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Chapter 3 - Red cross

"Hello, Cass."

"Oh, hello, sssissster." The poisonous gorgon chirped back. Her tone had a certain note of happiness, despite the reason they were there.

The younger DuCouteau had always felt at home in gatherings of many people, regardless of the occasion. Many did not understand and avoided such crowds. The constant chitter chatter, the underlying mumble of a large number of people communicating, eating and laughing got too dense for most soon enough.

There was no such limitation for the Serpent. She baskered in the attention and the hustle and bustle, the constant denial of silence. It was one of the reasons she wasn't fond of the Fields.

So much silence...

But not only the sounds called her social persona.

It was the smell.

Even before her forced transformation, Cassiopeia had a good nose to distinguish many scents, from cheap cologne to the most refined of toppings in a delicacy. The cacophony of scents allowed her to drown in the forbidden knowledge such an unsuspected thing brought. It was easy for her to know the reason a woman stank of cheap wine or a man was smothered in a sharp perfume. It fuelled her gossiping spree, not to mention the potential blackmail or bargaining chip the information could be.

After all, Cassiopeia du Couteau held strength more in manipulations and deceptions than in brawling. Soiling one's hands fighting was too crass in her opinion.

Her sister at least had seen the light somewhat and adopted a few of her controlling streaks, but her adoration for battle and her seemingly endless bloodlust was beyond the Gorgon's efforts.

The redhead would never understand the skill and thought behind her plans, preferring to go head-on rather than force others to do it for her.

Or why, surrounded by most of the League's champions, she was contented with the treasure cove of information she was being drowned in.

"Next!" A voice called over the faint mumble of the champions.

"That smile again." Katarina commented shaking her head slightly, her long mane cascading in waves. "You're happy here? Serious?"

The younger sister eyed her amusedly. "You know me all too well, sssissster."

"How could I not after you dragged me to all those 'parties'? Hours of boring socializing."

"But you learned, didn't you?"

"Do you seriously expect me to find enlightening how much sugar goes in a tea or why clear coloured dress go well with dark shoes?" She shot back with a sardonically raised brow.

The younger sister smiled. "But you remember, though."

The blademaster's face turned to stone. "There was nothing else to do. And you took my knives."

"Glad I did!" She exclaimed. "I can only imagine how many weeks before the servants finished cleaning the blood on the walls and I'd have anoher party!"

Silence hung in the air for a few seconds, before breaking with their laughter. Curious glances were shot at the pair. It wasn't often the Grim Sisters showed mirth openly.

"So, sssissster," The Gorgon continued when they calmed down. "How's it going?" She added shooting a sideways glance at the assassin currently leaning against the wall, her arms crossed.

A frustrated grunt. "Good."

It was obvious it didn't.

"Beverage?" She offered.

"No. Later."

So it wasn't for public ears. Her refusal at getting something to drink proved it. Something had to have happened for her to react so strongly. Perhaps their target had grown a backbone? Unsurprising considering who it was.

"Next!" The same deep voice bellowed.

A bulky gargoyle passed by them. The Demacian watchdog eyed the pair distrustfully, glinting his teeth in a faux growl.

It was Cassiopeia who hissed back at him, the older sibling preferring to stare inexpressively back.

"The nerve!" Cassiopeia growled once he was out of earshot. She was still sensitive about the undeniable loss she suffered in their last confrontation.

Katarina made a quick sweep around the room.

It was a wide room, almost as big as the mess hall but with next to no seats, since it was the main entrance hall to the Institute. The room was decorated with classic columns engraved with meaningless symbols, some maroon curtains hanging from the vast windows and a long but thin carpet of the same colour running the length of the hall.

The champions were gathered there for an emergency medical treatment. It was no surprise they kept to their own common circles of nation or acquaintance.

She eyed the rest of the Demacians laughing at a joke Lux had wittily offered standing near one of the strategic columns; The Ionians silently watching the procession of people towards the infirmary on the opposite wall; The yordles being their typical noisy selves around the other main factions and the Noxians huddled in a corner watching everyone else like a hawk.

The only ones missing in that group were the DuCouteau sisters, who were hanging very close to the infirmary, mainly due to the youngest's constant curiosity.

"He dares gloat his victory, rubbing it in my face!" Her eyes glowed with malice, teeth barred in a feral snarl. "Next time... next time I'll make a dress out of his skin!"

