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Chapter 4 - Bedroom plays and ploys

The room was barely alight, only a few tendrils of illumination brought forth by distant candles made the pair of shadows visible.

Just the faint outline of the occupants and the furniture they were using was distinguishable.

A hand moved towards the table. The clinking of china sounded in the silent room before a soft sip. Moments later, the cup was lowered on the plate to another clinking sound.

"It's good." A voice said.

"Thank you, master." The apprentice dutifully replied.

"Tell me," the Master started, halting for a second for another gulp of beverage and produce a faint sense of drama. "what news do you have?"

"Not many." The apprentice foreshadowed. "Demacia seeks an alliance with the Barbarians, Yordle city is widening its fronters and Noxus is planning an invasion on Ionia, but you already know all this."

The Master smiled. "You learn fast." She praised tonelessly. More an affirmation than a reward. "Yes, all these developments are known to me. I'm more interested in the latest development in the League."

"What development?" The apprentice asked interestedly.

"You know full well what I speak of. Sinister Blade's ensnaring of the Fist of Shadow."

The apprentice visibly flinched back in surprise. "How can you possibly..."

The Master chuckled amusedly. "That's why I'm the Master and you're the student." Was the remark. An awed silence stretched for a . "So? Speak."

"Y-yes!" The apprentice hid their surprise as well as they could. "So far, Sinister Blade has managed to tie the Fist of Shadows' carnal cravings to her. From what I gathered, the Ionian assassin now acts completely different when in private."

"Excellent. Aid Sinister Blade in this endeavour as much as you can. It will be intersting to see what can be reaped from this." The master instantly replied and placed the now empty cup on the table.

The apprentice spoke while refilling it. "But... There's a complication. A summoner has been meddling around too much. He knows too much."

"A summoner?" The Master parroted and brought the cup to their lips. "Interesting. Tell me more."

"His name is Evoin. He's a mid-class summoner with approximately three-hundred matches and around half of those were victories. A decent but normal historial. He has a penchant for magical devices and a curiosity to go hand-in-hand with it. Lives alone in the Wastelands. Very few friends, but that's expected. Has a HUGE crush on the Fist of Shadow, reason why he confronted Sinister Blade directly and in no uncertain terms made it clear that he was only interested in the Ionian's wellbeing."

"Confronted Sinister Blade?" The Master asked skeptically. "I assume publicly."

"Initially. Then they gathered privately. He's still alive."

The Master's brows shot up instantly. "I'm surprised Sinister Blade didn't repaint the walls with his innards. Not that it would be a new thing..." The Master chuckled.

"There was some sort of blackmail." The apprentice clarified.

The Master nodded back. "Expected. Do not trouble yourself with this summoner. Let Sinister Blade deal with him. Though try to minimize his offences."

"Yes, master."

"Good. Now go. There is much to do."

After a brief acknowledging nod, the apprentice slowly left the room.

"Now, miss DuCouteau, do not disappoint me..." The Master said to the silence, slowly turning the cup of liquid in their hand.

Soon, things would get interesting.









Summoning the blade, Katarina Du Couteau, eldest of the Du Couteau sisters, heir to her family's considerable wealth, current famed assassin and renowned Champion of the League of Legends lackadaisically threw it with expert ease at the target on the ceiling over her bed.


Lying on that bed, the beautiful Noxian gave the lodged knife a look before raising her hand and with a thought reached out with her mind and activated the magical runes inscribed on them. The engraved symbol on the flat of the blade barely had the time to get a brief and very faint glow before the knife was in the redhead's hand a blink later.

Taking a quick peek at the clock on top of the door leading to the bathroom and assessing it was getting slightly late, she, for the patiently umpteenth time that afternoon launched the blade perfectly to the middle of the target.

Said target should have been filled with holes, falling in tatters at the brutal treatment she was subjugating it, but when she called the blade back, the slit it had produced closed before her very eyes.

Completely unsurprising, since it had been a gift from the Noxian summoners after her introduction to the League.

Suck-ups, she had called them (and still did), but there was no denying they did their job well enough.

She had been wary at first of the mind-bonded blades, but they had proved extremely useful for continuously performing her most devastating and, dare she say it, beatiful attack she had developed. Spinning nonstop in an almost trance-like, her mind barely had enough time to differentiate friend from foe, calculate the optimal trajectory of the blade she was about to launch and keep track of others seeking to halt her while performing her dance of death to remember what blade she had used and how many were left.

