My, must I tell you the story

The story of the Hero's journey?

Ah yes, he was a such young boy

In his little tree house playing with little toys

He had such a tragic start,

But he's going to have to take an important part

As his new role of being a Hero had so much in store for him,

He thought nothing could anything look dim

He ventured away from home,

With Saria's ocarina, the one she had loaned

Finding Castle Town was easy

Though meeting the princess made him queasy

Running into the castle without a second thought

He had to get passed many guards whom with he fought

Long after their meet,

He had quested over desert's sand,

Through forests, dungeons, the whole entire land!

And why did he do it, might you ask?

Well, he had to; it was his life's task!

The Princess of Destiny, looking so feeble and frail

Secretly helped him along; for that, he couldn't possibly fail

For if he did, Hyrule would be ruled in the hands of a man

Ganondorf was his name, a man who could win and possibly can

But Ganondorf was foolish to abuse his power

He'd been slain by the Hero, and he was especially sour

He'd sworn revenge, before dying away

The Hero had defeated him, hip hip hooray!

Awarded with a sweet kiss, he had completed his task

But the next adventure appears in Majora's Maskā€¦

I'm rewarding you people with a poem. I'm sorry I have not been updating lately. Don't hurt me if I got some of the information from Ocarina of Time wrong, okay?

Nintendo owns Ocarina of Time, not me.