Finnick and I said our last goodbyes to our friends and families and made our way down to the train station. It was silent; we didn't even dare to look at each other. Finnick's eyes were full of wonder at what we were about to be thrown into, and at the same time full of sorrow. He had many friends here in district four and a good life. People would miss him if he weren't to return. I, on the other hand wasn't in the same position. I wasn't someone that people generally looked up to.

The train was already there when we arrived at the train station five minutes later. We had seen this train come into the district before when the capitol came to pick up supplies but it was so much bigger close up. The metal exterior illuminated and reflected the late morning sun.

"It's magnificent isn't it?"

I looked in Finnick's direction. He was in awe of the train. I don't know what he could be so excited about at this point. He's basically been given his death sentence and yet he still finds feelings of fascination. That's always what I admired about him. Even in the hardest of times he still found the silver linings. Like a few years back, when Annie came back from the 70th hunger games in a bad way. Finnick never left her side. And even though she was in a bad way, he never stopped loving her and he never gave up the hope that she would recover. You see people put on a brave face when stuff like this happens but really underneath that they are bottling up feelings of sorrow. Not Finnick though. He truly believed everything he said and therefore had no reason to be sad. I was so lost in these thoughts that I barely heard Finnick shouting my name.

"Cherie? Are you coming?"

Did I really have a choice?

Inside the train was even more magnificent than the outside. The interior was decorated with such class. Couches lined the walls around half of the cabin and a mahogany table surrounded by leather bench seats was located at the other end. As the trip would only take half a day, Finnick and I did not require bedrooms. I looked around to see Finnick sprawled out on one of the couches. He looked so serene. I lay down on the one opposite to him and close my eyes.


"Yeah?" I said without much enthusiasm

His breathing was heavy and came in long slow rasps. He was thinking about how to word what he was going to say next. After a last long breath he finally spoke again.

"I really think we have a good shot at this. And im going to do everything in my power to make sure we are the last ones standing"

That is the last thing I remember before being shaken awake by unfamiliar faces. For a brief moment I thought the events of the last few hours were but mere dreams. That peace was once again shattered.

"You're alright? Come on love, get up. We are in the Capitol"