Many times before receiving her blades she had started only to stop very soon because of a lack of knives to throw. It had been embarrassing and left her way too open to retaliation. Now, she spun and summoned back the used blades, never running out of ammo, which made her a very dangerous opponent. That, and all her abilities didn't have a speck of magic in them, they were all physically trained, which meant she could outlast most mana-dependant mages.

There were other champions that had entire non-magical repertoires of abilities, but somehow couldn't keep at them nonstop like she could before getting tired.

An example was the woman she was waiting for. Plenty of times she had faced Akali and beat her only because of her exhaustion.

She didn't know if it was because of her ninja training (all of the Kinkou seemed to share that trait) or lack of commitment to training that developed this.

It wasn't very relevant, anyway. What was a known thing amongst all the champions was that a fresh Akali was a dangerous Akali.

Chuckling at that unspoken rule, a brief memory of a sweaty but smiling Akali surged in her mind.

If only they knew... She thought smirking. The brunette was all but dangerous at those times.

Knock knock.

Recalling the blade, she threw it at another much smaller, but of the same made, target next to the door of her room while she got up.

As soon as the blade sunk in the exact center, light flooded the room. This had been a request of hers. Change all light switches for targets, so as to always need to practice accuracy regardless of the circumstances. While not even close to true training, it forced her to keep her skills sharp at all times.

She couldn't help it. A smile stretched on her lips as she shuffled her feet in a pair of simple onyx sandals. The thought of seeing the Ionian again somehow cheered her up.

Knock knock.

"Yeah, yeah! Coming!" She called walking to the door and passing a hand through her slightly messy hair, doing her best to smooth it. Who said she couldn't act like the woman she was? She did have slight tomboy tendencies, but those came with the constant bloodthirst.

She held back the mirth remembering the faces of some summoners and champions when she had been forced to wear a fancy dress before leaving for a Noxian ball.

Chuckling at herself, she turned the handle and opened the door.

All merriment left her face in an instant, only to be replaced with a deep amd wary frown.

A fully cloaked person stood there, exhuding a mysterious aura and a very ominous darkness covered their face. The person was slightly shorter than her, but the build was wide and thick.

"What is it?" She growled antisocially. Making new acquaintances with unknown people wasn't something she liked. After they had proven worthy or there was some other interest besides social interaction, only then would she consider engaging them in chatter.

The figure remained silent.

"If you don't speak, you'll be very sorry you interrupted-"

A feminine snort silenced her.

A doubt spurned in her mind. Only her sister would dare play a joke on her and go conpletely unscathed. Berated, but laughing. Yet this person obviously lacked the serpentine tail of her younger sibling. Would she? Did she change so much already? "Akali?" She inquired tentatively, squinting her eyes in suspicion.

In a flash, the person's build shrinked and they launched at her with a lightning-fast kick.

Reacting on instinct, Katarina leapt to the side, the assailant zooming past her and into the room.

The redhead immediately summoned a blade to her fingers and raised her hand to throw it in an instant, eyeing as the semi-crouched figure was inquisitively, almost carelessly, peering at anything in the room. Or it seemed like that, since the cowl waa moving sideways back and forth.

The senior DuCouteau watched the person's actions warily, gauging them and trying to define their reaction speed.

Just as she was about to throw a testing blade, the person spoke in a familiar voice.

"You always treat the ones you sleep with like this?" The cowl was lowered and the face of the only female Kinkou League champion was smirking at her.

Katarina launched her blade to a random target, quickly disposing of it and closed the door shaking her head at the brunette's antics.

"Nice room, Kat." The ninja pointed out. "A bit too... Noxian for my tastes, though." She added motioning the huge Noxian banner covering from floor to ceiling of a wall.

"How about you invite me to yours and I critise it?" The redhead shot back with a knowing grin. There was no way she would do that, there were too many people that would notice an intruder in the Ionian area.

"Maybe I will." Akali shot back defiantly.

"And maybe," The redhead added, walking slowly towards her visitor, swaying her hips extra hard, something she was pleased to notice diverted the Ionian's eyes in their direction. "Maybe," She repeated and finally reached Akali and cupped her cheek. "We'll test how springy your bed is. Hm?"

Fully expecting a witty reply as she had previously done sometimes in their previous encounters and earlier that day in the infirmary, she was surprised when Akali closed her eyes, smiled contentdly and leant into her hand. "Hm. I'd like that." She said barely above a whisper, her eyes losing focus as she lost herself in the moment.

The endearing sight proved to be too much to the bloodthirst-hardened heart of the Noxian, a pleasant warmth was very slowly spreading through her, completely unshackled. Something else was awakening, but she was baffled as to what it was. She only understood enough to widen her lips into a smile without even a twinge of malice or arrogance.

