali didn't know if having her personal space invaded so much or the topic the Noxian was speaking made her redden more. "I wonder. Would you dress up for something like this? Make the target focus on you and solely you and this enthralling movement, giving off just the right smile, something like this..." Turning the brunette around, ever mindful of the blade at her throat, she then... smiled.

She couldn't help it. The blush burned her face at the suggestiveness that smile portrayed and the hand still moving her hip softly. How could the Sinister Blade, one of the champions that everyone knew dealt with death and blood on a daily basis, give off such a sensual and loving smile?

"Expecting a blush like that." Katarina continued, but the smile stood there, unnerving the brunette. Something uncalled for was stirring within the Kinkou and she didn't know whether to make heads or tails about it.

Something warm.

Something that felt oddly inviting and pleasant.

"Perhaps accentuating your waist?" Only Akali's wide belt kept her from feeling the full touch of the hand being placed on the thin of her waist. "Wearing something like this to make them focus here... Slowly speak to them in a soothing tone, some sweet words or maybe some innocent proposal. Something maybe like "Oh, I've never been to that part of the park.". Somewhere reclusive, I'd guess." The voice turned curious now, almost trying to guess what would happen now in her made-up assassination. Her brows furred slightly, she seemed to enjoy brainstorming while completely forgetting she had been holding the other woman by her waist and a short sword at her throat. Like she was completely used to it.

"I never-" Akali started but the hand holding the blade moved swiftly and a finger was placed on her mouth.

"No." Katarina looked miffed at being interrupted, but more at her denial than anything. "As I was saying, somewhere reclusive. The target would obviously get ideas. Somewhere far away with a gorgeous lady? Everyone would love such a thing." Her smirk returned when she noticed how red Akali's face turned at her compliment. Oh, this was too easy. "Throw in a very farfetched suggestion here and there and before everyone knows it, throw your arms around them. But the smile! Never forget the smile." That smile returned. Akali's heart skipped a beat when the blade was re-sheathed and barely a moment later Katarina's arms were thrown lazily around her neck, latching behind her and keeping a suggestive distance.

Akali's mind went into overdrive in that instant. Was it possible for her to blush more? The redhead was literally throwing herself at her. She needed to get away!

Why? Some deep part of her asked. Why should she go away?

It was the lack of response that surprised her more than the sudden heat spreading on her face through the cloth.

For a few seconds all cognitive action halted as she tried in vain to understand what was transpiring. After her brain rebooted, there was still a considerable lag before comprehension dawned.

The redhead was kissing her! Katarina duCouteau, Sinister Blade of Noxus was actually kissing her!

What the fuck?!

The redheaded pulled back slightly after long instants and was looking considerably irked. "That mask has to go." She commented with an air of finality and pulled down her mask.

"Wait! Why a- Mhph!"

It wasn't even close to what it was before. Now it was moist, soft and oh so pleasantly warm. Even the taste was polar opposite. Before she tasted the sour flavour of sweat (probably why the Noxian was miffed), while now it was a sweet taste she had trouble pinpointing. The unusual and extraordinary sensations dazed her, mind going blank, drowning in euphoria and the very pleasurable feelings.

Far away, a hand was placed behind her head, deepening the kiss while the other circled her waist and pulled close. A scalding fire surging between them, something that was amplified within the Kinkou.

Somehow the idea to reciprocate bubbled up and just as she was going to take a leap of faith, Katarina pulled back, a contented grin adorning her face.

"Much better." She smirked. "And kiss them like that, addling them before plunging a dagger between their ribs and into their heart!" She finished with her famous bloodthirsty glint in her eyes.

Every single word went over Akali's head as she was recuperating from the sudden make-out session.

The redhead stared for a second before widening her smirk. "How about going all the way?" She asked in that husky whisper she knew the Kinkou would shiver in barely-repressed pleasure. Or so she thought.

"Wha-" Was the smart reply.

That was enough, it seemed, since Akali would once again be completely surprised when a hand slipped through her vest and got a handful of breast. She couldn't repress the yelp that escaped, but that seemed like the wrong move to do when a half second later Katarina's lips were again on hers.

It was hard to get a coherent thought through when her intruder insisted on plunging her deep in a sea of pleasure, but slowly, fighting how blissful this was, she managed to push the redhead away from her face. Her hands still circling her waist and squeezing her chest.

A bewildered and needy look crossed Katarina's face for a brief instant.

"Stop!" The Ionian huffed and puffed, face beet red. "Wh-why are you d-doing this?" A sudden grope made her moan. "And would you stop it with that!" She tried to swat her hand but she was blocked by the arm.