Katarina eyed her fuming sister and smirked. So much for the classy lady she always was. It seemed the DuCouteau temper had indeed passed on to her afer all...

"Why are we all here, Cass?" The redhead finally asked, peering around and returning a few glares at her enemies or rivals.

It worked like a charm.

Cassiopeia's face lit up in excitement, a wide grin adorned her face and her eyes were glinting. She always got like this whenever she could impart information she had meticulously gathered to her. "The Institute had a break-in last night." She began dramatically, to which the eldest raised a curious brow. "Yes, I know. It seemed they went to the innermost chamber of experimental magicks and from then on, they are speculating."

Katarina frowned. "That doesn't make sense."

"Not at all," Her sister agreed. "According to our local holy justicar," She said the title grinning mockingly. "The room was void of content, so there was nothing to rob."

"That doesn't explain why we're here."

"It does. Seems the summoners were toying around with a few diseases and one of them got out. As a precaution, we're being given an antidote. Just in case."

Typical. The redhead mused. They toy with what they don't know. Just like home.

"Next!" The voice repeated.

After twenty seconds of no one moving, someone emerged from the infirmary. Someone the redhead knew.

"You!" She barely managed to hide the snarl from her sister. Here was the summoner who had dared blackmail her!

The man bowed. "I'm Summoner Evoin, Sinister Blade, and I've been calling your name for the last minute! Get in there!" He commanded with a frustrated frown.

She was so close to plunging her daggers in his belly and twisting while inside before savagely removing them by the side. It was a gruesome death, and it promised unimaginable pain. Not the first she caused.

Remembering she was in public and there were eyes on her, she calmed her bloodlust and walked past the infuriating man.

"Ow!" He bellowed clutching his arm, a gash now sprouting blood. Evoin turned to confront his assailant but she was long gone.

"You're not very smart, are you?" The Gorgon stated amusedly.

Within the infirmary, Katarina found herself in a white room with curiously black curtains. The place was spacious, as everything in the Instiute, and was separated in cubicles at the sides of a long passageway. Each cubicle was separated by the onyx fabric.

Stepping cautiously, she found the first cubicle held a banner with the words: "Emergency injections" pinned next to the entrance.

Shrugging, she walked inside only to freeze for a second before a slow, predatory grin stretched on her face.

"Hang on a moment. I'll be right there." The nurse called with her back at the newcomer, busy with some tray.

Silently gliding behind her, the Noxian blademaster whispered next to her ear. "Hello, pretty."

Akali almost flung the whole tray when she jumped in surprise.

Before she could even recover, Katarina had crossed her arms around her belly and had pulled her towards herself, smiling knowingly. Feeling the Ionian's warm back and long pony-tail against her.

"K-Kat." She let out haltingly, still recovering from her almost heart attack.

"Shortened names already?" Akali could even hear the grin when she said that. "I didn't know I'd have such a beautiful nurse, or I would've opened my whole afternoon..." She added the last part in that husky tone that still made the Ionian shudder in anticipation.

"I can't here!" She whispered back, her ears straining to hear anything out of the ordinary. To know if anyone had heard them.

There was no one near.

Suddenly, Katarina nibbled at her ear lobe. "At least you're honest..." She half-growled, half-teased.

Akali could hardly deny that the redhead knew exactly what buttons to push to get her going. "No! It's too risky!" She turned around to face her... what was she to her?

Katarina misread the confused frown with a frustrated one. Well, she could deal with frustration.

"Don't tell me you haven't missed this..." Quick as a flash, she leaned in and captured Akali's lips with her own.

The brunette's confusion vanished in an instant. She even dared give into the moment and return it, but only for a few seconds, then she pushed the redhead back softly.

"Not here." She affirmed again, more forcefully but unable to wipe the smile off her face. Was she getting used to getting jumped by the Noxian that she barely fought her? It seemed so strange that only after a few weeks, she was looking forward to her next attempt. Even when she had taken this duty, she was silently hoping there would be something to look forward to.

"Fine." The redhead let out and let her arms fall.

Was it dejection in her voice? Akali managed to hide a smile at that. So she was looking forward to it as well. Scratch that. She was always looking forward to it. She did look cute frowning like that, though.

