A slew of the Silent lay dead on the floor. River Song was the only one who still stood. Her chest heaved from her rapid breathing. Her left hand clutched her six-months-pregnant-swollen abdomen protectively; her right grasped her gun, which she shakily placed back in its holster.

"Doctor?!" she called to her husband. Hopefully he didn't see that. She had opened the TARDIS doors, expecting to find Ancient Rome, only to be greeted by a host of the Silent in an abandoned building. What else was she supposed to do?

As she turned back towards the TARDIS, a sharp pain emanated at her neck. She lifted her slim fingers to find the source of it: there was an arrow-tipped needle embedded in her skin. Confused, she drew her gun of from its holster once more and searched for any signs of the intruder. But suddenly, fatigue overcame her and her eyes began to droop. She stumbled, attempting to stay erect, but she collapsed on the floor and her pistol fell from her hand.

Her head spinning, she attempted to lift herself back up, but found that she couldn't. Then, she heard a laugh that sent shivers down her spine. Heels clicked against the cement and figures appeared from the shadows.

Through blurred vision, she saw a woman with curly black hair, dressed in a similarly colored suit and high heeled combat boots approach her. An eye patch covered her right eye.

"Well, well, well, Melody Pond." Her voiced hissed through putridly colored purple lips. Each word was a stab of poison to River's ears. "We have been naughty, haven't we?"

"Kovarian," River was able to utter faintly, her head throbbing now more than ever. "No."

"Oh yes my dear…" Kovarian purred maliciously, baring her hideously white teeth. "Did you think we wouldn't find out your little secret?"

Just then, the TARDIS doors swung open, and the Doctor emerged with a perplexed look on his face. "River where did you…"

He stopped in mid-sentence when he saw his pregnant wife on the floor surrounded by the Silence. And Kovarian.

Reflexively, he pulled out his sonic screwdriver. "Get away from my wife."

Kovarian stood up and laughed.

The Doctor charged, but there was a flash of blue light and he was thrown back. Electricity coursed through his body: a force field surrounded the TARDIS. No, not again.

"I'm sorry my love…" River whispered weakly, her eyes closing.

"River, NO!" He screamed, banging his fists on the force field, electrocuting himself each time. There was no hope; he couldn't get to her. All he could do was watch his wife be taken.

"It's been a pleasure, Doctor." Kovairan sneered.

River fought to keep herself awake, but slowly the image and sound of her husband screaming faded into blackness.