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Chapter 8 – Blades, bedsheets and preparations

News of the couple's new status spread like wildfire. The Institute´s gossip network, kept well-greased and healthy by Cassiopeia's personal care, made it short work of letting every single echelon of the Summoners and Champions know about it even before they had concluded their meal. The reactions were various and incredibly diverse, from anger to laughter, from disbelief to a knowing smirk. It came mostly as a surprise to most, when they did hear about it. Some of them even had the urge to see for themselves if it was true or just a bad rumour from the grapevine. The mere sight of the couple together, interacting with each other and mostly oblivious to the outside world was proof enough that it was not another falacy spreading around.

The most courageous of those curious enough did not even want to disturb the pair during their lunch, having also heard what Garen had suffered at the sharp tongue of the redhead assassin. It wasn't that they feared her, but more that it wasn't worth the effort to deal with that attitude.

Thus, the Noxians and Ionian finished their meal without further disturbances, something they were grateful for.

"However, you shouldn't pay attention to that." Cassiopeia's voice rang out calmly.

"If you say so, Cass..." Katarina acknowledged with a nod.

The brunette Ionian took a quick glance at the giant clock over the entrance to the mess hall and took a sharp intake of air. "I have to go, I'm running late." She announced and quickly got to her feet and started to walk away in a hurry, taking her tray with her.

"No goodbye kiss?" The redhead pointed out at her back, a grin spreading on her lips as Akali halted her charge and zoomed back in a rush. Knowing the ninja had her hands busy, Katarina took advantage and cupped both her cheeks in a flash and pulled her down for a deep smooch. For a few seconds, their lips were melded together until the ninja decided she had run out of too much time and pulled back. "That's it?" Katarina commented with a pout.

"Oh, you're insatiable..." Akali muttered to the redhead's increasing grin. Leaning in, she whispered. "We'll see how much of that I can satiate tonight, hm?" Flashing a confident grin and wagging her brows suggestively, only visible to her girlfriend, the Ionian turned tail in and left running in the blink of an eye.

Katarina watched her go chuckling to herself. Oh, yes. She was rubbing off too much on her. A month ago she would've barely sputtered back a measly response, now she was actually flirting heavily back and retorting with the same gusto to the innuendos. She had come a long way from that professional and no-nonsense ninja all the way down to her playful and almost evocative persona. Just how much more would it take for her to take the plunge and say those three words that would seal her fate? It was getting incessant to deal with Akali daily, and worst of all, she was starting to like having her around more and more as the days passed. That would not do. Attachment to a mission's objective would only ruin her in the long run. She'd know, as she had suffered something similar in her days in the Noxian military.

No, it was better to just desensitize herself as much as possible and reinforce her mask.

Turning around, she was met with the frowning face of her sister. "What?"

Cassiopeia's brow furrowed deeper, her arms crossing tightly. "You are getting attached." It was not a question, and they both knew it.

The still-human Noxian sighed. Leave it to her sister to read her like a book. "I know."

"And you know what will happen." Her taloned hand clenched.

"I know." A resigned sigh escaped her.

"Then why aren't you doing anything to prevent it?" Cassiopeia pressed on.

"It's..." The elder Du Couteau stared in silence for some moments, trying to gather the words she was looking for. It was a simple matter to explain, but not of simple solution. "It's hard, Cass. It's so hard to put a knife on her back when she's like... like that!"

"Like what?"

Katarina shook her head. Such a simple action seemed to steel her resolve. "Doesn't matter, it will be done when the time comes."

"And if it doesn't?" Cassiopeia couldn't help but ask.

Her sister's haunted look spoke volumes.

Her silence even more.

"So, this is your room…" Katarina commented as soon as they entered, her head craning around, taking in every detail of the well-kept room. Her own was slightly in disarray most of the time since she was rarely in it to fully take care of it. For Akali, it seemed she was eternally organized and surgically precise in her endeavours. Her room was decorated simply, yet elegantly and with an aura of warmth and personal value.

The disposition of the room was the standard room plus a bathroom via an adjacent door. It was the contents that made the difference. The bed, which size was comparable to her king-sized one, was dressed with a simple black and green cover in a stripe design. There was the standard-sized closet sitting close by and next to the bed, a pair of bed-side tables stood.

However, the most prominent feature of the room, aside from a small banner which could only be the Kinkou symbol, was the myriad of weapons adorning the main wall, something that conquered the blademaster's attention instantly, her eyes gleaming in interest and glee. There were swords, axes, daggers, bows and some weapons she hadn't even heard of, and that was saying something. But the amount of steel and sheer sharpness of it all, its promise of untold amounts of bloodshed, of demonstrating battle superiority and the craft to make all those weapons made the redhead giddy.