But enough playing around. She had a job to do.

"Sit there."

Katarina obeyed silently, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"This is comfy." She grinned suggestively.

Akali sighed, rolling her eyes as she shook the vial. One could admire her persistance at least, she admitted.

It was that same persistance that caused all this. The Ionian was still trying to decide whether their nightly trysts were a good thing. Pleasant, oh god, how so! But good?

"Be gentle." Katarina teased with glinting eyes and a short grin when she approached with the loaded syringe.

Feeling devious and oddly needy of a comeback, she shot back. "Like you were last night?"

That look of surprise would forever be burned into Akali's memories as her first victory over Katarina with innuendo alone. Her gaping mouth specially.

She couldn't help it, a victorious grin appeared on her lips.

Seeing as her patient had effectively shut up, she proceeded with her duty. "Roll it up." She ordered, motioning at her sleeve.

The Noxian obeyed, eyeing her as she cleaned up the spot and injected the medicine and then cleaned again.

"There. Done." She concluded and walked away to dispose of the items used.

Just as she had finished with them, Katarina returned behind her, her chin on her shoulder and arms circling her. What was with this woman and getting behind people?

"This outfit gives me ideas..."

"Oh?" Why did she have the urge to bite her lip now?

"How about we play doctor?" She offered in that purring whisper. "We even have a check-up bed here."

It was a tempting idea. Oh, very much so. One thing the redhead didn't do in bed was disappoint. Even her own lack of experience was not relevant to that assessment, having been overwhelmed in every single one of their intimate sessions.

And that rubbing of her stomach was not helping!

"Katarina!" She bellowed suddenly. The redhead just kept going and smiled. "Stop it!"

"What? No shortened name now?" She teased, the smirk widening.

"I'm at work now! I can't now!" Akali hissed and pried the blademaster's arms from around her.

It seemed to work, but only for a second when she felt a pair of hands on her arms.

"Don't think this is over, my dear nurse. I expect you tonight at my place." A shiver ran down her spine at the sheer sultriness in her whisper, a promise of another long night hanging in the air.

Gulping nervously, she dared turned around and show her blushing face at her "assailant". "B-but-"

"And don't you dare not bring this outfit." She interrupted, leaning so close her breath tickled Akali's lips. "Or else."

"O-or else?" The moment the words were uttered she knew it was a bad idea.

The grin turned animalistic. "People will start wondering where you are after a week."

It didn't take a genius to understand what she was getting at, her blush extending past the roots of her hair and her neckline.

For a second, she was tempted to go without the outfit or not at all, but people would actually wonder, and it wasn't a good idea.

"T-tonight then." She sealed her fate, wondering just what was in store for her and what mess she got herself into.

"Sister, you there?" A male voice came from afar.

Before she could reply, Katarina landed a quick kiss, parting an instant later. Winking at her, she teleported next to the bed.

Not a second later, Kennen, dressed as the doctor he uncommonly was, entered the booth.

He frowned instantly, noticing the Noxian standing next to the bed, grinning at him like the cat that got the canary. It made him wary. She never grinned unless there was something going on.

She'd never tell what it was, so he decided to ignore it and turned towards Akali. Inmediately his frown deepened when he saw her.

It was impossible not to notice her puffed cheeks, glazed look and shocked face. Thus, it wasn't a surprise he jumped to conclusions.

"What did you do to her, Sinister Blade?!" He whirled on the other occupant of the room.

The amused assassin feigned innocence. "Hello there, alcohol PhD." She greeted casually.

Kennen forcibly resisted the urge to blush embarrassedly at her obvious jab. "A-a answer me!"

"Me?" She replied placing a hand on her chest. "I did nothing." The same hand was waved dismissively.

Her history both within the league and outside made Kennen want to force it out of her, but there was no proof...

"Brother..." Akali said softly. Looking at her, a pleasant smile covered her face. "She did nothing. I'm just tired."

Katarina mentally raised her brows. She did wonder how she would get out of that one, but never in a million years did she expect her to lie to her companions through her teeth. She wasn't Noxian.

The Yordle ninja sighed. "If you say so, sister."

Akali's smile widened at that. "What was it you wanted, brother?"

Seeing the mood wasn't aggressive, Kennen calmed down. "Shen was wondering what you'd like for lunch. He would've come, but Galio was being difficult."

