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Chapter 2 - Flush it!

Akali's last two weeks were not good.

Scratch that, they were terrible.

Ever since that night when the Sinister Blade had intruded on her and proceeded to plunge her into an extremely long night of passion and sexual discovery, she had been having serious issues concentrating.

Unfortunately, that carried on to her duty on the Fields and her skill and prestige suffered for it. Just how could she focus when her mind was constantly telling her just how good Miss Fortune's backside bubbled when she strutted away? Or worse, when she had to face Irelia, she couldn't pry her eyes off her figure and not for reading her next move. That's not even mentioning when she had to face down Katarina herself.

Those were simply disastrous.

Even the redhead had berated her for losing focus and professionalism. In her own snarky way, at least.

Still, that permanent sliver of warmth that had been awoken by the lecherous Noxian never ceased to make its presence known.

Currently, Akali was in one of the bathrooms far away from the main summoning arena, where champions were brought to the Fields of Justice, leaning over a sink. Her facemask was removed and her face was dripping water, having splashed it several times to refocus. She had just ended another match in the Fields, and once again she had brought down the team. They did manage to score a victory, but there was little to nothing she did to help.

What did her fellow Kinkou think of her now?

Were they still as worried as they were the morning after? True, she had acted very out of character, failing to greet them or to follow any conversation with them whatsoever.

It wasn't a surprise the hyperactive Kennen pestered her senselessly to tell them what was wrong. She just couldn't tell them.

"I was training my ass off and suddenly Katarina, yeah, that Katarina, appeared, binded me and then we had hot, steamy sex for hours." Thar'd go as well as forcing Vladimir to stay away from blood.

Would they be embarrassed at her weakness, be sensible or actually shun her?

No, better keep this development to herself and not find out. She'd have to force her classic persona into place. She knew that if Shen found out, her mother would quickly follow, a thought that made shudder.

While her mother was a caring woman, she was extremely strict in training and studies, something that carried on from the war with Noxus. The woman had seen firsthand what the lack of discipline did against the "survival of the fittest" Noxian army. It was that fire that prompted her to extend her abilities and later on become head of the Kinkou, Akali following her steps closely.

Of course, this meant there was a bitter and ever-burning hate for everything Noxian, bordering on the irrational, and that was what the Ionian assassin wanted to avoid. She didn't know what her mother would do, and that was what scared her the most.

She was the leader of an order of assassins keeping peace across the whole continent for a reason.

What would her fellow Ionian champions think?

Ugh. So much thinking about what ifs made her head hurt in the long run. Sighing in defeat, Akali splashed her face again to refocus.

She needed to confront the redhead and set thing straight.

And what was wrong?

Sure, Katarina had technically abused her, but that didn't mean she was harmed physically or psychologically. The only harm that was made was her jumpstarting of her hormones, which had been repressed due to her constant training. Her medical studies told her it was natural to have bodily needs and tend to them, but she never had the urge to act upon them.

Now, her only option was to bear with the distraction until she got used to it and went back to normal. Granted, there would be plenty of experimentation (a certain curious spark about the limits of pleasure a body could take had also been fired by Katarina), but she was certain things would eventually return to its course. That fling would remain in the past.


Why had she come to her of all people?

It made no sense. They respected each other's skill in battle, but that was the extent of their relationship. If there was one.

She had spoken about similarities but-


The sound of the bathroom's door being slammed against the wall made her jump in surprise.

Speak of the devil...

Katarina was standing on the door, an arm stretched keeping the door open. Her eyes carefully analyzing the interior, every nook and cranny, avoiding the green-clad ninja.

"K-Katarina!" Akali gasped nervously. She cursed the effect this woman had on her. Just her presence and she became tingly all over...

The redhead ignored the call and walked inside, towards the stalls. Acting as if Akali wasn't there.

"What are you doing here?" The brunette carried on. This bathroom wasn't near the Noxus section of the Institute. "This isn't cl..." Her voice quieted down when the newcomer did something peculiar.