It was such a foreign thing that she only barely remembered the last time she felt it, many, many years ago, when she was but a toddler. A carefree time with only her parents and normal-looking sister. But it was so hard to remember what was the source of that feeling, if only she remember-

"Please don't." Akali said suddenly, breaking her trip down memory lane and forcing her to look at her. The Ionian's eyes were entirely focused on her and they shone brightly, the very early stages of tears. Had she done sonething wrong?

Akali further added to her bafflement when she hugged her tightly. "You had such a beautiful smile just now... What life have you had that made you lose it?" She rubbed her face slowly on her shoulder, an intimate and almost animalistic action, but it brought the redhead untold amounts of comfort for something she didn't know was aching her until now.

"Smile for me. Smile like that always for me." The brunette requested after leaning back and blinding her with a very bright smile reaching her eyes.

So much caring blasted through that face and those glinting oculus, it was hard to keep in character. Katarina mentally slapped herself, forcing her to remember the plan and stick to it.

This was no moment to live teenage fantasies.

This was a matter of Noxian survival.

This was... such a sublime woman...

"I'd-" The redhead began.

Knock! Knock!

Immediately the atmosphere shattered in a million pieces. All sense of intimacy was immediately erased to be replaced with a definitive need for subterfuge. Neither of the two were prepared (emotionally or socially) to come out in the clear about their relationship.

So, it was with a common and practiced calm that Akali leaned back slightly and uttered a single word: "Where?"

The redhead simply nodded at the closet near them. While it was extremely cliche, its effectiveness could not be denied. Only a simple cardboard box was a possible upgrade.

Akali smiled half-heartedly and quickly and silently hid herself under the careful watch of the Noxian assassin. Surprisingly, it wasn't cooped up in the least. Moving a pair of boots, she sat down in a lotus position, closed her eyes and focused on her other senses.

Immediately a wave of Katarina's aroma assaulted her, which was unsurprising considering where she was. It was different than usual, there was a strong addition of leather and a few twinges of dirt, different but similar to the crisp and sharp taste she had grown accustomed to and the smell of their commonplace trysts.

Outside the closet, the redhead sighed deeply in preparation and walked to the door. "You better have a damn goo-" Her speech halted as soon as she fully opened the door and noticed who it was standing there, a sour and severe expression on his face.

"Yes, Du Couteau, I actually have a "damn good reason" to be here." The Noxian master strategist and High Command general, Jericho Swain growled at her. He was clearly not in a good mood. Standing there in his usual attire, the general eyed his subordinate with half-lidded eyes of suspicion, his mutant parrot, Beatrice, adding her own penetrating stare.

"Well?" He raised a brow.

"Well?" Katarina shot back dumbly, a strong sense of anger slowly bubbling within. She never did like the man, since she was young she had always been wary and kept her distance. Of course she knew who he was, every Noxian did by default, but that didn't mean she had to like dealing with him constantly.

"This is not for public ears, Du Couteau." He stated with a finishing tone. The eldest of the Grim Sisters understood easily, moved aside and let him in without a voiced reply, but very reluctantly. She ground her teeth and mentally stabbed the man in four different ways before he finished walking past the doorway. Always the same acidic and contrite phrases that got on her nerves. She could deal with them from her father, but no one else.

As soon as he was in, Swain nodded appreciatively at the Noxian banner and the half-done task of blade sharpening the redhead did now for a hobby, considering her gifted ever-sharp knives. It meant not much had changed.

"So?" She began after a few seconds of silence and the general looking around her room. Her heartbeat raised slightly when he fixed his gaze on the closet the center of her planning was. A mental sigh escaped her when he looked straight at her. But that damned bird was still staring at it!

"Beatrice." He said simply and the parrot shifted on his shoulder to look at the blademaster. "Now, Du Couteau, I hear there have been some interesting developments around you."

Katarina repressed the urge to flinch. How could he possibly know? The only other who knew was her sister and she wouldn't tell a soul! Did he spy on them? Had that blasted buzzard or some other minion done the dirty work again? It did look like something he'd do. But why confront her about it? Evoin had done so but for his own reasons. It was difficult to understand this man's agenda and how her involvement with Akali fit into it to make him blackmail her as well.

No, it was better to play the denial card and see if he slipped up his source. Farfetched, considering he was a master strategist both within and outside the battlefield, but possible.

"I don't follow." For a split second she almost crossed her arms. A grave mistake since it gave the idea of insincerity.

Swain smiled condecendingly. "Katarina, please. Do not play these games with me. We both know what I'm talking about."

Busted. Damn he was good.

"What about it?" She resigned herself with a sigh.