A snort escaped Katarina. So much for Guardian of Demacia if he couldn't stand a needle.

"Did you have your shot already, Sinister Blade?" Kennen darkly.


"Then get out. I'd like to end this today." He pointed towards the exit of the infirmary.

"I was leaving anyway." She said walking towards the flaps of the curtains. "Oh, and thanks."

The lightning user furrowed his brow. "What for?"

"Even sober you speak too much." She replied and left cackling madly.

"T-that bitch!" He growled through clenched teeth and a beet red face.

Akali chuckled unnoticed behind his back.

"What failed, sssissster?" Cassiopeia said as soon as the door to her sibling's room closed. Her tone left no doubt that she meant business. Every scrap of mirth was gone. The plan was being endangered by something, and that was unacceptable.

Katarina acted very unlike her persona and threw herself on the bed. Just how could she explain that retard Evoin knew everything? Sighing, she looked to the side, at the giant ceiling-to-floor poster of the Noxian coat of arms.

Pride swelled within her, knowing she was doing the right thing for her nation; but also a twinge of fright, thinking about what her leaders would do if she failed miserably.

"Someone knows, Cass." She finally said.

The Serpent eyed her sister carefully. This was not a menial hinder. Her mind whirled through the many scenarios possible, and what actions to take.

Would it be smart to get Swain into the fold? His tactician mind would surely aid them and make it extremely easy to execute the plan. But at what cost? The man was too power-hungry, and many times politics guided his hand. It was no secret amongst the Noxian Leaguers that Swain wanted more hold of the High Command, but no one except the Tactician himself knew the why. No, asking Swain for possible ideas was not needed. She was the only aid Katarina needed for this endeavour.

Like they always had been. Just the two of them against the world.

"How?" Who was irrelevant. They would inevitably die before they spouted their secret.

"Security Surveillance."

"Didn't you take care of that? We revised it-"

"I did, Cass!" Her sister growled, leaning on her elbows and looking straight at her. "This idiot added extra devices I didn't know of." She added and flopped back on her bed.

Cassiopeia's gaze lightened somewhat. Gliding gracefully towards the bed, she placed a taloned hand, adorned with natural beauties and some uncommon beautifying attachments, on her sister's shoulder, to which her sibling looked at her instantly. "We must plan, sssissster." She said softly and a light smirk.

Katarina smirked back. "We do." She stood up sluggishly, her brain trying for ideas as she moved to leave her blades on top of the table next to the Noxian poster. Mutely, she unloaded her weaponry and stepped back to the bed, where Cassiopeia was curiously coiled at the end of it. Not a strange sight for the eldest, the redhead simply sat and leant against the headboard.

"What do they know?" The Serpent began.

"What happened. From what he told me, he doesn't suspect our plan, but he knows what I did."

"How do you know this?"

"He confronted me." She said flatly.

Cassiopeia's brows furrowed. Direct approach was not smart. There was no anonymity shield to protect you from retaliation. "What? I assume he blackmailed you."

Katarina nodded. "Yeah. But what he wants is not what we'd expect."


"Yeah, he asked for the Kinkou's safety."

"What?!" She asked chuckling amusedly. Never before had she heard such a stupid proclamation. Blackmailing possibly the most renowned Noxian assassin just to keep someone alive? Completely unheard of. Someone just didn't-

"Then do the usual." Cassiopeia stated simply.

"I can't. He has a safeguard tied to his life. He didn't elaborate." Katarina replied hotly. It was clear this was a sore topic.

"That complicates things."


Silence stretched for a few minutes between the sisters, both thinking about possible plans of action, taking into account every possible variable to either remove the hitch or from ditching the plan altogether. Risk analysis was important when confronted with this kind of obstacles. One misstep and everything could fall down in pieces.

"There's nothing to do for now until we know for sure what kind of safeguard the idiot has and how we can remove or circumvent it. For all we know, we could try to control his mind and already have it covered." Cassiopeia forcedly admitted. Their lack of information about this new event was staggering. Grasping in the dark was never a good idea.

"I agree." Katarina huffed frustrated. There had to be something to do about this. It wasn't possible that some idiot had gotten the upper-hand just because he got lucky. Something wasn't very right.

"When are you meeting the Kinkou again?" Cassiopeia asked suddenly, bringing her out of her thoughts.