Taking a hesitant step towards the filled wall, her eyes never left the instruments of war. After a few seconds, she seemed to remember where she was and looked sheepishly over her shoulder at the ninja who had been eyeing her intently since she had noticed the armory.

"M-may I?" Her tone was meek and reserved, almost reverent.

The blank-faced Akali nodded silently. She related completely to the euphoria the Noxian was feeling at the moment. She had been the exact same when she had been witness to the secluded personal armory of the Kinkou Head. So much metal shapes and forms she had been over-eager to start her training with all of them.

Now, watching her girlfriend tentatively walk towards the blades, she watched her motion to a pair of engraved short swords, similar in size to her current blades.

"Wait." She said tenderly and Katarina retreated her hands slightly, almost as if the words had burned her. "Try the long one on top of those."

The redhead nodded and very slowly unhooked the long sword from its place. Watching every detail, nook and cranny of it, she was slightly disappointed to find it the only thing to take into consideration of it was the hilt. Turning the sword in its scabbard, the hilt's details came into view and her brows shot up in surprise.


It was made to resemble a lotus, something that she found somehow warmed her heart and stretched a forlorn smile on her lips. Like an old friend she didn't know she missed.

Pulling the blade from its scabbard, a straight sword gleamed. The grip seemed custom-made for her, her fingers circling it like a glove. There were indentations on the lower half of the blade, like a serrated knife, and simple tribal engravings near the center of it. Her eyes followed its shape. This was a vicious weapon, and she liked it.

In a flash, Katarina slashed downward at an invisible enemy, testing its balance. Then she followed with a wide arc and then another, and another... Like a possessed warrior, the blademaster continued her dance in front of the avid stare of the sole spectator. Sweeping low, stabbing at the center then pulling back with a flourish to end her routine with a lethal diagonal slice that would've opened a wound on her opponent from the shoulder to the hip.

"Your stance is sloppy." Akali commented, bringing her out of her sword-high.

The Noxian turned to her girlfriend. "It's been a while since I've used a long sword."

"I could help you gain some skill back with that sword." Without waiting for an answer, the brunette walked over and gently pried the weapon and scabbard from Katarina. Re-sheathing it with a smile, she put it back in its place. "This one is special." She added in a soft tone. "It's with what I started my training." Akali suddenly looked up, memories of her training bubbling up in her mind. "It was originally made for my predecessor, but they never appeared. Mother still refuses to tell me who it is."

A predecessor? An older brother or sister maybe? Katarina mused internally but decided to keep silent. Wait, is?

"But enough of that." Akali shook her head off that train of thought and closed the distance to Katarina. "We came here for something, yes?" A hand caressed the long crimson locks slowly down all the way to the tips.

The distinct shine of interest and want in her eyes made it obvious what she was talking about.

"Oh, I don't remember. Care to remind me?" The blademaster said foxily and without missing a beat, the usual Du Couteau grin plastered on her lips. Oh, these kind of games amused her to no end. And now that the ninja was an active player, it was all the more gratifying and enjoyable.

"You don't remember?" She shot her girlfriend a faux-pout. "Why should I remind you if you forget all the time?"

The redhead's arms circled her waist and pulled her close. Akali looked at her quizzically, but Katarina's grin widened for a second before she swooped down and captured her girlfriend's lips with her own. Their clash of mouths, tongues and heat lasted for a passionate and heated amount of minutes until it proved to be too much for their lungs and they pulled apart for ever precious oxygen, their breathing hard and laboured already. "How about that as a why?" She purred in Akali's ear. As always, her warm breath tickled the skin, forcing a slight shiver of excitement to run down her spine. It was that same shiver that got her going and attracted her to the pretty redhead more than anything. How with only a few words she literally melted in the assassin's arms. This shiver was what produced so much reaction within Akali, as at first she didn't understand how something so simple could bring her so much pleasure.

Withholding the urge to squeal in delight, the Ionian smirked gratifyingly and pushed Katarina back forcibly.

The look of surprise at the sudden action surprised her less than losing her footing, but instead of falling to the floor, she tripped very sloppily on top of the bed.

Looking up, Katarina opened her mouth to let out a rather harsh comeback but quickly closed it when Akali pounced on top of her on all fours, an unexpected Du Couteau grin playing on her visage.

