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Cato Hirsh[D2 Boy]

It was already night; the last day of these game's. I walked through the dark forest, un-afraid of anything; even the mutts. But I know for myself I was weakening cause of the fight with Thresh, who I just killed not to long ago. And I did so by avenging Clove. I could feel the blood pour down by arms and all over my body but I kept going toward the one direction and towards the last battle would be, the Cornucopia.

Than I would kill those tributes from twelve and end it once and for all. I clutched my sword, ready for the last bout and be the victor of the 74th Hunger Games! My thoughts went sharp when I heard growling and snapping. And a scream, and it was in the direction of the Cornucopia. I now go a little faster and I see them, Fire Girl and Lover Boy. I am now running to the Cornucopia and as soon as I got to it I climb it. When I climbed to the top I saw both of them eyeing the mutts below, wanting to go up. But they don't notice me and that's good, I'll do a sneak attack.

I moved right behind them and pushed Katniss to the side, she tumbled in surprise, than Lover Boy turned quick and attacked me and punched me in the face. I tumbled but punched him right back. My goal right now was only Fire Girl but Lover Boy kept my away from her. I punched him in the gut and slammed him down and he didn't get up. Than I turn the Katniss who was just staring at me. I walked to her and she tired to defend herself but she was useless as I grabbed her neck and slammed it at the edge of the Cornucopia, the dog mutts trying to climb but with no use. Now I was choking Fire Girl and I could see the color in her face change to pale.

But than another arm reached from behind me and dragged me off her. And it was Lover Boy back and up again. We fought with fists back and fourth until I took the upper hand but taking my right arm around his neck and holding him with all my strength in a death snap. I turned to see Katniss with a arrow ready to fire at both me and Lover Boy. I felt the blood pour down my face and mouth and told her "Shoot." I simply tell her, feeling myself getting weaker. "Then we both go down and you win." I thought she would but she didn't. "Go on." I said again. I chocked blood a little and said "Go on, I'm dead anyway."

She just stood there with her arrow ready, already aimed and added "I always was, right?" I held Lover Boy more tightly in my grip, ready to kill him anytime. But this time I couldn't control my anger on just Fire Girl alone. I looked up at the dark sky and shouted "How is that? Is that what they wanted?" but my eyes saw Fire Girl move her arrow and I tighted my grip on Lover Boy more and said "I don't think so." I show her his face and said "I could still do this. I could still do this."

I added "Bring pride to my district, it's the only thing I know how to do." I smile a little and than it happened to fast. Fire Girl's arrow hit my hand and I screamed. Than Lover Boy hit me in the stomach with his elbow and pushed me to the falling mutts. I couldn't control myself but to scream out loud. I felt the ultimate pain of being ripped apart by the mutts and I wasn't even close to dieing yet so I shouted out the best I could "Please! Shoot!" I shouted that over and over as Fire Girl and Lover Boy looked at me. Than Katniss got out a arrow and aimed for me. I continued to scream in pain until a arrow hit my body, that made the mutts go away before I closed my eyes forever. I am Cato Hirsh from district 2 and I died in the 74th Annual Hunger Games.

The end!

I can't believe it is over:D, my second story I wrote is now done after a long, long time and its thanks to the people who favorite, followed, and reviewed this story. Since it is now over I can concentrate more on my first story which I need to update and many more to come, hope you all enjoyed this little story and stay tuned for more as time goes on.With love,