She crouched on the floor and peered under the gap of the closed door, after a second, she got up and repeated her actions on the next stall.

Akali frowned in curiosity. "What are you doing?" She parroted. This time with a tinge of curiosity.

There was no reply.

The redhead continued undisturbed with all the stalls. Once she finished, still crouched, she looked around for something.

Akali watched her carry on with her task frowning slightly and a slight blush. Now that everything was illuminated and there were no distractions from the heat of battle, there was nothing impeding her from noticing how Katarina's pants tightened with her current position, specially around that shapely, round-

Her assessment was cut short abruptly when the owner of the body she was staring at stood up and faced her.

The heated and penetrating stare she was shot back unnerved her. It wasn't that she wasn't used to them by now what with all the intimidating champions, but the fact that it was the Noxian blademaster gave it a peculiar edge.

Without breaking the link, Katarina pushed open the nearest stall and smiled. It was that smile Akali came both to fear and tremble with anticipation. It had been an omen of everything that happened that night. Without wasting a moment, the Noxian stepped towards her, eyes gleaming with something unreadable, and reached for her hand.

Her hand slipped into hers, its sudden warmth hitching her breath slightly when their fingers interlocked."W-what is it?" She mentally slapped herself for stammering over something so simple. The blush didn't take long to show itself, though.

The heart-warming smile widened. "Come." She spoke softly. There was something very off. There was a lack of spunk and brashness commonly associated with the Sinister Blade. This woman acted almost like a mother to her child, incredibly caring and loving. A welcomed change, but unnerving nonetheless.

She was pulled by her hand towards the open stall, her mind trying to figure what happened. Her current 180 in attitude sapped any fight she could present, only to be replaced by beffudlement.

Upon arrival, the redhead beauty pushed her in first. "Sit." She commanded, motioning the toilet seat.

Dumbly, Akali followed the order and sat down looking up at her, wondering what she was going to do. A faint voice in the back of her head told her to be wary, but when the Noxian placed her hands on her cheeks smiling that smile that reached her eyes, it was quickly squashed. How could she be on high alert when there was this beautiful woman smiling suggestively only at her?

"Spread your legs." Was her next command. The ninja blushed very bright, remembering very vividly what happened the last time she had told her to do that. Her womanhood had never been so teased, stimulated or downright played with as much than by this beauty. The Ionian did as asked before there was even a chance for questioning, like it was only a natural reaction.

The blademaster, instead of bending her knees, stepped closer and proceeded to sit between her legs, her own on top of the brunette's and dangling besides them. Her arms quickly encircled her neck and her face leant forward slightly, only very few centimeters away from each other.

The body heat she exhuded was immediately felt by Akali, once again remembering vividly their previous carnal night.

"A-are you going t-to k-kiss me?" She whispered haltingly. Her face already so red from the ghost of excitement rousing from within and their proximity.

The redhead's smile turned amused. "Do you want me to?"

"I... don't know."

"For once, be honest with what you want." Was it so strange that Katarina wasn't speaking hostily but rather encouraging?

There was no need for any deep introspection or quest onto oneself for Akali to know what she wanted. Her hormones had been screaming at her for weeks now.

Letting go of the tight leash she had on her self-control, she let her body act as it wanted, preferring to spectate this very pleasant act.

It was the Noxian's turn to be slightly surprised when suddenly her lips were captured by foreign ones, warmth and moistness quickly spreading over them. Katarina smiled knowingly into the kiss and tightened her arms around the brunette. Everything was going well.

The ninja almost melted in her arms. It seemed she had really been struggling with their first night. Which wasn't hard to figure out considering her recent matches' record.

She had berated the Kinkou with the usual tactics, but it was the same as trying to put out Brand with a glass of water. There were simply too many new emotions and hormones wreaking havoc to Akali's mind in too little time for her to cope with them effectively. Helping her would actually be interesting, and the rewards even more.