"I hope you have some more explaining to do..." Pulling a hand behind her, the ninja deftly removed her hairbands and cloths keeping her hair in her customary pony-tail. The pair was instantly curtained by her long dark hair, the lights coming from the lanterns on the walls dimmed considerably within its confines.

"Oh, I can explain a lot of things..." The elder Du Couteau's purr was back full force, as well as that trickster smirk of hers. "For example, did you know you look ravishable in this outfit?"

Akali actually yelped when Katarina's hands possessively enveloped her backside and flexed her fingers into the supple flesh. Surprise soon gave way to interest and then to urging the redhead's enthralling ministrations. Low moans and gasps escaped Akali as the redhead played to her heart's content. She arched her back slightly to grant wider access and closed her eyes to better drown herself in the initial waves of the sea of bliss.

It would be a few minutes before the Noxian temporally lost interest in that particular section of her. The Ionian had it very clear that her derrière was what enticed Katarina the most about her figure, it did explain why the blademaster loved to appear behind her and press herself against her back, and also was made pretty obvious by the focus she always showed that particular area every time they reunited for their lengthy trysts.

As the beautiful redhead's hands left her backside, slowly trailing up to her waist, they stayed there and proceeded to caress it slowly and caringly. When their eyes met, there was barely a recognizable spark of coherent thought, both deadly women had let their primal urges free to do as they pleased.

"You look so... Hot in this outfit..." Katarina growled out, tugging upwards but with no success at the lower section of Akali's attire. That dress proved to be more form-fitting than her own clothes.

Deciding this was worth to play a little more, the brunette let go of her support and landed on her girlfriend, meshing their bodies together. A mischievous smile played on her lips. "So you have a nurse fetish?"

She just finished saying those words when her lips were captured in another scaldingly mind-blowing kiss.

"No..." The assassin replied haltingly, her breath all the more worked up. "I have a you in this outfit fetish..."

Akali's delighted squeal and subsequent looping of her arms behind the redhead's neck before locking their lips together assured Katarina that it was the right thing to say. Even more when the brunette's tongue imposed her entrance and proceeded to try to lap every confine of her mouth, almost shoving it down her throat as much as she could.

Katarina could not lie. It was a peculiar experience to be on the passive end of such a thorough exploration of oral cavities. One she intended to repeat often, if the incessant grinding of the brunette's body against hers continued to turn her on more and more as they got more desperate and needy.

A frustrated growl resounded like a furious animal deep in Akali's throat. Pulling back, there was a dangerous glare in her eyes. "Take them off!" She commanded imposingly, a hand leaving the Noxian's neck and pulling madly at her skin-tight top.

Katarina's brows shot up in amusement but moved to remove the clothing, though did not do so. Eyeing the ninja with a smile, she played with the hem of her top. There was no rush to give her what she wanted, she had to ascertain her carnal sovereignty over her girlfriend. She had created this necessitous monster and it fell on her shoulders to keep it on a tight leash. Figuratively and literally, she added mentally with a smirk.

Akali grew impatient and tried to force her to rush, but a quick and decisive slap on her hand halted her action.

The blademaster's grin widened and tutted her reproval. "Impatient much, my dear?"

The ninja nodded emphatically, which elicited a laugh from the quasi-stripping redhead.

"Being an honest girl deserves a reward." She winked playfully. Arching her back upwards for ease and in one simple movement left her bosom free to the world.

Staring mutely at the pair of mounds like a child discovering sweets for the first time, Akali glanced up at the entertained grin on Katarina's face.

"Can I?"

Another laugh and then a firm nod.

With sudden decisiveness, the Ionian enveloped her fingers around the objects of interest, feeling their softness and giving a tactual experimentation on par with their previous mouth-to-mouth impromptu war of tongues. Her tentative touch and meticulous enjoyment of the redhead's chest did not go without any response. The Noxian was also enjoying herself, if the moans and biting of her lower lip were any indication. This was just the beginning of their playing night, yet she was already looking forward to the next step in their bed-frolicking.

Akali's trained fingers deftly roamed unbidden the skin, playing, pinching and chafing it into oblivion. When she decided her fingers had their dose of revelry, a licentious smirk formed on her lips, something that if Katarina hadn't her brain turned to mush by the brunette's ministrations would have given her pause. Swooping down her head, the ninja quickly engulfed as much skin as she could. This new sensation tensed the redhead for a second, hesitation enough for the Ionian to suddenly and tautly suckle any available skin.