A shit-eating grin quickly stretched on Katarina's face. She was obviously enjoying this way too much. "Why?" She taunted and pulled her close, wasting no time in continuing to play with her bosom. "You seem to like it."

"S-Ah! Stop it!"

"I really think not."

"W-Why?!" There was a tone of exasperation there, slightly silenced be her biting her lower lip.

Katarina scoffed. "We're both grown women. We both have needs. I'm attending to those. Happy now?" The hand on Akali's back moved up and started to untie the straps keeping the vest there.

"B-But I never-"

"Enough talking!" She proceeded to shut her up with her mouth, her hands moving extra fast to get those pesky clothes off. She quickly succeeded in untying the vest, keeping the brunette pinned to her and busy trying to untie her tongue from hers. Oh, really. This was so easy. It almost seemed as the brunette had no experience at all, but that was clearly impossible. Ninja training covered these things. At least hers had done so and they shouldn't be too far dissimilar.

"Mh... Kat-... Plea-!" The muffled pleas went unheard, her clothes quickly becoming loose around her form. It didn't take long for her sash to be removed.

And then all hell broke loose.

Katarina placed a leg behind hers, and without any warning, she pushed her roughly. Quickly losing footing due to lack of concentration and underhanded tactics, she fell flat on her bare back.

The sudden cold floor against her bare back cleared her brain enough. "What's the big idea?!" She growled at her... attacker?

There was something primal and predatory in the redhead's gaze, and she felt it wise to be wary. Things were spinning out of control too fast and she couldn't adapt at such speeds.

She tried to inch away, but once again it was the wrong move.

Katarina literally pounced on her.

The Noxian pinned her against the floor with her own body, spreading the brunette's legs around hers and quickly grabbing hold of her hands and interlocking their fingers.

"Round 2, Princess." She replied grinning maniacally before dipping her head and capturing Akali's lips for the third time.

Hungrily, almost famished, was her assault, letting go just enough time to get some air. Just as she battled, she liked burning in the throes of passion. Why be slow when ravishing someone nonstop was much more fun? Passion was made to be passionate, after all. Akali's squirms mixed with the moans made it even more delectable and gratifying. Sucking on the brunette's lower lip, she growled. "You like this, don't you, Princess?"

"I do-" The rest was incomprehensible gurgles against a foreign appendage within her mouth.

She wouldn't admit it to anyone, but by the gods did this feel good! The heat was rapidly becoming unbearable and unrelenting, a sheen of sweat reappeared all over her skin and some on Katarina's. The only leniency was the redhead's cool forearm and shin metal guards against her scorching skin was like ice in a desert and just as pleasurable.

Taking advantage of their position and Akali's distraction, the redhead took an easy hold of her captive's hands with only one of hers. The other removed a belt that went from her shoulder to below her armpit. Giving a quick and thorough grope of a breast to keep the brunette dazed, she was rewarded with a rebellious moan. Grinning in success, Katarina took a quick look around and noticed the post holding a training dummy close enough. The grin turned to a dark smirk as she quickly placed Akali's arms between the post and tied her belt tightly enough around her wrists.

Pulling back, her deep maroon lips due to usage split upwards. "Now, Princess, this is where the fun begins."

Akali blinked in confusion before she noticed her binds and turned to outrage. "What is this? Let me go!"

"Uh... No. Not until I make you admit how many times you used your charms to kill or that you love this." Wasting no time, the redhead leaned back slightly and began placing kisses all along Akali's jawbone, traversing eternally slow to her neck, while her hands roamed the Ionian's chest and, curiously, neck and ears.

Akali had to bite down her lips to not let out growls and grunts of pleasure, but her shivers and twitches were completely impossible to withold. She had been thoroughly trained to raise her pain threshold to insane levels with discipline and experience, something most assassins in the league shared, but her trainers had never even whispered to her about resisting this... torture? Whether she liked it or not, her body was clearly enjoying it and made her extremely aware of it. She'd rather "suffer" this than admit to the sex-crazed Noxian she didn't have any experience whatsoever, or, just as embarrassing, that she was really enjoying this.

"L-l-let me- Ah!- go!" She tried but her voice sounded weak and utterly unconvincing.

Katarina halted her ministrations and shot her a smile. "Seems you're liking this. Especially when I play with these tits of yours!" She did so and a sudden loud whimper was heard, confirming her words. "Admit it or I'll continue."

"I c-can't!"