"Good. Discarding this new happening, how's the plan going?"

"Good." She parroted with a confident nod. She's finally accepted what I awakened, though she sometimes fights it. Futile." Her grin was quickly mirrored on her serpentine's sister face.

"Good, good..." Cassiopeia purred contentedly. Playing the spider on the web, manipulating the little flies to do her bidding was the epitome of her persona. Abusing the information she so meticulously gathered and then pulling the strings. It was even more gratifying doing so from behind the scenes. Her teacher should be proud of her by now. "I should get going." She said suddenly. "I've got to get an early start on this man if we want to get rid of him."

"Alright." Katarina nodded and watched her sister slither to the door.

She almost felt sorry for that coward Evoin.


"Thank you for your hard work." His last patient was walking out of the cubicle, the bearded Chronokeeper glided outside after giving him a slight bow in thanks.

The Eye of Twilight let himself sigh after the place was deserted. A rare moment of rest and peace, hard earned after a days' work. And what a day it had been. Dealing with a third of the whole league face-to-face and inject medicine into their bodies. It wasn't a rare sight the scepticism in their eyes, having been betrayed before or knowing the Kinkou's ideals and work method. Even some had rebelled; the most notorious case had been Galio.

Who would've thought that big guy was so scared of a needle?

He shrugged dismissively. Everyone had their weak points, after all. However strange they were.

Now that he had finished this duty forced upon the appointed medicals of the League, he could sit down and enjoy the cup of tea he had finished preparing a second after Zilean had left. A quick sip and a surge of heat and calm spread through him, a contented sigh escaping his lips. The small mercies of life.

In these five minutes, he could forget everything plaguing his mind. Forgetting they would have to deal with a Piltovian throat cutter that threatened to disrupt Piltover's enforcement system, trying to negotiate with a few rogue Barbarians that resented Frejoldians and other continent-relevant issues.

But it was the newest development within their numbers that really ensnared Shen's mind.

Namely, Akali's overnight transformation from the typical cheerful and witty woman she had always been with them to a reserved and shadowy ninja she only reserved to public eyes. It had all began a typical night she had left to train in the common training room, nothing to be surprised about. However, the following morning, she had already started to act strange, failing to give her customary greeting and then rarely speaking.

Kennen had wordlessly taken the job of trying to break her out of her funk, but it would be to no avail. Akali's bright mood had taken a deep plunge and only the stoic and closed Fist of Shadow was amongst them.

It went without saying that they were worried something unspeakable had happened to their female member.

To the point he was even considering tailing her and finding out himself. But he would not stoop so low. She had earned the right to do whatever she wished. She'll be back to her normal self soon enough, he concluded mentally and a confident nod. After all, her mother was a very strict woman, very caring to those she opened to, as he intimately knew, and he had seen what the young Akali had been forced to do to reach her current level and position.

So much hard work deserved a reward.

"Brother!" Kennen's typical squeaky voice filled his ears, only for a second later to see him walk into the cubicle. The yordle took a quick look around, and not noticing anyone else, grabbed a cup of the steaming tea and sat on the bed.

Shen watched him go around amusedly until he finally ceased moving. "Yes, brother?" A small speck of merriment in his tone. He had always liked Kennen's happy-go-lucky attitude outside of duty. Nothing could deter the lightning-user's mood when he really got going.

He kind of envied such a personality.

Since he was young, he had been forced down an extremely serious and mind-consuming path. Training very long hours, poring over old scrolls to widen his wit and the worst of all, preparations for cold-minded decisions under extreme pressure. How exactly watching your father be tortured for hours, see him squirm and yell his lungs out while being undaunted be a good training?

But he would not doubt his training. It had brought him to where he was. Leader of the Kinkou triumvirate, a good woman in his arms, and an exemplar to the students and seasoned warriors within the Order. He may have some differences in the application and its ruthlessness, but he could not deny it was effective.

"It finally ended." Kennen said calmly, giving his tea a quick sip.

"Yes. Did you have any problems?"

"Minor. The worst of all was dealing with the Sinister Blade." The shorter ninja pursed his lips to a side for a second.

Shen frowned. "Wasn't she Akali's duty?"

"Yeah. Had to deal with her when I ran out of cotton and ask for lunch." Kennen shrugged. "You?"