The blade master lost all control of her body and mind at that moment. Moans, squeals and uncontrolled shaking of her limbs were the positive feedback she gave her girlfriend. The combination of sensations muddled her reason and plunged her deep into the ocean of bliss she initially wetted Akali's feet in minutes before. Deep down, however, in what still remained of her conscious mind, she thrived on the success of her efforts, having unlocked and trained Akali's more libidinous aspect. The needy glint in the ninja's eyes, the almost desperate roaming of the Ionian's fingers over her body and the intense vigor the ninja put in her nursing of her breasts were proof enough of that accomplishment.

It would not do to let her steal the spotlight like this, though. Regaining control of her limbs, Katarina decided to fight fire with fire and proceeded to unbutton the nurse's dress with haste. The ninja, while preoccupied with gaining practice in her nursing baby impression, leant to a side to let her do as she pleased. Soon enough, the whole front of the dress was open and Akali's own mounds flopped to freedom from their tight confines.

As soon as the redhead returned in kind the ministrations she had received with her fingers, the fervent pace with which the ninja was lapping and squeezing Katarina was halved. "Two can… play that game…" The Noxian breathed through the copious moans , yelps and grunts, her smirk mirroring the lecherous one glued to Akali's lips.

There was no need at all for any kind of heating device when the two decided to go all out on each other. Enjoying the other's bare skin over their own as they diverted their attention to any section that struck their fancy at the moment. Their touch turned ardent and intense when clothing started leaping to the floor, their libido replying in kind and jet-packing to the stratosphere in mere seconds. It wasn't only their touch that was stimulated into overdrive as well, their sense of taste was equally piqued when they melded their lips and the saliva exchanging began in earnest. Even their sense of smell was worked when their imminent arousal flooded out to leave the few clothes they had remaining on unusable for a good while.

However, when things mixed, that's when things got interesting. For example, when Katarina's hand decided to be extremely adventurous and reached down for the lower undergarment, a mixture of smell and touch was formed. Akali stiffened at the sudden action but neither voiced a disapproval nor pulled away, spurring the assassin to cover her entire nether region with her fingers. Their act of love-making turned into a volcanic eruption of magnanimous proportions when the fingers slipped through the thin fabric and ravaged the area with expert effectiveness.

The Ionian's limbs soon lost any semblance of strength and failed her, forcing her to flop lifelessly on top of the redhead laying on the bed. The squirming continued with even more fervor than before and the whimpers turned into full-fledged squeals and screams as Katarina's digits continued to wreak havoc to Akali's womanhood. Feeling the spasming ninja on top of her with barely any clothes besides her leggins excited the blademaster more than any amount of bloodshed could at the moment. So, her already clouded mind decided to plunge even more into the chasm that was climaxing nirvana. The ninja yelped in surprise when their positions where reverted in the blink of an eye and she was left staring up at the bright emeralds. However her attention span was soon shattered when a deluge of pleasurable sensations invaded her mind from her chest and groin as the redhead's hands restarted their playful nature.

"Time to up the ante, don't you think?" Katarina said quizzically. The feebleminded nod was her only response, barely comprehending what was being said.

The blademaster grinned her characteristic Du Couteau trickster smirk and releasing Akali's chest worked out the belt holding her skin-tight pants in place. Removing said piece of garment proved to be more challenging as sweat and other lecherous fluids acted as glue to keep it against her. Growling her frustration, the Noxian forced both her hands to her pants and removed them in a single strong tug, leaving her dripping legs bare. A glance at her girlfriend and she understood she was a wreck. Hair fanned out everywhere, her eyes were out of focus, cheeks redder than a beet, breath laboured and her limbs had absolutely no strength left in them.

Lowering her own body on top of the ninja's, the feel of their sweaty contact combined with the feverish heat the pair exuded was enough to rekindle the fiery spark of their lust and arousal back into the inferno it normally was. A searing kiss was shared as their legs interlocked with each other and their chests clashed deliciously against each other. "No sleeping tonight, Princess…"

Akali smiled absent-mindedly her approval, her hazened reasoning enough to understand their carnal union would last well enough to lose all semblance of lucidity. Pulling down Katarina for another kiss, she shot a loving look at her girlfriend. "Night's young…"

The world melted as their blissful procession into oblivion continued well into the deep hours...

The Eye of Twilight was not having the best of days. It started well enough, waking up at the crack of dawn as was his usual routine, doing a minor set of exercises to fully jump-start both body and mind, a nice cup of tea followed by a shower was one of his best successions to tackle a long day in the Institute of War.