"Well, that's too bad. Guess I'll help myself to these." Crawling back slowly, peeling the vest more and more, she stopped at her waist and, quick as lightning, took a mouthful of a mound, sucking hard.

The shriek didn't take long. Nor was it short. Squeals, moans and squirms abounded as Katarina made her best impression of a starved newborn.

Akali tried with all her might to shake her off her bare torso, but the belt and grip, combined with having her energy sapped due to heat and pleasure, made it a futile attemp. What was worse, she loved the way the redhead nursed, flipping her nipple within her mouth with her tongue and quickly lapping around the areola, leaving absolutely no surface dry, only to start all over. Even her hand making slow circles on her stomach was raising the temperature in leaps. She could feel a growing lump below her stomach, enlarging by the minute due to the ministrations. It wouldn't take long for her to reach that peak of release, mainly due to her lack of experience in this act.

"You taste good..." She heard the comment and very languidly raised her head to look at the source of this situation. She had placed her head on her shoulder and was lackadaisically flicking her tongue at her erect teat, a curtain of red surrounding her face. A hand was casually rolling her other one between the index and thumb. A sight so calm yet erotic, the lump grew several notches. Katarina glanced at her amusedly and made a point of her superiority sucking extra hard, forcing the brunette to squeal in delight and throw her head back. "See? You are powerless now. You better talk."


"The more you struggle, the more curious I am. That's bad for you. From a certain point of view, of course." Changing tactics, the assailant mirrored her hand's actions with her teeth. Giving it a bite, she was rewarded with a whimper of pain. It seemed so much sensation had made her vulnerable to the least bit of stimulation. "You really don't want to pique my curiosity." The limb currently fondling her chest snaked down like a stalking predator, disappearing within the folds of her clothes.

The feeling of the hand scraping against her belly button and a finger making an unintelligible figure over it, curiously made her shiver in approval. Such a simple thing, and yet she loved it. The digits continued dangerously down.

"Mh? What say you? Do you want to pique it or do I go on?" That shit-eating grin returned full-force and Akali gulped nervously at both implications. Would she really reveal everything or would she let Katarina get to her most secret spot?

Katarina's constant stare did nothing to ease her discomfort and all-around frustration. "I-I-" She stammered. The blush due to the heat on her face impossibly red. "I can't!" She let out, defeated. Her whole body slacked and relaxed her guard instantly. There was nothing to do now except be at the redhead's mercy. She just wished she would finish soon and end her immense embarrassment. Having been seen almost completely naked, being jumped on and worst of all, liking it of all things...

"Well, then..." Her hand continued after her waist, reaching the pubic hairs and loosening her fingers playing within them. Slowly pushing them aside, tugging them and moving them with the palm of her hand. "You take care of yourself down here too? I didn't expect that from you."

WHY did she have to bring that up? A mortified Akali thought.

"Then again, with that pony-tail..." Giving the hair a final flattening with her palm, Katarina's digits continued mind-blowingly slow. First the thumb caressing skin a few times, followed an eternity later by the index mirroring the thumb's actions. As the two fingers inched closer and closer to her femininity, Akali grew more restless and nervous by the moment. When a longer stroke from a finger brushed against the folds, Akali began squirming in earnest, trying to shove the redhead off of her before things spiralled completely out of control (more than now, if it was possible).

"Oh, ho ho ho. Feisty, aren't you?" Katarina shot at her and quickly halted her actions by pinching a nipple. Hard. "Since you're so rushed..." Her hand shot down and enveloped around the brunette's nether cavity, fingers moving around it like playing a fast piece on Sona's etwahl. Faint defeated twitches and moans came from beneath her. But as her fingers gave the main entrance a passing touch, the Kinkou assassin seemed to gain a second wind.

"N-no! P-Please!" Akali pleaded with her eyes wide in terror.

But the Noxian assassin frowned in exasperation. "It's only sex!" She growled.

"B-but I-I-"

Her body stiffened and her eyes widened for a second. "Wait. Could it be..." She frowned at the sheer impossibility of it. But it was the only explanation. "You're a virgin!?"

The Ionian didn't reply, but her silence, her deepened blush and avoiding her gaze were answer enough.

"You are!" She exclaimed amusedly.

"It's not funny!" Akali shouted at her face, only inches away from hers. "I-I was always immersed in training..." Maybe it was the sudden and forced intimacy or the slowly receding heat and lump in her stomach, but something made her blurt everything.

"But what about that Shen guy? He seems interested in you. Or the yordle, maybe." Katarina's frown turned to a raised brow. This was curious, and a gold mine! The Kinkou heiress was a neonate in terms of sexual relations! The question was, how to completely take advantage of this?