"Ah." Shen replied simply. Common occurrence. "Galio."

Kennen chuckled. He had been there and had helped his Order-brother. "Oh, yeah. That was epic."

"Do you know where Akali is?" Shen asked with a slight frown. It was the norm for them to meet for a couple of cups of tea after a long day.

"Said she was going to meet some of the guys." He replied casually with another sip.

"I see." Nothing out of ordinary, then. They usually mingled with the Ionian champions in their spare time. Akali, for example, had a good relationship with Udyr and Irelia. No doubt they had bonded over the completely consuming discipline they needed in their training. Just the triumvirate did.

"Any news?" Kennen's serious tone gave away the topic immediately. Namely, Akali's behaviour.

"None. No idea what changed her so far." Shen replied in a defeated tone. "I don't think we should worry. She'll come back soon enough."

"I don't like it, Shen. It was too sudden." The yordle's face scrunched. "For years we know each other and nothing of this sort happened."

"What do you want me to do? Talk to her mother? You know how she is with her daughter."

A shudder went down Kennen's body. Oh, she had seen her protective streak once and it had been enough. He had never felt more pity for the idiot that tried to hit on the brunette, being forced to survive a duel with her mother with only a tanto. It quickly became an unspoken rule that Akali was not to be touched by anyone not deemed worthy by the leader.

No one was.

As attractive as the brunette was, no one dared incur the wrath of the seasoned assassin. They deemed their lives more important than throwing them away for a woman whose mother's measuring bar was stratospheric and would never accept anyone. It was obvious this had been a secondary effect from her epiphany that incensed her drive to become the Kinkou matron, but no one dared speak of it. Few things made them fear the usually calm and understanding matron, and doubting her loyalty and drive were two. Messing around with Akali being a quick third.

"Poor bastard." Kennen added, meaning the poor idiot forced to duel the matron. Shen nodded sagely at this. As much as he loved the woman, she had a certain vindictive streak when her few absolute orders were disobeyed.

"Shen? Kennen?" A female voiced they instantly recognized as the Enlightened One's.

"Here, milady." Shen replied dutifully, standing up and parting the curtain.

The dark-skined sage walked in elegant fashion, smiling warmly at both ninjas. Her adornments and fan tingling with their moving parts at each of her steps. Her classy and figuring-hugging gray dress combined with all the accesories cut an imppresive sight that always surprised the ignorant.

"Good evening, milady." Kennen said with a bow. He meant to stand but Karma halted him with a raised hand.

"No need for formalities, Kennen." She said simply.

"It would be disrespectful." He instantly shot back as he always did, to which Karma's smile widened.

"If I may ask, what are you doing here, milady?" Shen said and offered the last cup of tea.

"Oh, thank you." She accepted and gave it a taste. "It is quite good."

"Thank you."

Another gulp of tea. "There have been some issues back in Ionia." She began. "Nothing too serious, though." She quickly added, noticing worry etch in their eyes. "But important enough that it needs the presence of most of Ionia's champions. Most specifically, one for each of the shrines. It is time for the annual meeting." She explained.

The annual meeting was a gathering with the simple purpose of planning mutually the ideas to progress their nation as a whole and address possible relevant issues. A plethora of people were present each year and most could ask for favour of speaking, but the vast majority was content applying the populace's vote. A recent measure to let the people have a say in their decisions. Most of the Ionians gave positive feedback about this decision, and after two meetings, it showed the benefits.

"I'd be honoured." Shen bowed his head. As head of the local group of Kinkou, he was often called to them. He had another perspective thanks to his unmoving and cold mind and the constant dealing with Champions from all across Valoran gave him several insights that could solve problems or improve existing solutions.

"As expected." Karma stated proudly. "We leave at once." She said and turned to leave.

"Milady." The yordle halted her and she turned to him inquiringly. He had a deep frown on his face and a disbelieving glint in his eyes. "Are Irelia and Udyr also going?"

"Why, of course! They as well as Yi and Lee have already left after their mandatory medicine." Karma's reply had a curious effect as his face contorted into a horrified expression.

"Shen!" He exclaimed suddenly. "You know what this means?!"

It didn't take long for it to dawn on him, frustration and betrayal filled his heart. Palming his covered face, he spoke."Akali... Why did you lie to us...?"

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