Chapter 2

His first instinct was to reach for his toolbox containing his stakes and axe but over the years Xander had learned to observe briefly before attacking. So after he contained his reaction he observed how they were sitting at a table with a human and didn't seem to be trying to kill her or anyone else.

As he watched he could see that the girl and the bronze-haired male vampire seemed to be together.

'Ah shit! Not another Buffy' thought Xander.

As his observation continued he could see that each vampire had similarities and differences. The blonde female vampire seemed to be stuckup and reminded him greatly of Cordelia when she was still the Queen of Sunnydale High. The curly-haired muscular vampire looked a little like him in that you could just see how mischievous he was and that he liked to joke around a lot but at the same time seemed like the typical football jock in looks. The spiky-haired female vampire reminded him of a pixie with her elfin looks and how short she was. The final blonde male vampire is what set off warning bells in his head because he could see all the scars that he had around his throat and arms.

'Attack him and show him that those scars are meaningless to one such as us. Show him that we are the Alpha! Hehe hahaha' Hyena laughed.

'Cut it out. You know that we do not attack people who have shown no aggressiveness.' Xander thought.

'Besides we will need much more than brute force to take down someone as obviously strong as him. We will need to study him and devise a strategy if we ever decide to fight him. He will not go down easily.' Soldier said.

'Both of you shut up! I need to think and see what we should do about this threat. Besides I think we have been staring to long. They have noticed that I am watching them' Xander thought.

And true to his word they had started to turn and look at him starting with the blonde male vampire. The blonde male vampire seemed to have a confused expression on his face before quickly talking to his fellow vampires. It seemed like he had asked the bronze-haired vampire something because he quickly turned my way and seemed to be concentrating on something.

After a few seconds it became apparent as to what he was doing when Xander started feeling a pain in his head like something was trying to get in. Xander crouched down when the pain increased suddenly and almost collapsed. After a few seconds the pain vanished and Xander was able to get up. When he did he saw that the human was talking angrily to the bronze-haired vampire about something.

While they seemed occupied Xander packed away all his tools and headed towards his car. He needed time to think about what just happened and what he should do about this situation. Also he needed to see if he had to call in some backup or could do this one himself.