Quick as Flash, the Noxian's tongue slipped out of her mouth, hellbent on exploring the other hot cavity. It went over every possible corner and even outside of it before it was met with resistance by the other tongue. It commenced as an overwhelming attack on the invader's favour, but slowly, the tide was equaled. The defender learned how to reply until it was more of an enthralling dance than a fight for supremacy.

It was impossible to deny that the Kinkou had a clear prowess for learning physical exercises. The speed she was absorbing anything new seemed to be desperate, like she was trying to make up with the inexperience with sheer will and determination. Katarina was definitely surprised and more than a little pleased with her "apprentice", more for the hidden agenda than the gratification of passing knowledge.

When the need to get some air became overwhelming, the redhead pulled back, face crimson and huffing. "That's... how you do it." She added with a slight smirk. Showing off felt so good sometimes.

"Your tongue?" Was the skeptical but excited reply.

"Liked it?"

The blush deepened. "Y-yeah..."

"Finally you're being honest. What now?" She raised a brow, edging her on.

Akali seemed to struggle with herself, turning away from looking at the woman currently keeping her close.

She felt a hand slip into her clothes and star rubbing her back. "This?" It felt pleasant, very much so. "Or maybe something kinkier?" Was the only warning she got before the other hand flashed to her rear and started massaging it.

That felt much better. She had to visibly struggle with letting go a contented moan. This spurred the redhead on as a signal she was waiting to turn on the heat. The hand on her back loosened the knots on her clothes slowly.

"Wai-" She was quickly silenced. The time for talk was over. It was time to give and take.

Katarina pushed Akali against the wall with her body, smashing their chests together. The warmth the brunette now recognized as a measure to reaching climax jumped up to midway and more when the redhead began rubbing their fronts together, both still lip-locked.

Whimpers and moans were heard from both sides. Their actions turned both on far beyond the point of no return by now.

The friction of their breasts, even with clothes on, was quite a new experience for the Ionian, something that was quickly becoming the norm with these activities. But, boy, did they feel good! Her brain tuned to mush from this point on, barely understanding what the redhead was doing. Nor caring, if she was honest.

A sudden cold on her back shot her back to reality, quickly realizing it was bare and against the wall. She was naked on top already?! How did that hap- "Ah! T-that's...!" Quick as lightning, Katarina mirrored their previous night, engulfing a breast in her mouth, a hand still massaging the ninja's rear energetically.

"Raik dif?" She mumbled grinning evilly.

"I..." A sudden and strong suction on it made her shriek. "Yes! Yes! I love it!" She let out, even more maroon in embarrassment and raw pleasure.

After a single lick that sent shivers all over Akali's body, Katarina looked up at her sexual apprentice's face. The sight was such a turn on. Glassy eyes, mouth agape, cheeks flushed and huffing and puffing cutely. "That's the look I wanted." She commented criptically and removed her vest. "Time for you to learn to give and take." She proceeded to pull up her top, revealing her chest to the dazed ninja who stared at it confusedly for a few moments.

A second later, there was a joining of skin as their chests mashed together in a mass of heat and mind-numbing electricity. The pair was no stranger to feeling the other's skin on close contact, the certain rough sections in their palms, the erotically soft skin of their bellies and torso, and the ever burning nether regions Katarina had so skillfully ignited to a raging inferno. Thus, the slow rubbing of their breasts, combined with the constant lip-lock and tongue wrestling, dazed their minds, preferring to focus more on the bliss clouding their brains.

Having left a groggy and contented Ionian assassin behind, the eldest of the duCouteau sisters shadowed the corridors of the Institute. It would not do to get caught so into Ionian area, but it was both a necessity (her plan needed to continue according to schedule) and a thrilling experience.

For the duration of their carnal act, she was always half-expecting someone to burst through the door and walk into their loud and sweaty love-making.

Well, there was no actual love for the brunette, but a political and tactical interest that kept her eyes only on the pretty ninja. There was no denying that Akali was attractive. Especially after seeing her face underneath her mask, not to mention her bare curves. And that deer-in-the-headlights look whenever she introduced her to anything new.