"Simple. Drop it. We cannot afford such a thing in Noxus."

The Sinister Blade frowned deeply and almost snarled. Who was he to dictate... "What I do with my free time concerns only me, general. If that's all-"

"Careful, Du Couteau." He interrupted pointing an index finger at her. "Insubordination is the basis of disloyalty."

She blew up. "You dare?!" She bellowed loudly. "You dare call me disloyal after all I did for Noxus?!" Her fury and anger was made visible when she bared her teeth at her superior, her nails digging into her palms and almost drawing blood. This bastard dared to doubt her after all the hours, sweat and blood she had poured to become one of Noxus' finest?

Swain stared at the raging woman calmly. "Do not forget who you're talking to, Du Couteau." He cut through her red-veiled path of destruction like a hot knife through butter. While it served to focus her again, it compressed all her wrath back within, ready to lash out at a moment's notice. "One word from me and you're out. Stellar record and League champion and all."

Barely suppressing the explosion, shaking in anger, her eyes shone with promised eternal pain. "Never. Question. My. Loyalty. Bastard!" She managed to grind out through tightly closed teeth. Her hand waa reflexively trying to get a blade and end this fucker's life, if it didn't prove him right.

The Noxian General smirked in victory. "Don't oppose me, and I won't doubt you." He let the statement hang in the air a few seconds and marched to the door. Reaching the doorknob, he looked at her over his shoulder. "Love is rarely strength enough for a Noxian. You're not the only one to bite the dust." With that cryptic final phrase, he walked out and closed the door behind him, leaving a half-infuriated, half-confused assassin within.

What exactly did he mean by that? Of course, the first thing was an obvious thought process of many, including herself, among the city-state's denizens. Weak Noxians quickly discovered that their loved ones became shackles chained directly to the throne of the powerful, but slowly the strata of influence of such a happening widened to include most of the nation.

It was the embrace of the ideal that loved ones pulled you down that produced the dark atmosphere surrounding Noxus. Who could be cheery when you had a son or daughter under constant vigilance because you knew too much?

Even the Du Couteaus were not exempt fully, since the head of the family and father of the Grim Sisters insisted on them receiving their education and any training they desired within the confines of their mansion until they were ready to confront the world, just to protect both themselves and him from possible opportunists.

So, soon enough, the motto "Forever strong" brought a corollary: "Love weakens", to which many Noxians lived by. Oh, they reproduced alright, but there wasn't enough feeling in it to be truthful and meant. This led to an overpopulace of orphans and bastard children crowding the city within a few decades.

It was the second part of what he said that confused her to no end. She wasn't the only one to bite the dust? What did that mean? Did he mean others would fall if she did? An image of her sister instantly sprung in her mind, together with a fierce determination to protect her. The faces of servants and a training companion in particular also appeared in her thoughts, adding to her resolve. Lastly, an image of the stout and firm, but smiling proudly face of her father put the final nail on her coffin. There was no way she was going to discard this when she was so close. She would deal with the fallout in due time. Now, it was time to raise the bet and test the common waters.

Walking to the closet, smiling savagely, her mind added unbidden, Time to go public.


"-bite the dust." Akali's brow furrowed as soon as she heard this. Was there any honour among Noxians to blackmail each other like this? How was it possible one of two greatest military powerhouses lived by culling the weak?

The door closed and there was silence. Had Katarina left her there?

Half a minute later, the closet's door opened and the definitively feminine figure of her Noxian lover stood there with her arms wide, a hand in each door and a big, classical grin on her face.

"Where were we?" She asked waggling her brows suggestively.

A giggle escaped the Ionian unbidden. Katarina had such strange quirks, swinging between moods faster than Garen's spinning. Quickly resuming her libido-driven attitude after being threatened by one of the top people of her nation seemed to be simple enough for her.

"Come, my dear." The redhead offered a hand. "Let us dive into an ocean of bliss and ignorance."

Laughing at that, she mentally took note of her phrasing and how it was a dichotomy. While it could be offered as a temptation, Akali understood the ignorance was also to forget her own troubles and escape her overwhelming responsibilities for a few hours. But...

Taking her hand, the ninja had a sudden epiphany. Ever since their first night, every time Katarina had been stressed out, she had seeked her for a session of mind-blowing sex. How could she ignore someone wanting her aid and in need? Regardless that it was forced and was the most pleasurable help she had ever given, there was no denying that helping a person in need was one of Ionia's key unspoken rules.

It was then she made a decision that contradicted with everything she was asked to do.

She decided to give herself willingly and unquestionably to the gorgeous redhead eyeing her predatorily any time she so much as asked.