"He's... He's with my mom. He just... guards me. And Kennen... we simply aren't interested in each other." The brunette revealed and Katarina grinned at her lecherously.

"You're in luck then." She leaned in up to her face leaving feather-kisses all around her ear and neck. The hot breath reigniting the heat deep in her core.. "I'll teach you everything."

The main mess hall was always a chaotic affair. Constantly filled with various forms of life, hailing from almost every part of the continent (and also sections of The Void), it was a proving ground for the hungry and the strong. Many times fights had broken out with food in between. Either because a favoured dish was in danger of extinction or because Kog'maw was once again engulfing everything in sight. It was hard to win either way, since the former included almost every champion (and some valiant summoners) in the League and the latter meant going against a titanic and defensive Cho'Gath.

For Cassiopeia DuCouteau, sister to the renowned Sinister Blade, it meant a display of such barbarism; she was often tempted to just permanently petrify everyone just to get something in her stomach and some peace. There was no attractiveness in the senseless beat down lunch and sometimes dinner always got down to.

To her sister, however, it seemed to be a training of sorts to beat others to their favourite dishes. And she always revelled in the fights that followed, lashing out with shallow cuts and more than one opponent came out with a stray spike puncture. The redhead never emerged completely unscathed, but the mirth glinting in her eyes after the almost everyday occurrence was unmistakable. Even under scratches and bruises, the contented smirk was always there.

She couldn't understand how someone so... savage came out of the DuCouteau household. Before her forced transformation in the current abomination she was, Cassiopeia was the jewel of Noxus. Graceful, beautiful and with a very sharp wit. Whole parties were held to try to catch her attention and entice her to come. It was an unspoken rule that whenever the youngest of the sisters assisted, most of the high-seats of Noxus weren't far behind. Mostly due to the massive information network the now-Gorgon had painstakingly formed. There wasn't much going on within the city-estate that Cassiopeia didn't hear about.

Some of that network had kept on, but refocused on the League. That brought on curious information about some developments happening within. Most were inane social relationships that everyone mostly knew or had big suspicions on.

One of the facts written in stone, was that the Ionian Trio, as some called the Kinkou ninja, were forever stoic and expressionless whenever they were around other people. Yet, this morning they seemed to be preoccupied with trying to get something out of the only female, and it seemed to be something that distressed her because she was both frowning and replying with some harsh body language.

Trouble in paradise? She smirked as she took notice of the Trio, slithering her way towards her usual spot in front of her sister. I wonder if she actually...

"Hello, sssissster." She hissed arrogantly, as was always her manner. A hand placed slowly on the redhead's shoulder and softly passed it to the other shoulder. "Are you ready to pay up?" She added and sat down facing Katarina, a triumphant grin on her face that was supported on her folded hands.

The older sister frowned at her. "No."

"Oh?" A brow was raised. "Wasss it that bad? I would assssume you would at leassst know what to do..."

"Don't bring up those petty insults. You know full well my capabilities." Of course, she meant within the battlefield and outside. "Things went... unexpectedly." There was a brief flicker of her eyes far behind the Gorgon.

"Oh. I assssume you were interrupted, then. Doesssn't matter. Pay up, dear sssissster." She held up a hand.

"Cass, she was a virgin."

Now, that she didn't expect. Her brows shot up so high Katarina was surprised they were still stuck on her scaly skin.

"You're telling me, that girl was a virgin? Really?" Such was her surprise that her serpentine accent came out very thick. Oh, this was a goldmine! There was so much profit she could take from this. Oh, the blackmail! Sweet and relentless blackmail. The weapon of the strong against their peers, and a lesson. Keep your weaknesses very hidden. Something else popped up in the Serpent's head. "Do you know the implications of this, Katarina?"

"Yeah. I'm fifty gold richer." She grinned jokingly. The serious gaze her sister held her under made her sigh. So much for trying to let go as she had suggested. "Yes, sis. I know."

Their bet was simple. Try and seduce the Kinkou heiress into revealing some info about the Order. Fifty gold were the stakes for any piece of information or succeeding in bedding the Fist of Shadow. This changed the rules of the bet, drastically. Not that they minded in the least when this came to light.

"I assssume you plan on taking an advantage?" There was so much damage that could be done to the Kinkou Order by playing Akali like a fiddle.

Katarina stretched her classic evil smirk, her eyes locking on the brunette currently berating her companions for not leaving her alone. "My dear sister, I'm always taking an advantage."

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