His mood took a blow as soon as he exited his room. A simple fact was that the doors to the room of each of the Kinkou did not have much distance between them, something that was planned for easier transition in case of an emergency. The doors themselves were not very thick as well, compared to others he had seen, something the Triumvirate did not mind since they had no secrets to hide from each other.

But did he really have to hear the loud sounds coming from Akali's room at six-thirty in the morning?

He didn't have anything against her being sexually active, even her mother knew she needed to blow off some steam considering the constant amount of stress the female Kinkou was put under daily, but did they have to be so vocal of their enjoyment?

Grumbling his frustration when a particularly loud and happy scream shattered the silence, he stalked off to his daily exercises.

Criss-crossing the corridors of the Institute of War, he was met with the early summoners and champions, with whom he crossed a few words with the more amicable ones. The menialities and mundane topics of chat quickly diverted his thoughts from the Fist of Shadow. As soon as he reached the fields outside the Institute, breathed in the morning air and looked up at the slowly rising sun, the las thing on his mind as he broke into a run was his female partner.

An hour later, and now completely active, Shen returned to the Kinkou wing and to his room. The lack of any noise did not even register since it was the norm in that area of the Institute.

Minutes after he had finished with his routine and was sitting on his couch, there was a knock on the door.

A summoner stood there, his cloak hiding his face as usual but he did not have any hostile aura or stance.

"Eye of Twilight." He began evenly.


He presented an envelope. He instantly recognized it as a summons to a battle in the Fields. "You have been summoned to a battle today in the afternoon in Summoner's Rift. We ask you that you please be present half an hour before, as usual."

He took the envelope and nodded. It was an honour to be called to the Fields. He would not fail his Summoner. "Of course. Anything else?"

The summoner flinched at his question, like it was a sensitive topic. "There is one thing..." He said scratching the back of his head. "I was supposed to notify the Fist of Shadow and Sinister Blade, but Sinister Blade's sister told me she was with the Fist and there is no response when I knocked in her room."

I don't think they'd reply if only a while ago they were very much awake... He thought sourly. "I'll do it. They'll be there."

The look of appreciation the summoner sent him was response enough. "Thank you, Eye!"

The ninja waved dismissively. "Do not fret."

"I have to go and inform the rest. Thank you, again!" He half-bowed and in a second was gone down the corridor.

The leader of the Kinkou watched him go until he disappeared and then turned to the non-descript door that led to Akali's bed chambers. Where he was sure to run across the Noxian assassin that recently ensnared his companion.

Closing the door behind him, he sighed. No time like the present, he mused internally.

He knocked and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And knocked again a few more times and waited.

And waited.


The door creaked open just a crack. The entering light illuminated only a single shining bright green eye. Obviously not Akali's own auburn iris. "Yes?" Came the croaky and tired voice of Sinister Blade. A second of silence as they mutually stared at each other. "Ah." She quipped in recognition. The door opened fully a second later and there stood Sinister Blade in all her glory, dressed in one of Akali's hugely-sized shirts. The same ones she loved to sleep in.

Something churned Shen's insides at seeing the level of intimacy the two women now shared. Lending personal clothing to another was just the confirmation that it was more than simple attachment to one another. Not for the first time since he had heard the news, Shen wanted confirmation that what his female partner was doing what was right and obeying her bodily urges or was being controlled by the Noxian in any shape or form. "Good morning." He greeted evenly. He may not particularly approve of her actions and attitude, but there was no reason not to be at least civil to Akali's love interest.

"Good-" She covered her mouth and released a loud yawn. "Ah, Morning." Trying to blink away her sleep, it was clear the woman was more interested in getting back to sleep than participating in the staring contest. "What was it?" She added as impatiently as her somnolence allowed her.

The Eye of Twilight did not even blink. "We have been summoned. Today in the afternoon."

Some of the drowsiness instantly left Katarina's eyes. Battling was something she enjoyed immensely, one of the few things. "Details?"


"Good." She smiled lightly. "I prefer it this way."

The masked man nodded, his task already done. "Inform Akali as well."

The beautiful redhead gave him a sharp military salute in mock fashion, a tired grin constantly glued to her lips. The shirt stretching around her figure. "Will do, boss."

He turned around and walked off, the sound of the door closing behind him reaching his ears.

He allowed the corner of his lips to raise into a phantom half-smile.

That had been the first civil conversation he had with the Noxian assassin in all the time the two had interacted in the Institute.

So she was capable of that, huh…

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