A smirk played on her lips as she recalled the satisfied and happy smile on the ninja's face before she left. Her plan to woo the brunette was being perfectly executed. There was no faking that look of contented bliss.

Turning around the last corner, the renowned assassin peered around it, scanning for any sentry or person. Only a bit more and she would be out of Ionian territory into neutral grounds. Of course, she would still be under suspicion if she was found so close.

Her senses coming empty-handed, Katarina silently landed on the floor from one of the beams and confidently stepped towards somewhere more associated with her routine.

Soon, she found herself in one the busier areas, the sounds of chatting, arguing, fist-pounding, weapon-clashing and more filled her ears and her chest with an odd sense of belonging. This was her place. Filled with people willing to die for their beliefs and fight to the last ounce of strength for them. Only for her to come and rip it from their cold dead bodies.

Killing someone was easy for an assassin. Killing an ideal was much harder.

She was proud to say she had stomped the battle spirit of many fools just before their lives. Noxus had benefited greatly from disbanding sects and rebellious groups. It meant more brainwashed manpower for their battle front. Better to have them with a mental leash, than dirtying others' minds or the streets with their poisonous words.

Still, her birth nation would need a lot of work to become the epitome of strength it was meant to be. Her plan had a slim chance of absorbing a large amount of power, but most importantly, discipline, into their ranks.

It was a very sensitive ordeal, so it had to be taken into action very carefully. The human mind was the ultimate opponent, and she was playing against a foreign mind and a heart as its aide.

A fitting challenge.

"Sinister Blade?" A voice called nearby. Turning, she was faced with a summoner, clad in classic violet garbs but no distinction to associate with any faction. Uncommon among the magicians, but generally accepted. The summoner's build and height made it obvious it was a male human of slightly taller and thinner proportions. His face was uncovered by the cowl, revealing a man in his mid-thirties. His face seemed tired and not very taken care of if the erratic stubble was any indication, but there was a fire in his eyes that immediately caught her attention. It was determination mixed with outrage.

She had seen it enough to recognize it at first glance.

"A word?" He grit out. His harsh attitude made her raise a brow.

"I am busy, summoner." She shot back and turned to leave.

"I know about that night!" He blurted suddenly. He seemed to calm down, but the people closest had heard it and curious glances were shot at him.

Katarina halted and looked at him intently over her shoulder, shooting a death stare. It seemed to work since he gulped nervously. Tch, a chicken wants to intimidate me...

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, as if he was making peace with himself. "I know what happened with the Kinkou." He added, more reserved and only for her to hear.

The snarl that adorned the redhead's face was unprecedented, to the point the gutless bastard took a long step back, face marred with fright. She had been flawless! She had taken every precaution and analyzed up to the last detail of the training room's surveillance! How could this mediocre coward know about that?

"You got yourself a meeting. Start walking." Her glacial tone left no room for discussion.

The summoner quickly led her away from the hustle and bustle. His steps were quick and long, each time they were about to reach an intersection, his head flitted rapidly to both sides, very wary of someone.

She didn't even dignify him with an amused smirk at his lack of mental strength. If he did find out about her actions with Akali, then her plan would go down the drain. That was unacceptable.

Still, there were ways to dispose of pesky people. Not like the Institute would miss a summoner that went on a stroll to Zaun...

They halted in front of a brown wooden door with a drawing of two shaking hands, the agreed symbol for a meeting room.

Waiting for him to enter first in case it was a trap, she eyed him disable the security measures within the room. Standard issue for meetings that never happened.

After they entered and closed the door, the unnamed summoner quickly found a glinting blade at his throat and an enraged redhead glaring all the hate in the world holding it. "Speak, fucker. Fast."

Despite having his life hanging on a thread, he looked calmer than he should.