Being pulled to her feet and outside the closet, Akali quickly embraced the assassinand closed her eyes, inhaling her scent and smiling like a teenager. After all, how could she say no to this woman now?

Feeling a pair of hands slip into her cloak, her voice whispered huskily into her ear. "So you wore it. Do you have any idea how sexy this outfit is?" Then she nibbled her ear, a pleasant shiver running down Akali's back.

"No... Tell me." She whispered back, her hands roaming all around the redhead's back.

After a small interlude of deploying small kisses behind her ear and down to the joint of her neck and shoulder, which made her bite down her lower lip before she whimpered, Katarina replied, spacing out to continue her ministrations. "So hard. Contreating. With those. Legs of yours. In those stockings..."

"Mh..." The ninja returned the action of nibbling her earlobe, noticing a momentaneous hesitation but quickly resuming more earnestly. "What else...?"

"You learn fast..." The redhead gasped heatedly. A hand slipped under the back of her top and between her shoulder blades, massaging that section in slow, constant circles.

"I had the best teacher." Akali replied instantly, pulling back enough to wink at her and place a swift kiss on her lips before continuing on her neck.

The eldest Du Couteau couldn't help but let out a short laugh at their current situation. It made the ninja pause with her feather kisses but not her ever roaming fingers.

"What? Did I do something wrong?"She asked in a semi-worried tone.

Katarina smiled that loving smile and pulled out her hands to cup her cheeks. A blush was slowly developing on Akali's face. That smile always got her weak on the knees. "Nothing, my dear." She placed the most sensual and emotional kiss so far on her lips, pouring every sense of emotion she could muster at the almost clueless assassin. Her thumbs slowly caressed her cheeks, adding a soft emotion to her actions. It was unsurprising when suddenly the brunette literally melted on her arms, unaccustomed to such a quantity of warmth and emotion, a blissful smile on her face and her eyes unfocused, her cheeks extra maroon.

Pulling her a few paces back, she let herself fall on her bed, carrying the cloaked ninja with her. It was a testament to her lack of concentration that she barely gasped when she landed on Katarina.

She did snuggle as close as she could, though, trying to keep her contented state of heat and happiness.

The redhead's arms slipped back into the cloak and slowly, without any amount of combat, started renoving the cloak.

It was after removing both arms that the brunette recuperated use of her brain cells and instantly enveloped her arms around the blade master's neck, planting small kisses all over her face. "That... Was... Awesome..." She let out in a soft growl, during her quick pauses. "More!" She growled again, more harshly this time. "More!"

When Katarina managed to look at Akali's eyes, there was an primal and urgent glint in them, something that she had only presented while chasing someone on the Fields of Justice. When out of nowhere she slipped out of her cloak, threw it carelessly far behind her and landing in a heap, flung herself at her lips and her hands started pulling at the sides of her top and pants, Katarina understood she had created a monster.

Unbuttoning the nurse's outfit with just the same glee the ninja had trying to remove her garments, she smirked in their now constant lip-lock. It took a monster to face another monster.

When Akali's vest lay down in a heap next to her bra and Katarina's top, the heat in the room spiked nearly thrice.

Katarina's hands seemed to have been glued to the assassin's derriere, flexing her fingers powerfully and forcing the receiver to moan in short bursts of extasy, going with the flow and grinding her crotch against one of the redhead's leg and her torso on her chest.

The Ionian quickly fought back, slipping a hand down the front of the assassin's pants, scratching at the tuft of hair present there but never moving any lower. Both symbolizing the position of pseudo-power each had on the other.

Each movement of their bodies in sync and making them quickly climb the imaginary ladder to nirvana, their tongues going all out for supremacy over the other and their lips constantly meeting in long, almost melding numbness. Their constant moans of mindblowing bliss, showing how clouded their rationale was at the moment, considering they were responding to their base needs and inner animalistic instinct.

A sudden thought cut through the haziness of the heat and Katarina smirked knowingly. Her hand halted her actions for a second and, pulling at Akali's small panties, ripped them off in a single, lightning-fast action. The ninja squealed in surprise and new stimuli of the sudden contact of her now free womanhood against the rough surface of the pants Katarina was miraculously still wearing.

All hell broke loose when the ninja decided to up the ante even more and finally lowered her hand to meet the center of the redhead's pleasure area.

There was no sleeping or silence for the two lovers that night.

The Noxian delegate of champions and the surrounding sections slept that night only because of the silencing seals on each of the Champion's rooms.

No one noticed the set of eyes staring at the duo attending to each other from far outside the window of the blademaster's unlit room.

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