Moments later, River reclined in a chair in the TARDIS console room while the Doctor dashed about, yelling out tests to be performed on her.

"Scan for fetal heartbeats!"

River smiled as the TARDIS screen flickered and displayed an ultrasonic image of their baby and an accompanying electrocardiograph. She could see two heartbeats fluttering.

The Doctor studied the EKG, twiddling his fingers as he did. "'s a bit weak, but she's not in distress. She seems quite healthy other than that…We'll just have to monitor her closely from now on."

He turned around with a flourish, "So that means, you have to rest," he said, pointing to River. "Off to bed, Doctor Song."

River pouted and playfully rolled her eyes.

The Doctor raised an eyebrow. "You've never resisted the idea of hopping into bed before…"

River smiled, "Oh, shut up."

"Not a chance."

Eventually, but ever so reluctant, River began her bed rest.

The Doctor climbed into bed next to her, and placed a had lovingly on her abdomen.

"Thank you." He said to his little girl, "Thank you for saving me."

River placed her hand on top of the Doctor's. He looked up at her and smiled fondly.

"She's remarkable. Brilliant." He said, and then lowered his head to kiss her stomach, and then let it rest there.

River wiped away her tears of joy as she watched her husband nuzzle against her abdomen.

She smiled, sniffling lightly. "Sweetie?"

He looked up at her. "River, our child is amazing even before she's born!"

"Yes she is," she agreed. "But how did she know to do that? To save you?"

The Doctor tapped his skull with an index finger. "Telepathy. Oh she is fantastic!" He kissed River's stomach again.

"Yes, but, will she be alright?" River asked, running her fingers through her husband's hair. "When I did that to save you, I used up all my regenerations..."

The Doctor frowned and sat up, his hair flopping in his eyes. "I don't know." He said. "She does seem a bit weak, but she's not fully developed yet; fetuses have a plethora of regeneration energy during development. If I'm right, she won't run out like an established time lord would. She just needs to recuperate; gain back her energy."

"Are you sure?" River said, sounding relieved.

"Quite certain, but like I said, we need to monitor her closely."

He kissed River on the forehead and held her close. "Our daughter is amazing." he whispered again into her ear. "Just like her mum."

River smiled. Their baby was alive, and hopefully healthy.

Only time would tell.


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