"The Insitute's not the only one with surveillance devices. Some curious summoners (and some perverted ones) installed their own around the building." Her disgusted face only added to the burning fury on her features, but he went on, as if spurred to finally let it go. "I planted one in the training room you so wisely decided to defile the Heiress in!" His voice increased in volume until he was shouting. "You bitch! How dare you-" A sharp pain on his neck quickly halted his words. The dagger had sliced a shallow cut.

"Listen, you useless imbecile, you don't seem to understand where you're at. I don't care one bit if I slit your throat and dump you in an incinerator or Kog's dinner bucket. Why the fuck would I be intimidated by you?" She spoke slowly and clearly, intent on getting her message accross.

His lips quivered. He had no experience with blackmail, that much was obvious. "I-I-" He stammered, but it was nothing cute like Akali's.

Where did that come from? She thought confusedly.

"I r-recorded t-the w-whole thing! If you kill me, it will be sent to someone!" He took a quick step back and raised his arms to protect his face.


So he had a safeguard keyed to his heartbeat or something like that. Smart if he knew he was going to blackmail a trained killer.

But futile.

She chuckled for a few moments before it turned into a laugh.

"That's your master plan? 'kill me and I rat you out, blah, blah!'?" Her amused tone quickly vanished. "You really think the Council will believe you over me? They'll even file you for treason! Stupid idiot!" She added a derisive scoff.

"I never said I'd send it to the Council!" He shot back, face red with embarrasment. "I'll send it to the head of the Kinkou!"

Her scowl returned. "So you have some functioning brain cells after all. The head of the Kinkou is a decrepit old lady that should retire. Last chance before I slice you into yeti-food." She raised her blade menacingly.

"The head of the Kinkou hates Noxians! If she knows you ruined her daughter, she would not give a damn about summoner protection!" He added hotly, hanging to this argument like a lifeline.

This did halt the Noxian's advance. He was right. She hated to admit it, but he was right.

If the whole Kinkou order, which kept a semblance of order on the continent, devoted all its resources to strike her down, she would inevitably die. Especially since she was a renowned person around Valoran. Her fame was both a blessing and a curse. While Noxus would be a stronghold for her, there was no predicting the lengths the Kinkou's leader would go to get her head. It wouldn't be the first time a Noxian had fallen within the city-state's walls.

And if she did fall, it was a sure thing she would be removed from any of the history books of Noxus for failing the nation over something as simple as having sex.

She sheathed her blade. "What do you want?"

He blinked stupidly. "Sorry?"

A growl escaped her lips. "You're blackmailing me for something. What is it?" Her snarl made it very understood that this was the last thing she'd rather do.

Nervously, he turned his head to a side and fiddled with the hem of his robe. "I...I just want Akali to be safe..." He confessed, turning bright red.

Katarina could hardly believe her ears. This idiot was threatening her life and the possible future of the Noxian army for... this? She could go with that. It wouldn't be the first time she acted. "That's it?" She laughed, this time purely amused. "I have no wish to harm her." Yet.

The man did a complete hundred-eighty at this, his arm stretched and accusatory finger was poised in her direction. "Do not take me for an idiot, Sinister Blade!" He bellowed suddenly. "I care not whether you have a secret agenda or you have to satisfy your whorish needs with women, but magic help me if you harm a single hair on the Heiress' head! The Kinkou will be the least of your worries, you traitorous slut!" Spittle flew from his mouth, his raised voice echoing loudly around the walls, like an omen of death and a promise of retribution.

Furrowing her brow, the Noxian beauty repressed the urge to flay this insect alive for his insults. She had encountered preposterous and disrespectful people around her jobs, but this thorn in her side was quickly rising in the rankings. It added that she had no idea what kind of fail-safe he had keyed to his death.

He was a weasel, a coward and scum.

Crafty, but scum nonetheless.

"This meeting is over." He said suddenly, striding towards the door with a rushed gait. Reaching the doorknob, he turned back slightly, the brighter light from outside shadowing his face threateningly. "Never forget. I'll be watching. If you take a single step out of bounds or hurt her in any way... Run. Run because nowhere will be safe. Never forget, Noxian."

He closed the door.

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