Sorry about the long wait. This story was deleted without warning from this website, but it's back now. I changed it so that the people behind its deletion will be happy, WHICH I HOPE THEY ARE! This is a fan-sequel of Oneiric Lies' by Uniasus. I've asked for permission already and he's happy to confirm my words.

This story depicts Sora's recovery from when his friends brings him into the gummi ship. Enjoy.

Donald comes running into the cockpit of the gummi ship, immediately jumps into a seat and pushing buttons on the control panel as Riku and Kairi gets Sora's body ready for take off. Kairi, who has run out of MP is now struggling to do more cure spells, instead she only breaks out in sobs. Riku is laying down Sora's body in the fourth seat and leaning it back to make a makeshift bed.

"Kairi, go get the first aid kit now," orders Riku and Kairi runs off to another area of the gummi ship. "Donald, Jimminy mentioned that a wizard named Merlin know some stuff that's not in any books lives on The Radiant Garden. Are we close to it?"

"I'll bring up a map on the screen," Donald quacks as a map appears on the big screen. It turns out that The Radiant Garden is the next world from the one they are on. That's when Kairi comes in with a white box with a red cross on it.

"Kairi, wrap bandages around Sora's neck, wrists and thigh where the bleeding is heaviest," orders Riku as he marches over to Donald's seat. "Donald, contact The Restoration Committee and put it on screen."

On the world called The Radiant Garden there is an inn called Seventh Heaven. There in a meeting room that's reserved for only The Restoration Committee. There is a long table with chairs with wheels set up in there, along with Cid's super computer. Cid is typing on the computer manning the defense program for the town. Leon and Aerith are having a cup of tea at the table. Cloud is standing up and leaning on the wall waiting for his shift for patrol. Yuffie just entered the room when the phone connected to the computer signals an incoming transmission. Everyone becomes alert as Cid picks up a receiver like a normal phone. After they hear Cid say yes he turns to Leon.

"Donald is calling from a rescue ship for an emergency video call for the group with him and Riku," says Cid.

"Put them on," responds Leon. Within seconds there is a picture of Riku with Donald on the screen.

"What is the emergency?" asks Leon.

"It's Sora," replies Riku. "The King received a note about Sora's where abouts and that he'll need medical help. We are now at the place, but magic is not helping him, even for two keyblades. We are thinking Merlin will know about it."

"Bring him here," says Leon. "When you get here select Merlin's house as a teleporting target." Suddenly Kairi's voice comes in.

"Riku!" she screams. "Sora's breathing has stopped!"

"I have to go," Riku quickly says as he spins around and disappears from sight. "Donald, cut the call and get the ship going." After a few seconds of hearing Riku give mouth-to-mouth to Sora the screen goes black.

"Yuffie," barks Leon. "You head to Merlin's and alert him of our situation. Aerith, you and I will head over there too to help out. Cloud, you tell Tifa to set up a bed in this room for when we can bring Sora here for recovering then meet us there. Cid, you put the teleportation pad in Merlin's house online and put new Claymores near Merlin's house." Everyone dashes off to their assigned jobs.

Thirty minutes later Donald, Kairi and Riku teleports into the main room of Merlin's house with Riku carrying Sora's still limp body. Aerith is clothed in an operation gown with her hair stuffed in a cap and standing near a bed with wheels. She is holding an air mask attached to a pump. Leon instantly takes Sora's unconscious body and lays him on the bed while Riku tells them of Sora's condition, including that Sora's ankle on the leg opposite of the stabbed thigh looks broken. Aerith wheels the bed into a separate room and before Aerith enters she calls to the direction of the bathroom door.

"Merlin, come on!" she calls.

"Coming!" come the muffled call of Merlin from within the bathroom. Then he exits and heads to the room Aerith puts Sora in. He is dressed in the same manner as Aerith with his beard stuffed into a bigger operating cap with the band tightened. Leon, Cloud, Riku, Donald and Kairi all tries to hold in their laughter at how ridiculous Merlin looks. He closes the door to the makeshift operating room behind him when he enters.

During the long wait for them to come out Riku gives a more detailed version of the occurrence between when they gave up searching for Sora to when they made contact with them.

"Cloud," says Leon once Riku's done with the report to get his attention. "Since you have the most experience with Sepharoth what do you think we should do?"

"I do know that Sepharoth likes to inflect pain in as many ways as he can," says Cloud in thought. "And telling someone that the friends he was with is dead because of him in a most horrible way is a good way to inflict pain. So I'm voting that Riku is the one to go get Sora clothes and report back to The King. Kairi will need to get Sora to will himself back to us and Donald to tell them that he and Goofy made it out alive despite what lies Sepharoth told him."

"That's a good plan," agrees Leon. "Ok it's settled. Riku will go while Kairi and Donald stays." After Riku teleports back to the gummi ship the rest of the group spends the rest of the time in silence.